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Mercy Corps invites interested to establishing/strengthening Commercial Goat Aggregation business

Posted Date 08/17/2022
Phone Number 0111110777
Closing Date 09/09/2022

VSF Germany invites interested bidders to supply and transport local breed milking goats

Posted Date 07/11/2022
Phone Number 0909987788
Closing Date 07/22/2022

GIZ Office Addis Ababa would like to invite all interested & eligible local suppliers for Procurement of bee equipment

Posted Date 11/14/2021
Phone Number 0115587935
Closing Date 11/26/2021

GIZ Office Addis Ababa invites bidders for the supply of Queen Separator & Bee Coloney

Posted Date 04/12/2021
Phone Number 0115587935
Closing Date 04/26/2021