Action Against Hunger seeks to invite interested and eligible companies/organizations/suppliers for supply of goods, services and works



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  • Posted Date : 12/04/2021
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  • Phone Number : 0913451881
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  • Closing Date : 12/13/2021




Action Against Hunger US is an International Non-Governmental Organisation with the vocation to save lives by combating hunger, disease, and those crises threatening the lives of helpless men, women and children. Action Against Hunger (formerly known as ACF in Ethiopia) opened a mission in Ethiopia in 1986 and currently has offices in Addis Ababa, Gambella, Yabello, Bahir Dar, Harar, Gode, Mekelle and Gimbi actively working with focus on Nutrition & Health, Food Security & Livelihoods, Mental Health & Care Practice and Water sanitation & Hygiene program areas. Action Against Hunger seeks to invite interested and eligible companies/organizations to submit applications for the prequalification of suppliers for supply of goods, services and works for the period 2022/2024 in Addis Ababa and the regions.

ACF-ET_2022-24_001 Supply of general office stationery All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_002 Supply of genuine toners and cartridges All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_003 Supply of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) equipment (surface & submersible pumps, wrenches, pipe cutting tools, pipe heating/welding machine) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_004 Supply of water treatment chemicals All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_005 Supply of water tankers and reservoirs All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_006 Supply of household materials (hygiene, kitchen, house materials) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_007 Supply of plastic products (jerry cans, buckets, tables, chairs, plastic sheets) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_008 Supply of kitchenware All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_009 Supply of dignity kits( Pyjamas, Slippers, Women Bra, baby diapers, sanitary pads, hair oil, comp, Nail clipper, Multipurpose soap, towel, Touch light, Durban garment, canvas bag, mirror) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_010 Supply of office furniture and equipment All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_011 Supply of generators and water pumps All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_012 Supply of animal feed All locations



ACF-ET_2022-24_013 Supply of agricultural tools and equipment All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_014 Supply of agricultural inputs i.e., seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, Pesticides, All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_015 Supply of fuel (diesel and petrol) and lubricants All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_016 Supply of general hardware items, building construction materials All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_017 Supply of electrical tools, energy and power materials All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_018 Supply of veterinary drugs All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_019 Supply of fire fighting equipment i.e., fire extinguishers, first aid kit All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_020 Supply and maintenance of solar energy & equipment All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_021 Supply of Solar pump All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_022 Supply of emergency water (trucks) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_023 Supply of pipes and fittings (GI pipes, PVC pipes, UPVC

pipes, HDPE PPR etc.)

All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_024 Supply of toys All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_025 Supply of ICT equipment e.g., laptop, projectors, photocopy machine, printer Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_026 Supply of vehicle spare parts Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_027 Provision of printing services – branded promotional items (paper-based e.g., flyers, brochures, business cards), photocopying, printing and binding Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_028 Provision of printing services – branded promotional and visibility items (non-paper based e.g., t-shirts, banners, etc.) Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_029 Provision of electrical fittings repairs and maintenance All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_030 Provision of travel agency services, air ticketing and travel arrangements (IATA registered only) Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_031 Provision of hotel, accommodation and conference facilities & catering services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_032 Provision of maintenance of solar equipment All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_033 Provision of local and international courier services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_034 Provision of clearing and forwarding services including one window service processing Addis Ababa
ACF-ET_2022-24_035 Provision of insurance services (underwriters only) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_036 Provision of insurance brokerage services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_037 Provision of vehicles tracking & management services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_038 Provision of garage services: repair and service of vehicles


All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_039 Provision of translation services All locations



ACF-ET_2022-24_040 Provision of training services (first aid, fire & safety) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_041 Provision of IT equipment maintenance service and repairs

(photocopier, printer, computers, projectors)

All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_042 Provision of mechanical engineering consultancy services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_043 Provision of electrical engineering consultancy services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_044 Provision of civil structural engineers All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_045 Provision of quantity surveyor (QS) services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_046 Provision of security guard services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_047 Provision of garbage disposal services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_048 Provision of occupational safety and health advisory services (i.e., audits, assessment) All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_049 Provision of energy audit services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_050 Provision of professional advisory and consultancy services e.g., financial, risk, management, human capital etc All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_051 Provision of IT consultancy services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_052 Provision of HR consultancy services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_053 Provision of fumigation, pest control sanitary and general cleaning services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_054 Provision of plumbing services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_055 Provision of service of maintenance of generators All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_056 Provision of cleaning services for vehicles All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_057 Provision of car hire, lease and taxi services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_058 Provision of Tent All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_059 Provision of water supply and installation, servicing of irrigation pipes and fittings All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_060 Provision of civil works in building construction services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_061 Provision of welding, fabrication and carpentry works All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_062 Provision of borehole drilling services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_063 Provision of irrigation system construction services All locations
ACF-ET_2022-24_064 Provision of pipelaying, civil works and general building works All locations

The supplier prequalification exercise will be conducted online via:

Tendersure™ platform is secure, transparent and provides an efficient prequalification process. Access to the prequalification will be granted upon payment of a non-refundable fee of ETB 1,400 per category. There are two payment options as follows:

  1. 1. Payment made to the Action Against Hunger Ethiopia Bank account whose details can be obtained by calling +251920710853.
  2. 2. Cash payment at any of the Action Against Hunger Ethiopia offices as follows: Addis Ababa,

Gambella, Yabello, Bahir Dar, Harar, Gode, Mekelle and Gimbi.

In case of any inquiry, kindly contact us at or call +251 913 451 881 or WhatsApp Number +251 913 451 881. The online prequalification exercise closes on 13th December 2021 at 11pm EAT (extended from 6th December, 2021).

All existing suppliers are required to participate alongside prospective suppliers in order to be evaluated and considered.

Action Against Hunger reserves the right to accept or reject any bid in whole or in part at its discretion.

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