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  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 11/28/2021
  • Phone Number : 0118222212
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 12/08/2021


Call for Consultants Service to Revise and Adapt RFC Entrepreneurship Bootcamp training Curriculum to be used for university and TVET Students (Pedagogy consultants)

Reach for Change is a non-profit non-governmental international organization with its headquarter in  Stockholm, Sweden. The organization is  operational in   11 countries across the globe out of  which three countries are in  Africa. Reach for Change was registered in  Ethiopia as  a foreign organization in 2015 with registration number 3419 with the aim to  positively impact the lives of  young women and children in  Ethiopia through building the capacity of  local social entrepreneurs.

Currently, Reach for  Change (RFC) envisions a  green, sustainable economy in  Ethiopia where everyone has  the  opportunity to  have a decent quality of  life  and reach their full potential. A  project called “Catalyzing green business in  Ethiopiaintends to  cultivate a strong  pipeline  of   new  green  enterprise  start-ups  that  will    create  green  jobs  and contribute  to   RFC’s  vision  by   piloting  an   approach  to   inspire  young  people  to   start sustainable, green businesses, and supporting them to do  so.

The ultimate goal of  these interventions is to  create new green enterprises, which in turn create both self-employment for  the  founders and employment opportunities for others.

The focus of   the Curriculum  Development:  With the aim  of   creating new green enterprises,  which  in   turn  create  both  self-employment  for  the  founders  and employment opportunities for others. Green Entrepreneurial Boot Camp focuses on nurturing  green  entrepreneur  mindsets  and  generating  green  enterprise  ideas among TVET and university students.

Based  on   the  above  aim  the  curriculum  development  consultant  will  engage  in adapting and revision of  the existing Reach for change entrepreneurship Bootcamp curriculum/module. This will include reviewing existing TVET and University entrepreneurship courses and ensuring alignment with the educational curriculum. In addition, the consultant will work with experts in  green-enterprise-specific content providers to  fit  into the adapted curriculum.

The key  deliverables of  the  consultancy work are  included in  the  ToR. The task will  be undertaken in  32  days from the  agreement signed between Reach for  Change Ethiopia and the  consultant firm.

Required qualification and Experience

  • Proposed professional(s)  for   the   work  must  hold    a   Masters  Degree  in   Higher Education curriculum development, training/skill development  methodology  with  an emphasis   on    innovation   and     learning;   teaching;   developmental   psychology; pedagogical  practice,  green  economy,  green  business  development,  and    other related fields would be an added advantage.
  • At least five years of  relevant experience in  curriculum and/or materials development for TVET and university students’ training programs.
  • Experience as a  team leader in  review activities related to  curriculum development.
  • Demonstrable experience in  developing and implementing gender-sensitive educational/training programs in the context of TVET and universities.
  • Ability to  assess critically the  review activities and results.
  • Proven and  demonstrated  experience  in    undertaking  similar  curriculum revision, adaptation, and excellent report writing skills.
  • Very good understanding of green economy development in  Ethiopia as  well as globally, social entrepreneurship approaches, and green entrepreneurship, and green economy in Ethiopia.
  • Knowledge of  the current structure, strengths, and challenges facing green enterprises.
  • Extensive experience in providing training especially related to TOT
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in education program design and delivery.
  • Should have a  renewed license for   consultancy  service with a  TIN   registration certificate.

Mode of Application

Consultants who are interested in  carrying out this Consultants Service to  Revise and Adapt RFC  Entrepreneurship  Bootcamp  training  Curriculum  to   be   used  for   university  and  TVET students Eligible vendors may receive Request for proposal (RFP) or  TOR document from  reach  for  change  official  email  address  .  The bidder shall submit original and copy of  the bid in  separate envelopes sealed and stamped, duly marking the envelopes as  “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” for  Technical and Financial proposals separately  (including  copies  of   renewed  Trade  License,  Business  Registration  License,  Tax Payer’s Registration, VAT Registration, and professional competency Certificates).

All  documents (Technical and Financial proposals) must be  delivered to  th is address Reach for Change Ethiopia, Yeka Sub-city, Woreda 09, Gurd Shola Ten sisters NGO Building  6th floor Tele +251 118222212 on  or  before December 08, 2021.

Please note that  the submitted  documents  will be   opened  by   Reach  for   Change Ethiopia Procurement committee and the technical and financial evaluation result will be  disclosed on email others means of  communication and will be  communicated to  the winner up   on  the completion of  technical & Financial evaluation.

The deadline for  application is  Wednesday, December 08,  2021

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