Oxfam requires a consultancy service



  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 02/02/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 02/07/2022


 Call for Consultancy  

OXFAM in Ethiopia:

Oxfam in Ethiopia is an international NGO working on humanitarian, long-term development, gender, advocacy and influencing programs. Oxfam’s vision is to see disadvantaged women, men  and  youth, empowered and  enjoyed  their  rights to  secure sustainable livelihood  and democratic governance. To achieve its goal, Oxfam  implements its programs along  with diverse partners considering the  partnership principles into account with focus on building the capacities in a complementary manner. As a part of this action, Oxfam is looking forward towards building the institutional capacity of the organization named Inspired Ethiopia Youth Association (IEYA) that Oxfam is aspiring to work as a potential partner in the future.

To  get  the  best out  of  such partnership engagements, Oxfam  is keen  to  outsource the Strategic Plan  Development and  different manuals production that  can  be considered as a part  of  this capacity building  initiative  for  IEYA.  Apart  from  the  developing a  five  years strategic plan, that believed  to be contributing towards the improvement and development of internal  systems of the IEYA, development of organizational operational manuals on finance, logistics and human resources are the major ones.

For  this purpose, Oxfam  requires a  consultancy service. Any interested and  experienced consultants are  invited  to  apply  for  the  bidding  process. You can  collect  the  TORs from OXFAM Ethiopia Program Office, starting from February  01, 2022.  Applicants are required to carefully  read  through the TOR and  based on their interest and  previous experience, make  a note   of  the  planned  timetable  and  submit  financial   and  technical  proposal  by  February 07,2022  (4:00  PM).  Application   will be  evaluated  based on  the  cumulative  analysis  of Technical Qualification – [70%] and Financial  Proposal – [30%]

This invitation  to  tender has been  issued for the  sole purpose of obtaining offers for the provision of the quality services requested against the TOR. OXFAM reserves the right not to enter  into or award  contracts as result of this invitation  to tender. OXFAM also reserves the right to terminate any contract issued as a result of this ITT as set out in the contract terms and conditions.

Oxfam GB

Bole Sub-city, Woreda 03, Kebele 27, House Number  2084

Around Ramada Hotel, Near to UNHCR Head Office | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia