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  • Posted Date : 02/28/2022
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  • Phone Number : 0116630016
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  • Closing Date : 03/08/2022


Terms of Reference

Consultancy – Engineer coffee waste wetlands design and construction follow-up

  1.   Background

TechnoServe helps people lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the power of the private sector. TechnoServe is a leading non-profit organization operating in almost 29 countries, we work with hardworking women and men in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. The TechnoServe Ethiopia coffee practice ams to enhance the sustainable competitiveness of the Ethiopian coffee sector and contribute positively to regenerative agriculture, improved supply chain efficiency, strengthened market linkages incentivizing coffee suppliers to commit to a high standard for sustainability, resulting in stable living income for farmer and workers, an increasingly secure supply of high-quality, sustainable, traceable, certified coffee for export markets.

  1.   Overall objective of the Assignment

This consultancy aims to improve wise use of water by the wet mills and sustainable waste management by establishing and using vetiver wetlands, pulp hopper and overall improvement of wastewater and pulp management in cooperatives and private coffee processors.

  1.  Specific tasks for the assignment

The consultant selected to provide service will be required to do the following:

  1. Conduct a site survey, timely preparation of site sketch, and calculation of bill of quantity for the establishment of wetland and construction of pulp hopper.
  2. Manage and support up to 20 wet mills in the south (SNNPR, Sidama and Oromia regions). The number of clients will depend on client location and other factors including the level of support and the amount of work required at the wet mill sites. The following activities will be undertaken;
    • Assessment of feasibility and cost estimation of wetland construction
    • Design of vetiver wetlands and pulp hoppers for each of the wet mill sites
    • Preparation of Bill of Quantities for each of the wet mills for materials to be purchased by wet mill owners
    • Capacity building to the project team on best practices in maintenance of wetlands
    • Support the project teams and offer training and guidance throughout the wetland construction process. This includes during excavation, levelling, trench preparation, planting of vetiver grass on the wetland, soil bund construction and maintenance, construction of water channels, actual separation of wastewater and pulp as well as ideal site selection for composting the pulp amongst other day-to-day wetland related activities.
  1. Submit weekly score cards/status report and plans for the coming weeks every Friday
  2. Monitoring and checking all engineering activities for all clients as follows
    • Slope checking at the existing and newly established wetlands and providing guidance on how to repair/maintain
    • Identify gaps and suggest alternative and innovative solutions
  1.       Output /Deliverables
  • Sketching the design of wetland and pulp hopper
  • Designing layout of the wetland and pulp hopper
  • Preparation of bill of quantities for wetland establishment and pulp hoper construction including channel connections
  • Ensuring the established wetland and pulp hopper are maintained to required standards
  • Follow up the establishment of wetland and pulp hopper construction and give feedback on the spot.
  1.   Duration, Location, and other arrangements

The assignment is expected to take 95 working days/year (between March – June) from the date of signing the contract. TechnoServe will provide logistical support including transporting the consultant and their materials to the washing stations and back to TechnoServe’s field Office. In the event of travel to a client’s washing station – the consultant will receive a daily allowance as per TechnoServe’s scale. However, accommodation and other allowance costs will be fully covered by the consultant. The consultant will be required to work from TechnoServe’s field offices in Dilla, SNNPR, Aleta Wondo, Sidama and Bule Hora, Oromia to travel to the washing stations within these areas to execute the work.

  1.       Qualifications and Requirements

The service provider will be required to have the following:

  • Knowledge in the area of Environmental protection and wastewater management
  • Excellent technical capacities to ensure smooth and high-quality output.
  • Previous experience in establishing wetlands and is able to demonstrate concrete examples
  • Exposure and experience working with coffee washing stations, cooperatives and unions in Ethiopia and international organizations is an asset
  • Proven ability to work in a multicultural environment
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility
  • Amharic and English language skills required. Afan Oromo language is a plus.
  1.   Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The Consultant expressly assigns to TechnoServe any copyright arising from the works the consultant produces while executing this contract. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from TechnoServe.

  1.   Payment Schedule

The consultant will receive 3 scheduled payments. 30% upon signing a contract, and then 40% will be based on delivery of the first 3 outputs outlined and 30% up on delivery of the last 2 outputs outlined in this ToR.

  1.   Application Process

The applicants are required to submit:

  • A Technical Proposal: Letter of Interest, stating why you consider your service suitable for the assignment and a brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment
  • Financial proposal indicating consultancy fee and a breakdown of expenses (unit price together with any other expenses) related to the assignment; and
  • Personal CVs of technical personnel proposed for this project highlighting qualifications and experience in similar projects;
  • Work references – contact details (e-mail addresses) of referees (firms for whom you’ve produced similar assignments);
  • Samples of recent similar assignments: online portfolios and links;
  • Technical proposal and financial proposals shall be submitted separately

Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Applications shall be submitted not later than March 08, 2022. The applicants are required to submit the application in person or email to the TechnoServe office on reference and address below. TNS will not accept any application received after 5:00 PM in the afternoon of the closing date. Should you need additional queries, please contact Berhanu Demissie at 0116630016 or

Application for TNS – Engineer coffee waste wetlands design and construction follow-up

Rebecca Building, I 8th Floor I Haile Gebre-Selassie Street

P.O.BOX 100598 I Addis Ababa I Ethiopia


   Evaluation Criteria and Process

The applications will be evaluated by TNS based on 70% technical and 30% financial with detailed parameters below. Below are the criteria and weight that will be used in assessing the proposals.

Criteria Weight
  1. Technical Assessment
1.1   Experience in establishing wetlands and can demonstrate concrete project examples and experience of personnel assigned to this task 30
1.2 Excellent technical capacities to ensure smooth and high-quality output 20
1.3   Methodology and the proposed work plan in responding to the Terms of Reference 20
2         Financial Proposal 30%
Total 100

TechnoServe is an equal opportunity employer. Women and Women-owned firms are highly encouraged to apply.

TechnoServe reserves the right to cancel this advertisement fully or in part.