Millennium DPI Partners invites community-based organizations and/or media organizations


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  • Posted Date : 10/19/2021
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  • Closing Date : 11/26/2021


Request for Grant Applications:

Strengthen civil society and media to monitor implementation of recent reforms and strategically

advocate in areas needing further reform in Ethiopia

Millennium DPI Partners, under the Feteh (Justice) Activity in Ethiopia (United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Task Order No. 72066319F00001),  is seeking grant applications  from Ethiopian civil society not-for profit organizations (CSOs) and media to strengthen civil society in order to monitor implementation of recent reforms and to strategically advocate in areas needing further reform in Ethiopia.

Launched in February 2019, the Feteh (Justice) Activity provides flexible, rapid response technical assistance to select institutions key to legal and judicial reform efforts in Ethiopia including the Federal and Regional Attorney General’s  Offices; Federal and Regional  Supreme Courts; the House of Peoples’  Representatives; constitutionally  mandated Democratic Institutions such as the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman; civil society organizations; legal and academic institutions; and the media.

Activity Description:

  1.  Monitoring and implementation of recent law reforms related to the justice sector.
  2. Provide tailored capacity-building and awareness-raising to a range of rule of law stakeholders aimed at building legal awareness and technical knowledge to better perform their roles, and promote their active engagement in strengthening the rule of
  3. Research-based strategic advocacy interventions and community engagement including provision of free legal aid and mediation services focusing on gender, disability, youth and vulnerable populations.

Request for Applications (RFA) Documents:

CSOs, community-based organizations and/or media organizations (whether individually or jointly in consortia), including from the Oromia and Amhara Regional States, which are interested to apply may request the RFA file (whether in soft or hard copy) through Feteh’s dedicated email address: Potential applicants will receive the soft copy of the RFA via email within two (2) working days from their request. Those applicants who wish to obtain a hard copy of the RFA may request it in writing to the above-mentioned email address and arrange an appointment at Feteh’s office located in Kazanchis, Elilly International Hotel, New Building, 9th floor, Addis Ababa.

Eligibility and Priority of Grantees

  1. Eligibility – Applications  will be accepted  from Ethiopian  CSOs  and media organizations.  Successful applicants must be legally registered and recognized under the laws of Ethiopia and be in compliance with all applicable civil law and tax regulations. Organizations in the form of a consortium may apply if there is a recognized single primary organization that can come into contractual agreements with Feteh.
  2. Priority – Grant activities must directly support the objectives stated in the Activity  Description abov

Priority will be given to grants that have a visible and quick impact, leverage previous successful initiatives, and promote innovation.

Additionally, applicants should have the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Worked effectively in the past in building citizen awareness and improving public perception on justice and/ or legal reform, or demonstrated capacities associated with the three objectives of this RFA;
  • Reputation for integrity and independence;
  • Sound financial and administrative procedures;
  • Robust and qualified full-time team of employees; and
  • Demonstrable commitment to its own organizational development.

Timetable and Deadline:

Applicants shall submit a proposal on or before Friday, November 26, 2021 by 4:00 pm (Addis Ababa time). Proposal submissions received after that time and date will not be considered. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application via email. It is also possible to submit applications in a hard copy through USAID’s Feteh (Justice) Activity in Ethiopia, Millennium DPI Partners, P. O. Box 62114, Kazanchis Post Office, Addis Ababa.

Issuance of this RFA does not constitute an award commitment on the part of Millennium DPI Partners, Feteh, or USAID, nor does it commit Millennium DPI Partners, Feteh or USAID to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application. Feteh and USAID reserve the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted. Applications are submitted at the risk of the applicant.