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BBC Media Action would like to invite all interested & eligible local suppliers for the supply of Airline Ticket and Reservation Services.

Posted Date 08/06/2022
Phone Number 0914710253
Closing Date 08/22/2022

PSI Ethiopia hereby invites eligible the provision of FLIGHT RESERVATION/TICKETING SERVICES

Posted Date 06/12/2022
Phone Number 0116674820
Closing Date 06/28/2022

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) intends to conclude a travel service agreement after this EOI

Posted Date 04/20/2022
Phone Number 0116478301
Closing Date 04/26/2022

TechnoServe Ethiopia is inviting Travel Agencies

Posted Date 01/09/2022
Phone Number 0116630017
Closing Date 01/21/2022

Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) invite interested and eligible bidders for Travel Agent Service

Posted Date 12/08/2021
Closing Date 12/15/2021