Dugda Children’s and Family Charitable Organization-DCFCO needs to purchase hair dressing working kits



  • Category : Purchases
  • Posted Date : 02/27/2022
  • Phone Number : 0221180973
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 03/07/2022


Dugda Children’s and Family Charitable Organization

Re Advertising

Dugda Children’s and Family Charitable Organization-DCFCO is a humanitarian non-governmental organization that works in partnership with ChildFund. Currently, DCFCO needs to purchase hair dressing working kits from legally Vat Registered and renewed annual license Venders for  target youth graduated from TVET- short-term skill training in males’ and females ‘hair dressing.

Therefore, we have announced this open bid to invite potential venders that can supply the understated hair dressing working kits.

Lists of hair dressing working kits:

S/Number Description Specification Quantity
1 1)  Kakis – (ካክስ የሴቶች ጸጉር ማድረቂያ ማሽን)


Top Italy 10
2 2)  Sink- (የሴቶች ጸጉር ማጠቢያ ሴራምክ )


Original horizontal 05
3 3)  Peistra (የሴቶች ጸጉር መተኮሻ ካዉያ)


4 Tondas – የወንዶች ጸጉር ማስተካከያ ማሽን American/Germany 02
5 Shever-የጺም መላጫ Philips 02
6 Sterilizer   01

Notice: – Bidders should fulfill the understated requirements:

  1. Renewed valid trade license,
  2. Certificate of VAT and Tax payers Identification number
  3. Price Quotation that stays at least for a week
  4. At least two recommendation letters witnessed a potential bidder
  5. Letter of permission from authorized government office to supply such goods.

The bid will stay on air for 7 working days starting from the date of this announcement and

Bidders are advised to submit wax sealed unit price quotation including VAT to DCFCO head office bid box  located at Meki town (behind ethio-telcom sub-office) on or before 4:30 Local time in the morning on 8th day of consecutive working days from the date of advertisement through newsletter. The bid will be opened on the same date or the 8th date from the date advertisement at 5:00 Local time in the morning on the presence of at least 50% or more bidders or representatives who invited to attend.

The employer will not be responsible for any expense incurred by bidders in connection with representatives who invited to attend.

All bids must  be accompany by a CPO  10,000 birr  as indicated above table of contents and must be delivered in advance together with the legally VAT registered certificate ,TIN # Certificate & renewed annual license  and the above requested support documents.

For any information use Dugda Children’s and Family Charitable organization ,Dugda Woreda Meki town Kebele 03 behind Ethio telecom ,Telephone 0221180973  or  251912773876/09137226

Disclaimer: The organization has right to reject the bid fully or partially.