ET Inclusive Finance Technology Share Company (ETIFT) wants to recruit and hire competent system auditor to undertake the M-BIRR system



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  • Posted Date : 11/28/2021
  • Phone Number : 2515573535
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  • Closing Date : 12/10/2021



ET Inclusive Finance Technology Share Company

ET Inclusive Finance Technology Share Company (ETIFT) was established in 2014 to Provide ICT and Related technological Services to financial Institutions in general and Micro finance institutions in particular.  Currently, the company facilitating the mobile and agent banking services (M-BIRR) which is delivered by 6- micro finance institutions since 2015.   ETIFT and partner micro finance institutions decided to recruit and hire competent system auditor to undertake the M-BIRR system. To this effect, this bid is announce by ETIFT.

1/ Basic Eligible criteria

  • Professional License; tax clearance, Renewed business license, TIN Number,VAT registration certificate
  1. Application guide lines
  • All Bidders must be submit within 10 working days’ starting from the date of announcement,
  • The Bid will be closed on the 10th day at 5:00 P.M. and Opened the following day at 9:30A.M. in office Hall
  • Eligible bidders are expected to submit technical and financial proposals with separate wax sealed envelopes with given address below.
  • Bidders are required to submit a bid security of birr 10000(ten thousand birr) in the form of CPO or Cash.
  • Interested system auditors can collect a complete set of bidding documents from ETIFT office by paying the non-refundable amount of money birr 200/two hundred birr/. This will begin following from the date of announcement until the date closing.
  • ETIFT reserves the  right to reject all or parts of the bids

Attention to bidders:– Address:-  ETIFT,

Addis Ababa, kirkos sub city, Bole around Damu hotel in front of Bole printing, Associations Ethiopian Micro finance  institutions building 1st floor

You may contact:-  Ato ErimiasTegegnwok and Ato Zemed Dagne

Tel number:- +2515573535 or+ 25119090788900 or +251949988741 or +251911133338

 ET Inclusive Finance Technology Share Company

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