ICRC is looking for a registered and accredited transport companies



  • Category : Transport Service
  • Posted Date : 02/23/2022
  • Phone Number : 0988128091
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 03/03/2022


Expression of Interest ( EOI)

For the implementation of its assistance program in Ethiopia , the ICRC is publishing the present advertisement in order to allow potential experienced Vehicle / Truck rental companies to undertake all types of transport service to support for all ICRC program activates in different direction of the country.

ICRC is looking for a registered and accredited transport companies who fill ICRC requirements.

The transport companies should have the capacity to provide.

  • Truck with trailer 40MT capacity or 400 quintal with long side board.
  • Truck with trailer 20MT capacity or 200 quintal with long side board.
  • Draw bar type Truck / Trailer 2X20 ft Container Mounted.
  • Semi-Trailer Type 1×40 ft Container mounted.
  • Truck 1×20 ft container Mounted
  • ISUZU FSR truck 10 MT or 100 quintal with long side board
  • ISUZU FSR truck 3.5 MT or 35 quintal with long side board

The transport company should have strong record and credibility of providing the above required means of transport as well as skilled staff with a clean driving record.

The transport companies should submit the below documents.

(a)Company structure. (b) Company line of business. (c) Trade License along with English translated copy (d) Certificate of incorporation if applicable. (e) TIN Certificate. (f) List of trucks owned by the company including type, model, years of manufacturing, condition and quality. (g) Local bank account details. (h) Audited financial statement of the company for two financial years. (i) Any other licenses or authorizations issued by the appropriate government office to operate this business in Ethiopia. (j) At list three reference of major client. (k) Full address of the company and contact person.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The transport company must have the valid ownership certificate of the vehicles / Trucks to be provided.
  2. The transport company has to provide the required transportation facility for trucks upon request solely.
  3. The trucks should have proper registration, fitness certificates, insurance certificates and required route permits.
  4. All the taxes related to the vehicles/transportation services must be cleared.
  5. Transport company should have valid license to carry the cargo.
  6. The Drivers of the vehicles /trucks should have valid driving license.
  7. Transport company should provide adequate vehicle staff (Driver, Conductor, helper etc.) in order to maintain discipline and provide safety and un-interrupted transportation service

The form and requested documents should be submitted latest by the:03th of March 2022 at 12h00

Conditions and Procedures:


All information submitted by the transporter within this EOI exercise is confidential and only for the recipient knowledge. No information submitted in writing or during discussion connected to it may be disclosed to any other party.

Purpose of the RFI

With this EOI we request information regarding transport company and their respective competence. This information will be gathered from different transport companies and will be used to evaluate which ones will be invited for future bids/tenders

Valid registration to the relevant authority, having a bank account under company name.

The answer to this EOI will be evaluated by ICRC’s technical committee. The ICRC delegation in Ethiopia has the right to reject any files received without any reason. Anybody who does not agree with the above-mentioned condition and procedure shall not apply.

If you have any questions  , please contact +251 988 12 80 91