Tetra Tech ARD Call for Research Concept Notes


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  • Posted Date : 02/13/2022
  • E-mail : alemayehu.degefa@etlandgov.org
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 03/13/2022


ETHIOPIA – Land Governance Activity (LGA) Project  Annual Program Statement (APS)

 Call for Research Concept Notes

 Opportunity Number: LGA-APS-001

Issuance Date: February 13, 2022 

Concept Paper Due Date: 5:00 pm on 13 March 2022

Tetra Tech ARD, the implementing partner for USAID’s Feed the Future – Ethiopia Land Governance Activity (LGA), pursuant to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and in accordance with USAID Contract No. 7200AA18D00003/72066319F00002, is authorized to provide Grants under Contract (GUC) to meet its program objectives. LGA is seeking concept papers from qualified organizations to implement programs within the framework of LGA objectives.

The Feed the Future – Ethiopia Land governance activity (LGA) project is a five-year program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented with and through the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Urban Development and Infrastructure at the federal level and the regional land administration bureaus of the Afar, Amhara, Gambella, Harari, Oromia, Southern Nations and Nationalities and Peoples, Tigray, and Somali regional states and the two city administrations of Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa. Component one of the projects aims to facilitate land policy reforms, strengthen tenure security, promote structural reform of rural and urban land institutions, improve land use planning services using evidence-based research. Component two of the project is targeted at formalizing pastoral land rights and strengthening customary land governance in pastoral areas.

The LGA Project invites concept papers from research organizations, universities, private sector firms and civil society organizations (CSOs) on research proposals on the following themes:

  1. Privatization of communal lands in Pastoral Areas and its Impact on Land Tenure Security of Different Pastoral Communities in
  2. Customary Land Tenure and Communal Resource Use and Governance in SNNP, Gambella and Benishangul National Regional States: Customary Organization, Rules, Practices, and Challenges.
  3. Women and Youth Access to Land for Housing and Work in Urban Settings: Challenges and Opportunities in Laws and Land Governance Processes; and
  4. Urban land valuation and informal settlements.

Grants for each research project will be up to $75,000, with project length of a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months duration. However, exceptions to this may be considered on a case-by-case basis. An organization may apply for not more than two research themes.

This Annual Program Statement (APS) is a two-tier process in which LGA will review concept

papers on a rolling basis. Concept papers will be reviewed by LGA and if the application is

deemed to be responsive to the solicitation and demonstrates a link to LGA objectives, the

applicant will be asked to submit a full application. Submission of a full application constitutes the second

tier. The final selection for award will be made on the basis of the second tier-applications, which will pass through a second review process by the Review and Evaluation Committee (REC).

LGA and USAID reserve the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted. Additionally, any award pursuant to this funding opportunity is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Parties interested in submitting concept notes for any of the above research themes should contact Mr. Alemayehu Degefa at alemayehu.degefa@etlandgov.org to request the FULL SOLICITATION which provides additional information on each research theme, submission instructions, funding restrictions, templates, eligibility, etc.

The first round of concept paper deadline is 5:00 pm on 13 March 2022 and they must be submitted on or before this deadline by email to: alemayehu.degefa@etlandgov.org.  Concept papers will be screened by an evaluation committee and those that receive preliminary acceptance will be invited to attend a “Next Steps Clinic” which provides assistance in the full USAID grant application development process, including detailed requirements and procedures and budget preparation.  An invitation to the “Next Steps Clinic” will only be issued to accepted concept papers and does not indicate a grant award as awards will be made only after the submission and evaluation of the full application reviewed according to the established criteria in the APS guideline and upon final approval from USAID.  LGA and USAID reserve the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted.

A grant award will be administered in accordance with applicable regulations as follows: