Cross-Land Construction invites bidders for Total Station Purchase



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  • Posted Date : 12/01/2021
  • Phone Number : 0114162353
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 12/09/2021


Cross-Land Construction

Invitation to BID for Total Station Purchase

Cross-Land is a local GC-1 Contractor that planning to procure the below-listed equipment including its parts and Accessories.

No. Item Description Unit Quantity
1 Total Station (leica TPS 1102 or equivalent) with 2 second accuracy.

Each total station to have the following accessories:

− appropriate on board software for data collection, reduction and output;

− appropriate hand carrying box;

− 16Mb PCMCIA memory cards; No.=2

− data access cable for PC interface; No:-01

− set telescopic legs (same manufacturer); No:-1

− heavy duty batteries; No:-2

− mains charger; =No:-1

− 12V cigarette lighter charger; No:-1

− external PCMCIA card reader; No:-1

− traversing sets to include target/prism/tribrach/legs for distance No:-02

measurement to 3 km plus carrying cases;

− adjustable telescopic detailing sticks, complete with target/ reflector/ mounting / level; No:-4











Thus, Cross-Land Construction invites Eligible bidders that are qualified and technically competent and have a valid license; for the year 2013 to submit a technical and financial proposal.

  •  Bidders are required to submit relevant business licenses issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industries and renewed for the year 2013 EC, VAT, and TIN certificate,
  • Bidders should submit Equipment detail specification document and Financial offer  in sealed to Cross-Land Construction office Infronet of Kera Slaughter (Near to Deginet Gutema Garaj) Tel: +251 11 416 2353 or +251 11 470 0697
  • Bid must be delivery to the address in a sealed envelope within 7 working days from the bid announcement date (considering the bid announcement date as day one) on/before 10:00 am. Bid will be opened on the same day @ 10:00 am with the presence of all participants.
  • Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information from Cross-Land Construction, by phone no.+251 11 416 2353. Cross-Land Construction reserves the right to reject all or part of the bid without giving any reason.

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