International Rescue Committee Inc. (IRC) invites sealed bid documents from interested bidders for purchase of the following used vehicles and Motor Bikes



  • Category : Vehicle Sale
  • Posted Date : 01/18/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116636735
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 02/11/2022



For Sale of Used Vehicles and Motorcycles

International Rescue Committee Inc. (IRC) is a global humanitarian aid, relief and development nongovernmental organization that provides emergency aid and long-term assistance to refugees. IRC Ethiopia has been working in Ethiopia since 1999 by responding to different emergencies as well as implementing various development projects across the country.

IRC Ethiopia Program office invites sealed bid documents from interested bidders for purchase of the following used vehicles and Motor Bikes whose details are described below.

 LOT # Regtn. No. Description Model Year of Manuf. Fuel Type
01 35-1005 A.O Toyota D/Cab Pickup LN145L 2002 Diesel
02 35-6440 A.O Toyota Coaster Bus HZB70L 2019 Diesel
03 35-2862 A.O Ford Ranger D/Cab Pickup MNCBSFE 2002 Diesel
04 35-2854 A.O Toyota Hilux D/Cab LN166L 2003 Diesel
05 35-1010 A.O Toyota Hilux D/Cab LH166L 1998 Diesel
06 35-2806 A. O Toyota Hilux D/Cab LN106L 1997 Diesel
07 35-2175 A. O Toyota Corolla EF80L 1985 Gasoline
08 35-2176 A. O Toyota DX AE80L 1984 Gasoline
09 35-2925 A. O Toyota Hatchback EE90L 1991 Gasoline
10 35-3674 A. O Toyota Hard Top HZJ105L 2007 Diesel
11 35-1292 A.O. Motorcycle BAJAJ BM100 2011 Gasoline
12 35-1382 A.O. Motorcycle Boxer 5 2011 Gasoline
13 35-1286 A. A Motorcycle TS185ER 2002 Gasoline
14 35-1529 A. O Motorcycle BAJAJ BM100 2012 Gasoline
15 35-1531 A. O Motorcycle BM100 2012 Gasoline

Instruction to Bidders:

  1. The Vehicles and Motor Bikes are being sold on “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” and “NON-RETURNABLE” basis. The IRC DOES NOT guarantee any of the property in any way.
  2. Bidders may bid for a single or multiple lots.
  3. All interested bidders can view and inspect the vehicle(s) during working hours at Adama IRC Warehouse premise from February 01 to 04, 2022.
  4. Bid prices must be submitted separately for each vehicle lot. IRC will not accept any lump sum offer for two or more vehicles all together. Any such bid will be automatically disqualified.
  5. The enclosed Bid Form shall be filled and submitted separately for each LOT in two sealed envelopes clearly marked as ‘ORIGINAL’ and ‘COPY’ both addressed to: IRC Ethiopia, Supply Chain Department, Procurement Unit, 5th Floor, Addis Ababa and must be delivered by hand on or before the deadline of bid submission date.
  6. Bids must be accompanied with a bid security of 20% of the total bid in the form of CPO to International Rescue Committee (IRC). If the bid bond is to be prepared outside of Addis Ababa, it should be produced from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The bid bond/ Security will be returned to unsuccessful bidders after completion of the bid process.
  7. The vehicle and Motorcycles will be sold to the bidder with the highest offer. In case of achieving the same price, the Lot will be open for re-bid to those who provide same price.
  8. The deadline of bid submission is before or on February 11, 2022, till 2:00pm. Bids submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. All bids must be registered on delivery.
  9. Bids will be opened on the same day on February 11, 2022, till 3:00pm in the presence of Bidders or their legal representatives.
  10. The successful bidder shall be notified by a letter of award and pay full amount to IRC within 5 business days.
  11. IRC will start the title transfer process as soon as the payment is settled by the winner (buyer). The winner shall only remove the vehicle from the Adama IRC Ethiopia premises within one month after the title transfer is completed.
  12. If the winner fails to pay the winning amount to IRC within the given due date on the Letter of Award, IRC shall withhold the entire bid bond amount and dispose of the vehicle in any way it sees fit.
  13. IRC will not provide any assistance, either mechanical or manpower, for the removal of the vehicles.
  14. The winning bidders are responsible for any legal fees required while transferring ownership of the Vehicle.
  15. A Bid document completed with a pencil will automatically be rejected.
  16. IRC Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids for any or all bids.

International Rescue Committee, Ethiopia Program

P.O. Box 107 Code 1110

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel +251 11 663 67 35/6/7