Triggerise is requesting proposals from eligible organisations to undertake activities that generate demand and support youth in accessing contraceptive services


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  • Posted Date : 02/21/2022
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  • Closing Date : 02/28/2022



January 2022 to December 2024


TRIGGERISE is a non-profit that motivates users – primarily young women and adolescent girls – to make positive choices. We use nudges like reminders, discounts, in-person and digital follow-ups, and reward points to  encourage  our  users  to  access  and  use  healthy  products and services. We are also connecting young jobseekers with soft and digital skills training, vocational and technical education, and apprenticeship opportunities in order to improve their employability in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar.

Triggerise is registered in Ethiopia and has its main office in Addis Ababa. Currently, Triggerise carries out its programmes in ten sub-cities of Addis Ababa and the capital city of Amhara, Bahir Dar.

Triggerise is currently implementing a donor-funded 36-month sexual reproductive health (SRH) & job skills and employability (JSE) programme in Ethiopia. The main goal of these interventions is to increase access to modern  contraceptives  among  adolescent  girls  and  young  women  aged  15-29  and  to  increase  skills development and employability for both young women and men aged 15-29. The sub-cities in which the intervention will be implemented are Akaki Kality, Addis Ketema, Bole, Gullele, Kirkos, Lideta, Nifas Silk Lafto, Yeka, Arada, Kolfe Keranio in Addis Ababa.

Triggerise is therefore requesting proposals from eligible organisations to undertake activities that generate demand and support youth in accessing contraceptive services, job skills training, and employment in line with national policies and guidelines. These activities should be done through the use of community-based mobilisers. For the purposes of this EOI, eligible organisations are defined as legally registered CBOs, and Local NGOs who have existing work in the above-defined sub-cities. Selected organisations will be asked to sign a contract with Triggerise for the delivery of the services outlined below.


The  scope of work for successful applicants will be as follows:

  • Recruit mobilisers to generate demand for contraceptive services among adolescent girls and young women aged 15-29, and for job skills and employment among both males and females between the age of 15-29. Refer youth for services among approved service providers in their communities;

○    Ensure that there is a minimum number of 10  trained mobilisers focused on supporting the project.

  • Train mobilisers to generate demand and refer youth for services using standard guidelines, tools, IEC materials and other collateral to be provided by Triggerise;
  • Motivate and supervise mobilisers to ensure that they comply with the standard code of conduct while generating demand and making service referrals;
  • Mobilise Beneficiaries and follow up to ensure the right target audiences are enrolled for both the JSE and SRH programme. CBOs expected to mobilise 3000 beneficiaries (in one-year duration) for the JSE programme with a maximum of 1% dropout rate; and 15,000 beneficiaries for SRH services.
  • Engage communities in the localities in which they operate so that they are aware of the project including its goals and are support of its aim. Activities may include community mobilization sessions, youth fun activities( like theaters and dance festivals), community meetings, door-to-door awareness creation sessions and others.
  • Ensure that there is a minimum number of trained mobilisers focused on supporting the project
  • Safeguard and protect girls that take up contraception services through the project. Activities may include

➢  Working actively to protect Tiko Members by complying with Triggerise’s Safeguarding policy and procedures

➢  Offering accurate information on Tiko services, including where to access the services (at which facilities), the rewards being offered (Tiko Miles), and where to redeem the offers (Retailers).

➢  Respecting (potential) Tiko Members’ freedom of choice to enroll on Tiko, where to take up service, where to redeem their rewards, and their preferred product to select at the Retailers

➢  Engaging prospective Tiko members, without discrimination, during enrolment

➢  Being aware of situations that may present risks, and managing and escalating situations appropriately

➢  Respecting the confidentiality, privacy, and trust of the (potential) Tiko Members with whom they engage

➢  Immediately disclosing all charges, convictions, and other outcomes of an offense that occurred before or during a person’s association with the Tiko programme

➢  Complying with all applicable national laws and regulations that apply to the role of a mobiliser

➢  Maintaining high standards of personal and professional conduct

➢  Reporting relevant incidents and sharing appropriate information with the responsible and/or direct supervisor, regulatory bodies, and/or law enforcement where required.

➢  Escorting/accompanying Tiko Members to a facility offering Tiko products and services, if requested

➢  Adhering to the ‘two-adult’ rule, wherein two or more adults supervise/are involved in the activities where adolescents are involved (only after client consent and during provider practical clinical assessment)

➢  Protecting all personal data collected from the Tiko Members during enrollment and making reference to the Triggerise data privacy policy

  • Utilise insights generated by Triggerise through its technology platform on the performance of their mobilisers to strengthen the quality of supervision and support they provide

Triggerise will support selected applicants to undertake the above scope of work with a package of tools, IEC materials, codes of conduct, training, and supervision to ensure that they successfully undertake the above activities.


Eligible interested organisations should meet the following criteria:

    1. Compliance with legal requirements of registration at the national and/or county level.
    2. Evidence of strong organizational management, governance, and oversight structures.
    3. At least 1-year experience in implementing health-related projects, (experience implementing SRH projects is an added advantage).
    1. Local presence for the last1 year in the proposed area of operation (Sub Cities).
    2. Well-established structures for linking and coordinating with local communities, county governments, and other partners where the organisation proposes to implement.
    3. Track record of accountability for results.
    4. Sound financial management capacity and internal controls.
    5. An adequate number of skilled staff with expertise in Programme Implementation, Finance, HumanResource (HR), M&E, and procurement (existing or to be hired)
    6. Existing physical infrastructure including functional IT systems for internal and external communication.

36 months from 15th of February  2022 to 31st December 2024


Triggerise shall pay the CBO/CSO mobilizer management fee and a small amount of administration fee as it will be agreed on the contract.


The submitted Proposal must include the following information.  Failure to supply all requested information or comply with the specified formats may disqualify the bidder from consideration.

  1. Cover letter explaining interest in being considered as a partner for this scope of work
  2. Profile of the organization
  3. A proposal (maximum of 5 pages) detailing the ability to undertake the outlined deliverables in the scope of work
  4. Valid registration certification or operating license in Ethiopia

Applications/submissions are requested to submit their proposal documents to Triggerise Ethiopia in electronic

form via mail to by the end of day 28th February 2022. For any questions on the above

EOI, please reach out to and