Cuso International is seeking a consultant / a consulting firm to carry out a mapping and analysis of the private sector landscape


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  • Posted Date : 02/16/2022
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  • Closing Date : 02/25/2022



RFP No T-CI–ET–2022-06

RFP Title   Mapping and Analysis of Job Opportunities in Private Sector Landscape

Assignment Period Six to Eight Weeks


Cuso International is a not-for-profit international development organization working both in Canada and around the world, to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of volunteers, partner organizations and donors. Currently, Cuso International is implementing two programs in Ethiopia:

Sharing Canadian Expertise for Inclusive Development and Gender Equality (SHARE) is an initiative that aims to engage Canadians in international development and key global issues and enhance the performance of local partners to deliver more inclusive, innovative, and environmentally sustainable development initiatives that advance youth empowerment and Gender Equality (GE).

Promoting Greater Access to University for GIRLS (U-GIRLS 2) project. U-GIRLS-2 Program aims to promote access to higher education for high school girls in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State. In collaboration with local and international partners, the program has been applying a holistic, multi-sectoral approach to empower girls and young women through quality education in targeted secondary schools.

In light of the current socio-economic landscape, one of Cuso International key goals is to improve access to, and quality of, economic opportunities for young people, women, and vulnerable groups. Thus, we are currently working towards increasing our understanding of the private sector landscape as well as seeking to increase linkages with the intent of designing a program that would contribute to employability and entrepreneurial skills development while promoting gender equality and social inclusion.


The primary objective of this assignment, on the one hand, is to gain a stronger understanding of private sector interest and needs on new employment opportunities and operations. In addition, deepening knowledge around the challenges and goals of employment service centers to provide decent employment opportunities for women, youth, and vulnerable groups.  This consultancy will also provide insight into the interest and targets of private sectors in promotion of need-based job matching and employment of motivated new staff.

Both public and private organizations have been involved in the creation of decent employment opportunities. However, specific data on private sector employee recruitment, technical need and areas of growth are not documented and/or analyzed holistically. This leads to a gap in understanding for agencies engaged in the job development and technical capacity building market and as a result targeting and engagement around employment and employability remains weak. Hence, output of this consultancy will increase understanding of the private sector employment market and support the development of an innovative model for the economic inclusion of youth, women and vulnerable people creating entry points and opportunities to them to contribute to sustainable development and stability in Ethiopia.


Cuso International is seeking a consultant / a consulting firm to carry out a mapping and analysis of the private sector landscape in Ethiopia and to provide strategic guidance and recommendations on how to  actively engage the private sector and employment service centers in designing and implementing gender-responsive and socially inclusive employment programs, polices and strategies. Ultimately, this will enable to effectively link labor demands and technical capacity building of poor and vulnerable people for future employment.

The scope of this assignment is to:-

  • Identify companies (potential employers) in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Hawassa with long-term high labour demand and job vacancies (by sector)
  • Identify companies (potential employers) in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Hawassa that are willing to hire individuals from vulnerable groups (e.g. youth, victims of violence, persons living with disabilities)
  • Identify companies (potential employers) in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Hawassa that already have in place inclusive and diverse recruitment/hiring/employment practices/protocols and those that are willing to adopt more inclusive and diverse recruitment/hiring/employment practices, protocols, etc.
  • Identify services available to companies /private sectors (potential employers) to adopt more diverse and inclusive recruitment/hiring/employment practices/protocols
  • Identify key barriers that companies (potential employers) in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Hawassa face when hiring individuals from vulnerable groups
  • Identify existing employment programs, services, platforms, centres, networks, etc. (government, civil society, private sector, universities) who provide employment training to vulnerable groups and/or services to link vulnerable groups to decent employment opportunities
  • Identify good practices in the provision of employment training and linking to job vacancies with specific focus on vulnerable groups
  • Identify key social, economic and personal barriers faced by vulnerable groups (e.g. youth, victims of violence, persons living with disabilities) to access employment training and decent employment opportunities
  • Identify existing services specially offered to vulnerable groups to access training and employment opportunities
  • Identify employment gaps, technical capacities needed, hiring scales, potential entry points /minimum skill sets required and opportunities for workers (coming from marginalized and vulnerable groups) with basic and/or limited skillset.
  • identify of key stakeholders, existing networks as well as methods of information sharing mechanisms among the key stakeholders (public, private and CSOs)
  • Map out existing technical assistance provided to the private and public sectors to design and implement gender-responsive and socially inclusive employment programs, polices and strategies.
  • Based on the mapping and analysis, provide example of best practices and possible recommendations in promotion of job-matching and creation of effective inclusive employment services.

The assignment requires both gathering of primary and secondary data. With regards to primary data gathering, however, the consultant will gather information from Addis Ababa, Awassa and Bahir Dar cities on e-commerce companies and service-based companies (like cleaning, security guards, delivery, handyman, cooker, etc) that need significant size of employees.


Cuso International is interested to work with a capable consultant / a consultancy firm that would complete end-to-end process of the assignment within six to eight-week period. Key deliverables with corresponding estimated timeframe are presented below.

# Key Activities / Deliverables Time
1 Conduct an initial consultative meeting with the client Upon signing of the contract
2 Submission of workplan, and target stakeholders for primary data collection, including the methodology employed Day 3
3 Conducting the research By the end of week 3
4 Submission of a draft report by the end of week 5/6
5 Presentation of the report with the recommendations By the end of week 6/7
6 Incorporating feedbacks and submission of the final document By the end of week 7/8




  • group of experts (three) with a minimum of advanced university degree in business, economics, development management or social sciences

Experience and competencies

  • the group of experts with minimum of five years’ experience in conducting market surveys and innovative business plans
  • the consultants’ group / the consulting firm must have proven human resource capacity and able to present previous successful research undertaking as examples
  • track record of successful completion of past assignments within a given timeframe


Please find below the selection criteria.

# Items Marks
1 Mapping and Analysis assessment design and approach, knowledge and experience in the Ethiopian economy and private sector, and experience of working in similar assignments with proven track of record,  70%
2 Financial proposal and payment schedules, in line with the government tax regulations



7.       PRICING

    1. Prices must be expressed in ETB
    2. Price should cover all the required service costs and the additional tax/ VAT clearly
    3. Any discount offered to Cuso International must be clearly indicated.

8.       CONDITIONS OF Service Tender

    1. Cuso International reserves the right to deal with any tender of its choice
    2. Cuso International is not bound to accept the lowest offer or any offer.

       3.      Service cost quoted must be valid for the full Three-month period.

  1. Cuso International is in no way responsible for any costs associated with preparing the tender response.

Tenders submitted must be accompanied with:

  • Renewed business license for the year 2014 E.C. VAT | TIN registration certificate
  • Company profile
  • Evidence of past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials
  • Statement of Declaration in compliance with Cuso International Policies

Tenders must be submitted in two (2) sealed envelopes, bearing the bidder’s official seal, and clearly marked TECHINICAL and FINANCIAL “Original” and “Copy”, and must include the bidders’ name, and contact address, as well as the Tender title.

Tenders must be submitted in the bid box prepared for this purpose at Cuso International, Ethiopia Country Office on February 25, 2022, before 5:00 A.M (Local time)

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