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  • Posted Date : 07/19/2021
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  • Closing Date : 08/11/2021



Photography services

(12  months contract)


PROSPECTS  is a four-year  innovative inter-agency  partnership  between the Government of Netherlands,  the World Bank, IFC, ILO, UNHCR and UNICEF. The goal of the partnership is to strengthen the socio -economic enabling  environments  of communities  that host different  forcibly displaced  populations  (IDPs and  refugees)  to ensure sustainable  decent work, training  and education  opportunities,  as the policy, legislative  and regulatory frameworks  facilitate  this integration  process.

The Japanese  Supplementary  Fund (JSB) is a one-year  programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs  of Japan  aiming  at enhancing  disaster resilience  through employment -intensiv e  waterworks in Jigjiga  and refugee hosting  communities  of Kebribeyah,  Somali regional  state. This project  will bring  sustainable  water supplies

and better sanitation  practices,   and social  recovery by improving  flood  warning, protection  governance and management  systems, and by restoring  damaged infrastructure  in flood -affected   communities  and enhance their resilience  to disasters through the provision  of water retention  infrastructures.

Baseline  assessments  for the above two ILO projects  were undertaken  in 2019 and 2021 leading  to the finalization  of their design,  and readiness to enter into the operational  phase in 2021.  This will now involve the rolling  out of activities  (enterprise  development  support, market-relevant   skills trainings,  construction  of flood mitigation  and control  infrastructures ,  etc.),  consultations  with  local partners, and the running of seminars  and trainings  on the issues  related  to socio-economic  inclusion  of refugees and host communities  with local government administrations,  SMEs, and actors from the civil society.  Activities  will focus on water and sanitation  infrastructures,  micro-dam,  detention  pond, training  on flood  mitigation  and control,  in the Fafan Zone of the Somali Regional  State.

Scope of work

The ILO is seeking  a photographer to provide the following  technical  competences in relation  to phytography services,  with the aim of highlighting  the ILO’s  and its partners’  contributions  to the two projects.

ILO seeks photography services  for print  and visual/media  communication  platforms, as well as other  forums with the services  of a storytelling  photographer, referred  hereafter as “consultant”.  The work of the consultant will focus on both motion  picture  and  still picture photography. The intended  communication   will illustrate  the interventions’  impact,  as well as feature the human stories  of refugees,  IPDs and host communities  with the hope to cast a more positive  light on their roles  as contributors  to the overall  growth of their communities.  This communication  effort  is also  intended  to contribute  to maintaining  cohesive  societies,  with increased   positive perceptions.

Responsibilities  and activities of the consultant:

The consultant will deliver both motion  picture  and  still picture photography services.  The main  task will be to capture and produce high quality  photography products in relation  to the projects’  achievements, impact  and visibility, as well as promote the values  of the ILO, including  the decent work agenda.

During the contractual  period,  the consultant will be assigned  with several  missions/  trips to the Somali Region or other regions as relevant–  which may last between 1 and 3 days in duration  at a time – to cover the projects, and will be expected to undertake the following  activities  (per mission):

  • Travel  to selected  locations,  interview  selected  individuals  and develop  storyboards;
  • Capture compelling  motion pictures  and  still pictures  (of persons, background, landscape  etc) that could show in a creative  way, the life of selected  refugees,  IDPs and host communities  in selected  locations;
  • Edit photography products together with  adequate metadata (descriptions  i.e. name,  location,  date and a small  description  about the images)  suitable for showcasing  on different platforms including     physical or virtual exhibitions  and other media platforms;  and
  • Get individuals’  consent by getting  their signature  through the ILO consent form before taking pictures and submit  those forms to the ILO.

