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  • Posted Date : 12/22/2021
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Terms of Reference (TOR) For Consultancy Services to Modify a Guide For /Manual on Adolescent , youth& religious  reproductive Health in Islamic perspective (For Faith Based Organization)


The Ethiopian Muslim Development Agency (EMDA) is a development wing of the Ethiopian Islamic affairs supreme council (EIASC). It was established in 2000 as a faith-based organization that seeks to address the various development needs of the vulnerable communities in the country. EMDA is implementing various socio-economic development activities through the Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency relief and social development section. EMDA currently operates at national level and implement different development projects throughout the regional states. EMDA is legally registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Agency for civil society organization of Ethiopia as a National Charity.

Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency is in partnership with CCRDA as a member consortia and has been implementing a project entitled “Engaging Religious and traditional leaders in Family planning and SRH Demand Creation (Demand side barrier) Summerized budget for the EMDA F/P &SRH project in  Oromia Regional State East Ari zone.

During this period the project has been using a training manual which is prepared by the lead organization in consultation with the consortia members aiming to empower religious leaders, the religious community, the adolescent, young people and women with knowledge and skills needed to take informed decisions on their sexual and reproductive Health (SRH).

This SRH Manual was Prepared and translated in to Amharic and Afan Oromo and it is also prepared in eight modules which addresses the facilitation skill, way of mobilizing the community, the basics of SRH for adolescents and youth,the methods of family planning, the livelihood skills, and peer promotion and counseling. It is organized in modular structures so that it enables training facilitators to use the manual in a flexible way by selecting particular modules and facilitate a training tailored to particular learning needs.

Therefore, the Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency (EMDA) seeks professional service to Modify the training manual to local context (incorporate the Islamic perspective of Adolescent and youth Reproductive Health concepts in to the existing Afan Oromo version of the Training Manual

Objective: is to Modify the SRH Afan Oromo version of the training Manual incorporating Islamic Perspective of Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in to Afan Oromo Training Manual in order to enhance the training at Grass root level –among the Muslim community especially Islamic Religious Leaders in the project Area

Scope of the Task

In this consultancy service, the consultant is expected to do necessary reviews on existing Amharic and Afan Oromo version of SRH Training manuals and modify the SRH Afan Oromo version of the training Manual incorporating Islamic concepts /Perspective of Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health in to Afan Oromo Training Manual

Tasks of the Consultant

The tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Review the current (existing) English, Amharic and Afan Oromo version of the manual
  • Insert Islamic concepts (perspectives) in each Module as per the Islamic Guidance Holly books –Quran and Hadith
  • Review of Islamic literature on practices and experiences of Islamic perspective Adolescent and youth reproductive Health projects implemented in Muslim predominant areas of the world
  • Review literature on SRH Islamic stance


  • Modified Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Afan Oromo Version of the manual in Islamic perspective
  • Copy of summarized power point presentation for participants on validation workshop (Modified Adolescent and Youth Reproductive Health Afan Oromo Version)

Job Requirements

Academic Qualifications

At least a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Mph) Reproductive Health, Health Care Management and other related Fields of study


  • A minimum of five years professional experience in Reproductive Health and related programs in well-known international NGO
  • Ample Experience in training manual design and preparation
  • Previous work experience
  • working with Predominantly Muslim community
  • Who has basic Knowledge of SRH in Islamic Perspective
  • Previous work experience in SRH manual preparation in Afan Oromo is an added advantage

Other Requirements

  • Bidder shall summit a renewed current trade License , Tax clearance , VAT Registration Certificate ,professionals   can  also submit their CV and support documents
  • Bidders Should summit technical and financial proposals to  Ethiopia Muslim development Agency  Addis Ababa  Ethiopia  on or before Dec,15,2019 until 4:00 PM
  • Bid shall be Closed on 15 December , 2021  at 4:30 PM
  • The consultant is expected to accomplish this task in 30 days including the time for regular updating as per the Bilateral Agreement made between the two parties
  • Ethiopia Muslim development Agency reserves the right to accept or reject any or bids at its own discretion

How to Apply

Interested applicants can send their technical and financial proposals in sealed envelopes to Ethiopian Muslims Development Agency Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Cherkos Sub city Behind Miskel Flower near FGAE Head quarter Riche

Tel:- +251-114664975/+251114664941 /+251918233765


P.O.Box: – 21839/1000