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  • Posted Date : 12/19/2021
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  • Closing Date : 12/31/2021


Terms of Reference (TOR)


GIZ has been commissioned with the implementation of the project “Private Sector Development in Ethiopia” (PSD-E). PSD-E aims to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and small growth-oriented companies from improved growth opportunities. This shall be achieved by strengthening the performance and private sector orientation of public institutions and other intermediaries, through capacity building (change management), staff capacity building and public-private dialogues. One focus of PSD-E is to enhance the capacities of chambers and associations (output 2). sequa is commissioned to implement output 2. The objective of output 2 is enhancing the capacities of chambers and associations. This will be reached by:

  • Selecting relevant chambers and associations, analyzing needs of chambers and associations and identifying areas of support with a view of advancing SMEs, startups and SGBs.
  • Support improving the organizational and business model as well as range of services provided.
  • Strengthening technical and managerial staff capacities in effectively performing their role of representing their member’s interests vis-à-vis public institutions.

sequa aims at supporting Ethiopian Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) in defining their roles and functions to improve services offered to companies, establish financial sustainability, and enhance public-private dialogue and interest representation. This will help to create an improved-functioning BMO ecosystem in Ethiopia which can lay the foundation for economic growth and job creation. The intervention will seek to strengthen chambers and associations in Ethiopia in the exercise of their core functions. This shall be achieved by:

  • Initiation of a change management process, including capacity and competence building of BMOs with regard to the representation of their members’ interests vis-à-vis government institutions and effective participation in public-private dialogue formats.
  • Capacity and competence building of BMOs with regard to the development and implementation of service offerings for their member companies.
  • Expert advice/awareness-raising on improving environmental sustainability (e.g. monitoring of resource use in companies as a basis for recommendations on increasing resource efficiency); if necessary, advice on setting up and expanding company networks to promote energy efficiency (agreement on common goals).

Project Coordinator

To implement the listed activities, sequa will establish a project team consisting of one international team leader, one national project coordinator and one national administrator. For the Project Coordinator sequa is searching for an experienced consultant with the following experiences:

  • 5-10 years’ experience in project implementation and/or coordination
  • Experience with donor regulations (GIZ) and the management of non-profit funds
  • Experienced in working with (international) consultants
  • Experienced in working with Business Membership Organizations (BMO)
  • A plus is a good network in the Ethiopian chamber’s system
  • Good networker and capable to work in a team

Subject and Tasks

The program should involve the following intensive coaching and training activities for textile SMEs:

  • Being focal person for sequa in the project, steer administration and implementation of the project
  • Being first point of contact for all participating BMOs and related consultants
  • Lead field research on BMO diagnostic together with the team leader and/or project lead
  • BMO Leadership Academy: compliance checks, onboarding and training measurements
  • Co-develop BMO grant facilities
  • Take on duties as sub-ordinated by the international project lead
  • Support the overall project implementation (strategic and operative)

Duration and Schedule of the Assignment

The consultancy lasts for 12-months, starting from 1st January 2022 to December 2022, the job is a 100% position.


Interested consultants are invited to submit their technical and financial proposal including their applicable daily fee and CV by sending electronic copies to, before December 31, 2021.