Reach for Change Ethiopia is looking to hire qualified and experienced individual Trainers to deliver green entrepreneurship Bootcamp curriculums/modules.



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  • Posted Date : 02/09/2022
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Reach  for   Change  is   a  non-profit non-governmental  international  organization  with  its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. The organization is operational in 11  countries across the globe out of which three countries are in Africa. Reach for Change was registered in Ethiopia as a foreign organization in 2015 with registration number 3419 with the aim to positively impact the lives of young women and children in Ethiopia through building the capacity of local social entrepreneurs.

Reach   for     Change    is    looking    to   engage   professional    trainers    skilled    in    personal initiative/mindset orientation training to conduct 12 days of  cascading training/workshops for three cohorts with each cohort covering four days of green entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

The  training  is planned  to be covered within a six-month period, per each training/workshop; 4-day green entrepreneurship Bootcamp training on nurturing green entrepreneur mindsets and  generating  green enterprise  ideas  among TVET  and university  students.  The  Green Entrepreneurship  Bootcamp curriculum  is  expected  to cover entrepreneurial mindset and product design,  Business  plan  development,  Financial  management,  and Practical  steps to start a small green business.


Currently, Reach for  Change (RFC)  envisions a green, sustainable economy in Ethiopia where everyone has the opportunity  to have a decent quality  of  life and reach their full potential. A project  called  “Catalyzing  green business  in Ethiopia” intends to cultivate a strong pipeline of new green enterprise  start-ups that will  create green jobs  and contribute  to RFC’s  vision  by piloting  an approach to inspire  young people  to start sustainable,  green businesses,  and supporting them to do so.

The ultimate goal of these interventions is to create new green enterprises, which in turn create both self-employment for the founders and employment opportunities for others.

The  focus  of   hiring  professional  trainers:  on nurturing  green entrepreneur mindsets  and generating green enterprise ideas among TVET and university students.

Reach for  Change Ethiopia is looking to hire qualified and experienced individual Trainers to deliver green entrepreneurship Bootcamp curriculums/modules.

Trainers Competencies, Experience, and Skill  Requirements:

  • A Master’s Degree or equivalent in Social Sciences, including economics, business management, entrepreneurship. Education, Participatory, Behavioural Sciences other related.
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating Training on entrepreneurship and business development, green economy for youth.
  • Experience in establishing and running a business operation.
  • Knowledge of Social entrepreneurship and green business in Ethiopia
  • Extensive experience in building capacities and shifting mindset;
  • Excellent  interpersonal   communication   skills   including   experience   of   facilitation  of training/workshops and presentation;
  • Proven and demonstrated broad knowledge of and ability to utilize principles, methods, techniques, and systems of training facilitation;
  • Excellent communication and written skills  in English and Amharic.

Mode of Application

Trainers    who   are   interested    in    carrying    out   this    Service    to   cascade  the entrepreneurship Bootcamp training for  University and TVET students, please email to get the detailed ToR and how to apply for this trainer service.

This  is  a   readvertised  call  and  applicants  who  have  already  submitted their application are  not required to apply again as their first application is considered valid.

The deadline for application is Tuesday, February 15, 2022