Population Services International, Ethiopia (PSIE) seeks to procure “25 Motorcycles”


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  • Posted Date : 10/19/2021
  • Phone Number : 0116674820
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  • Closing Date : 11/04/2021



Procurement / Supply of Motorcycles

Reference # PSI/024/2021

Population Services International, Ethiopia (PSIE), a growing International Humanitarian Organization, seeks to procure “25 Motorcycles” from eligible suppliers through an open National Tender process.

Bids responses must be officially submitted to PSI/Ethiopia office by or before November 4, 2021, from Monday to Thursdays only, during office working hours (8:30 am to 12 pm; and 2 pm to 5 pm). Late bids shall be rejected.

PSI Ethiopia reserves the right to cancel this tender partially or in its entirety.

Prequalification Requirements:

  • Certification of Eligibility: Renewed business license, VAT/Tax registration certifications
  • Bid bond amounting to ETB 10,000 in the form of CPO or unconditional bank guarantee
  • A statement of declaration in compliance to the following terms and conditions:
  • Performance Bond amounting to ETB 50,000 valid for a period of 3 months (upon award)
  • Payment 100% after delivery of all Units
  • Delivery Place – PSI Ethiopia Warehouse, Addis Ababa

General Requirements:

Scope: It is the intent of this specification whether specifically mentioned herein or not to describe 2-wheeled motorcycles for inter-city purposes. The motorcycles shall be tropicalized and dependable for operating under the conditions specified in the service requirements therein.

Service Requirement:

The motorcycles shall be used on asphalt roads, on or off roads in Ethiopia where climatic, altitude and temperature variations shall be experienced. Climate varies from humid tropics to arid desert; temperature varies from 50 to 550degrees; altitude varies from sea level to an average of 2,100 meters elevation

In addition to this, the motorcycles shall be used by both male and female

Manufacturer Requirements:

All parts, components, attachments, and accessories not specifically mentioned in this specification, but essential for dependable and efficient operation of the unit shall be furnished by the supplier as part of this bid, and shall be in accordance with current engineering and manufacturing components, and in accordance with prevailing trade provisions in general

Materials: The materials of which all parts, attachments, and components of the unit bid upon are manufactured and assembled, shall be of the current technology, durable and reliable for the intended purpose. The finishing shall be of high quality and good workmanship with dependable operation.

Warranty: The supplier or bidder shall guarantee, include and/or furnish that the units bid upon shall be new, unused, of the most recent or current model and incorporate all recent improvements in design and materials. The bidder shall also guarantee to replace free-of-charge (transport, labor, and other expenses incurred thereof) any part of component that breaks or fails to function in any manner under the service. Conditions described herein for a period of one year, from the date of purchase.

Non-compliance with Specifications:

In the event the units bid upon does not fully comply with these specifications, the bidder shall state definitely, where in the unit proposed to furnish, does not comply, referring to the applicable paragraph of these specifications. When no statement to the contrary is revised, the bidder shall be considered as having met all the provisions of the specification under the paragraph and shall be binding to any claims the buyer raises, upon receipt of the units at the final destination

Specification Waiver: The right to waive compliance any of these specifications is reserved by the buyer; and awards shall be based upon the best interests of the procuring entity

Dealership Preference: Preference in awards will usually be given to the equipment manufacturer having a well-established dealership in Ethiopia, and is certified as the sole agent by the manufacturer


Quantity Twenty-five (25) motorcycles


Engine Type General à The engine should be internal combustion petrol, 4-stroke, single cylinder, 2-valve, SOHC, spark ignition, and shall perform the task smoothly and efficiently under all conditions of operation described above.

Displacement – 140 – 200 cc

Compression ratio – should be indicated

Engine Rated Power à The engine should deliver calibrated power of min. 8.8. KW at rated revolution per minute. Maximum torque at designed RPM should be mentioned. Less than the specified power output will not be eligible to contest in the bid

Electrical System Starting system à The engine shall be primary electric starting (self-start) and kick starting; dual starting type is preferable

Battery Mounting à The battery shall be mounted at a convenient place; proper cushion shall be provided for the battery seat

Battery Capacity à 12V and 9Amp+

Alternator must have sufficient power to perform all functions and must be mentioned

Light à Lights shall comply with vehicular traffic regulations and shall be incorporated in the writing system for protection against damage by short circuits. The lighting systems shall consist of, but not be limited to – Headlight (Halogen), Turn signal (bulb), Front beam light, Two lights with stop and taillights (LED), panel lights    Horns à Dual electric horns are required

Fuel System Fuel Supply à fuel injection, petrol

Fuel Capacity à 12+ liters and reserve 2.5 liters capacity, usable 1 liter; economical fuel consumption under proper conditions

Mileage à 35 kmpl +/-

Cooling System Air cooled forced type to permit continuous full load operations under the conditions specified in the service requirements herein
Transmission The transmission shall be gear box type with constant mesh,

Left foot operated and 5-speed forward.

Wet, Multiple disc type, oil bath engages to clutch roller chain and sprocket

Front Suspension à Telescope fork with hydraulic dumpers,

Rear Suspension à Swing arm Coil spring oil dumper double action

Brakes Drum type for real, operated by foot pedal on floorboard

Disk type for front, hand level operated (RHS) with cooling fins

Wheel and Tires Tires and wheels should be as per manufacturer standard but not less than the following:

Front equivalent, but greater size is preferable

Rear equivalent, but greater size is preferable

Wheelbase à 1330 mm  Overall length à 2073 mm +/-  Overall width à 760 mm +/-

Height à 1115 mm +/-  Ground clearance à 160 mm +/-

Seats Comfortable seats on motorcycles for two persons; with step up seats

Standard size wind shield safety type Glass should be mounted at the front

Rear view mirrors

Instrumentation The instrumentation shall include minimum – hour meter, odometer, and other indicator devices
Color The motorcycles shall be painted as per manufacturer’s standard
Manuals One copy of each of the following shall be supplied with each vehicle

àMaintenance manual  àOperation Manual à Descriptive coverage – manual shall cover the equipment itself, and all the components, attachments, and accessories

àGeneral Language Requirements – All manuals, charts, drawings, and manufacturer’s specification, literature included with the bid is required to be in English, correctly worded preventing misinterpretation of manufacturer’s specifications, terms, or intent

Tools Set of ordinary and special tool as required for simple repair and maintenance
Additional Items Standard size Helmet and Standard size Tool box
Recommended Spare Parts List of recommended spare parts for the first 3 years should be attached by the suppliers in accordance with past performance of the motorcycles, overseas exploitation history.

The type and cost of each spare part must be listed


Evaluation Process and Methods:

Bids submitted shall be evaluated using Cumulative Analysis Method against a score of 100 points with a maximum of 85 points allocated to the financial proposal and 15 points allocated to the technical proposal (conformity to specifications, technical responsiveness, performance, and delivery/lead time).

Companies that are not prequalified will not be considered further. Bids submitted shall be evaluated on its merits by an evaluation panel based on stated prequalification, evaluation, and selection criteria.

Awards may be issued to one or more bidders.

PSI Ethiopia Address

Bole Sub City, Kebele 03/07 Namibia Street from Edna Mall to Bole Atlas hotel on the right side of the road.

Adjacent to SOS International Villages 11th floor on METI Building

Tel:- +251-11-6674820/78 or+251-11-6674607,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia