Agriterra would like to invite eligible bidders to provide training, advisory, and maintenance services


  • Category : Education & Training Services
  • Posted Date : 03/05/2022
  • Phone Number : 0936900129
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 03/18/2022


Invitation for Technical Assistance Service 

Provision of Training, Advisory & Maintenance services to Jantekel Dairy Development & Marketing Cooperative Union with the aim of making functional the Union Milk Processing Factory

Jantekel Dairy Development and Marketing Cooperative Union (JDDMCU) is located at Azizo Sub city, Gondar town, Amhara region. The union has 1051 dairy farmer members and 12-member primary dairy cooperatives. The Union has a Bulgarian made new milk processing factory. The factory has 10,000 litter daily milk processing capacity. Currently, JDDMCU is not doing any business activity since the factory is not started milk processing activity. It Union has 12 staff (manager, microbiologist, physiochemical experts, accountant, storekeeper, maintain, operator, cashier, guards, etc.). The Union’s priority for 2022 is to operationalize the idle milk processing factory. The Union intends to begin milk processing operations by the beginning of April 2022.

Since March 2021, Agriterra (a Dutch NGO) has been assisting JDDMCU with the operationalization of the milk processing factory. As a result, Agriterra is looking for a competent technical service provider who can provide on-the-job coaching and training to the union’s operation team (production manager, operator, and quality assurance) on dairy machinery operation, dairy plant management, dairy product quality assurance, and machinery maintenance. With the help of the technical service provider, Agriterra aimed the Union will successfully launch the factory and bring the right dairy product to market as soon as possible.

Agriterra would like to invite eligible bidders to provide training, advisory, and maintenance services to JDDMCU in order to fully operationalize the Union’s milk processing factory. Therefore, interested bidders may participate in this bid with due consideration of the following requirements:

  1. A renewed business license for the current Ethiopian year.
  2. To be registered with Ethiopian tax authorities and should produce valid documents including VAT, TIN, Tax clearance and MoFaED/PPA registration certificates.
  3. Proven experience and skills in advising on the establishment and operation of milk factory equipment and machines, as well as providing milk quality assurance training and dairy equipment maintenance and repair services.
  4. Documented evidence of similar works and references of work
  5. All bidders should submit a technical proposal showing methodologies, approaches, timelines, and budgets.

Application guidelines:

Interested applicants should submit two separate sealed documents that includes technical proposal, curriculum vitae of the proposed professional(s) with supporting document. The second document should include financial requirements. All bids must be submitted within the next 10 days effective after the announcement of this bid. Clarification/enquires can be forwarded to the following contact address: +251-936-90-0129

The detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) for the technical assistance service can be collected and sent application documents to the following address:

Agriterra Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub City

Wollo Sefer, Kassma Building 6th floor, in front of Wengelawit Building