Role of the ILO

  • Provide overall guidance to the consultant with regards to the scope of work, determining  questionnaires for attaining  stories  and storytelling  techniques,  and in line with  ILO guidelines;
  • Facilitate  the identification/selection   and access to interviewees  for still/motion  picture;
  • Provide a creative brief  that will outline selected  refugees,  IDPs and host communities  along  with  detailed approach and methodology  of capturing  and documenting  the stories  after signing  of contract. The  service provider  is expected to adhere to ILO’s  consent guideline  and propose a plan that is in line with  the creative brief;  and
  • Avail relevant  support to the service  provider  with regards to adherence to ILO guidelines  in the service provider’s  undertaking  of contract activities.


  • A minimum of 5 years of proven professional  photography (still and motion  pictures)  experience,  and preferably  storytelling  photography, and experience  and excellent  skills in editorial,  layout, and graphic design  (20pts);
  • Able to present a clear  and mature style of photography, demonstrating  an understanding of the highest communication   requirements (20pts);
  • Able to work independently  and comes with own photography equipment  (12.5pts);
  • High proficiency  level of Photoshop, Capture  One or other photography specific  software (12.5pts).
  • Working experience  in development  or humanitarian   environment  is desirable.  Previous  work with  the UN is an asset  (5pts);

*Seventy Percent (70%)  of the total score  is for the Technical  Evaluation,  while T hirty Percent (30%)  is for the Financial Evaluation.  Only  bids which achieve a minimum  score of 70  % will be considered  for evaluation  of their Financial Proposals.


The consultant shall  agree to provide the following  tasks for the ILO:

  • Provide electronic  copies of all the images  taken during  the mission  together with their metadata.
  • Provide 10  edited high quality photos with stories  in a print-ready  file (in accordance with  the size specification;  provided  on the brief issued  by ILO) per mission;
  • 10  copies of the above images  printed  in high quality  photos;
  • Audio-visual  (motion  picture)  clips organized and edited;
  • Develop  storyboard(s)  for the promotion  and accessibility   of the above products;
  • Submit  signed  consent/waiver  forms for persons whose still or motion  picture  is taken;

The ILO will enjoy all copyrights  to the products produced under this contract, including  their repurposing and (re)  distribution.

Line of reporting, contract duration and payment modality

The consultant will report to the PROSPECTS  Programme Manager, and work closely with  the National Programme Officer based in the ILO Country Office in Addis  Ababa,  Ethiopia.

The contract will run for 12  months starting  from the date of signature,  estimated  between August  2021– August  2022. During  this period,  the service  provider  will avail its services  upon each request by ILO per the contract terms at the time  of request or within  seven to ten days from the request.

Terms of Payment

Payments will be made upon completion  of each assignment  and delivery  of products (print or digital  copies), based on initially provided  financial  offer and contract , and to the entire  satisfaction  of the ILO.




1st Payment in full

1st product(s)

10  days from request

2nd Payment in  full

1st product(s)

10  days from request

3rd Payment in full

1st product(s)

10  days from request

4th Payment in full

1st product(s)

10  days from request

5th Payment in full

1st product(s)

10  days from request

–      Costs  per product should be inclusive of the following:

–      All costs per product should be inclusive of all overhead costs (eg, editing , retouching etc)


Item description


Unit cost


Quantity or number of Days

Total (ETB)

Photography services

Image – digital






Image – print  (45 cmx  60 cm)






Short film/ motion  picture






*Any additional  items






Travel – land/air






Daily subsistence allowance








Grand  total



Interested  service  providers  are encouraged to submit  the following to the ILO via email

ADDIS _ P R O C U R E M E N T @ i lo . o rg  by 11  August  2021:

1)    Technical  Proposal

  1. a. Name of consultant, address  and contact details     Resume  of reflecting  experience  and skills,
  2. c. Portfolio  of previous work
  3. Client testimonials  of the service  provider’s  work
  4. e. A paragraph on motivation  of the service  provider  to work on a programme seeking  to help refugees finding  better livelihood  opportunities

2)    Financial proposal

  1. a. Submit a financial  proposal  per the table provided  under “Terms  of Payment”.

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