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  • Posted Date : 02/05/2022
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  • Closing Date : 02/28/2022


Call for Research Concept Notes 

RESET Plus Innovation Fund

  1. Background 

The RESET Plus Innovation Fund is a four-year (2019–2022) initiative, funded by the European Union and implemented by ICCO Part of Cordaid in cooperation with Fair & Sustainable Ethiopia. The fund helps social enterprises in realizing innovations that improve the livelihoods and resilience of 20,000 vulnerable people (50% women). Actions are expected to influence existing systems by introducing and adopting new and appropriate methodologies, approaches, technologies, and practices, in partnership with public and private stakeholders. 

The RESET Plus Innovation Fund has two components. Under component 1, the program is already supporting thirteen innovations for resilience and implementation is underway. The current Call is aimed to identify and support outstanding research concept notes under component 2.

  1. Types of research eligible for financial support

The type of research activities under the financial support should comprise credible designs and approaches with the potential to influence systems. Activities under the financial support shall take into account the following important aspects:

  • Action research shall be conducted on a single research topic and will cover multiple innovation projects, currently supported by the RESET Plus Innovation Fund, and will therefore cover multiple geographical areas. The action research shall capture essential lessons that contribute to an evidence-base on how innovations can influence systems in resilience-building,
  • Opportunities for future actions shall be identified and recommended for innovative resilience-building initiatives,
  • The research activities shall result in recommendations for the existing innovators and their activities,
  • Researchers will publish their reports on prominent research websites, make summary versions available online using their own or consortia websites, the EU Delegation and social media. They will also present their findings at the innovation fair where several relevant stakeholders are attending.
  1. Research topics

The research topics for the financial support are limited and restricted to the thematic areas of 13 innovative initiatives, financially supported by the RESET Plus Innovation Fund. The following research topics are priority areas.

Research Topic 1: Best practices on adoption of new technologies and systems by beneficiary communities and local stakeholders. (No. of related innovation projects for resilience: 5)

Research Topic 2: Approaches to the enhancement of ownership of community assets to reduce inefficiencies in the use of assets. (No. of related innovation projects for resilience: 4) 

Research Topic 3: Promotion of inclusive practices and the benefits of doing so, for building resilient and sustainable market systems. (No. of related innovation projects for resilience: 5) 

Research Topic 4: Best practices of inter-sectoral cooperation and collaborative engagement for systems change. (No. of related innovation projects for resilience: 4) 

Research Topic 5: The benefits of using value addition innovations for household income improvement, and its contribution to livelihoods upstream the value chain. (No. of related innovation projects for resilience: 5)

Research Topic 6: Women and youth empowerment initiatives and their contribution to resilience-building. (All 13 projects, with a focus on women and youth participation)

  1. Geographical coverage

The 13 innovation projects are operating in 24 woredas of five regional states the details of which is presented in the following table.

Region Cluster / Zone Woredas (no. of active projects)
Amhara Wag Himra Abergele (1), Dehana (3), Gaz Gibla (1), Sekota (2), Ziquala (1)
Afar Zone 1/4/5 Afambo (1); Aysaita (1); Chifra (1); Elidar (1); Ewa (1)
Oromia Bale Berbere (1); Meda Wollabu (1)
Borena Dire (1); Miyo (2); Moyale (2)
SNNPR Omo Dasenech (1)
Wolaita Boloso Sore (2); Damot Pulasa (2); Diganu Fango (1); Kindo Koysha (1)
Somali Liben Dollo Ado (1)
Siti Ayisha (1); Erer (1); Shinile (1)
  1. Eligible Applicants

All types of persons or categories both lead and co-applicants should be legally registered to operate in Ethiopia. Eligible entities to apply are:

  • National universities,
  • National Research institutes/centers,
  • International research institutions operating in Ethiopia can apply as a co-applicant/partner,
  • Research institutions and universities implementing RESET Plus innovation Fund can also apply, but in a different cluster and thematic areas of their own.
  • Private universities and research institutions can apply but making profit out of the research intervention is not allowed.

Not eligible Applicants: Private  companies or consultancy firms are not eligible to apply.

  1. Application Process 

The application process for the present call for Concept Note for the research fund, is the first part of a two-stage process. First the applicants shall submit a Concept Note, then the best applicants will be invited to submit full proposals with a more detailed action plan and budget.

Upon submission of Concept Note, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further steps such as due diligence check, defense sessions (face-to-face presentation) and invitation for full proposal writing.

The application must be submitted in accordance with the application guideline and templates that can be downloaded using the link provided below, and it should be written in English and by computer.

Applications must be submitted to Cordaid Ethiopia Country office in electronic copy using the email address: within the subject line: name of applicant organization – Concept Note. For easy reference, the file name should start with the name of applicant organizations followed by the respective file name.

The applicants must verify that their application is complete and with all the required details. Applications sent by any other means (e.g. by fax or by hand) or delivered to other addresses will be rejected.

  1. Application Guideline and Templates

Potential applicants are recommended to fully read and understand the application guideline and the template, as well as relevant documents and links therewith related to the 13 innovation projects. The application guideline, template and scoring criteria documents can be downloaded using the following Link

  1. Application Deadline

The deadline for submission for the Concept Note is 28th February 2022, 4:00 PM (GMT +3). Incomplete applications or sent after the indicated time will be automatically rejected.