Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority(ECTA) is partnering with Ethiopian Coffee Association invites legal and interested coffee exporting firms


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  • Posted Date : 03/05/2022
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  • Closing Date : 03/15/2022


2022 Cup of Excellence Ethiopia Program

A Call for Coffee Exporter

RFP Number:- COE /002/2022

Date:- March 3, 2022

Subject:- A Call for a Coffee Exporter

Issuing Office:- Ethiopia Coffee and Tea Authority(ECTA)

Closing Date:- March 15,2022  5:00pm local time.


Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious annual competition held to identify the highest quality coffees produced in the host country. It is a search for high-quality coffees and the highest prices for them in the global market through online, transparent and reliable auctions. Cup of Excellence started in 1999 with the goal of promoting Brazilian specialty coffee. Its success there led to expansion throughout Latin America and Africa. The competition is organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, a global non-profit membership organization that works to uphold the highest standards in specialty coffee.

Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority(ECTA) is partnering with Ethiopian Coffee Association to undertake Ethiopian Cup of Excellence competition for the third round in 2022. The competition has proved to bring considerably higher incomes for winning farmers, promote greater recognition, increase demand for winning coffees and create more lucrative market relationships . The financial incentives Cup of Excellence provides triggers a beneficial cycle of improvement and growth, which has an important spill over effect in the broader specialty coffee sector.

Objective of the Assignment:

ECTA invites legal and interested coffee exporting firms which will be fully responsible for the Storage, cleaning and processing, milling, vacuum packing and exporting cup of excellence winner coffees and national winner coffees in line with the scope of work outlined in this announcement. The winning firm will be in charge of all export processes and quick and fluid communication with the buyers and liquidation to the farmers.

Scope of Work

Interested bidders must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Exporter Facilities

1.1 General Requirements:

  • Facilities must take every precaution to have no contamination or theft of the lots. Some of the critical precautions include:
  • Security guards who take record of the identification of everyone who enters the facility
  • Appropriate fences with barbed wire
  • A suitable warehouse (adequate space, well ventilated and clean) with a safe lock
  • Security cameras
  • The facility should allow farmers access to see their lots or watch their coffee being milled.

1.2  Dry Mill Requirements:

  • The exporter must have a dry mill processing plant with capacity to process small lots (between 4 -26 Bags, 60kg bags) of specialty coffee.
  • ECTA/COE contact person will overlook the quality.
  • The dry mill must remain clean at all times and in proper conditions to prevent the lots from acquiring any kind of contamination.

1.3   Warehouse/Storage Requirements:

  • The exporter must have their own warehouse, where the lots will be stored.
  • The lots must be on pallets and not touching any floor or wall.
  • The bags must be organized in a way to have access to sample all bags in the lot.
  • The lots must be separated and clearly identified from all other lots belonging to the exporter.
  • If possible, the lots should not be stacked on top of each other. Different lots should be separated if there is enough space. If there is not enough space, the lots should be clearly separated and identifiable as separate lots.
  • The warehouse must remain clean at all times and in proper conditions to prevent the lots from acquiring any kind of contamination.
  • The warehouse must have a storage capacity between forty (40) and sixty (60) lots consisting each of between four (4) to Twenty-Six (26), for natural processed, dry parchment & special preparation coffees.

The lots must be stored in an orderly and individual manner.

  • The warehouse personnel must have a prompt response to expedite the reception of the lots.
  • The exporter must have an insurance policy that covers any damage to the lots stored during its custody in their facilities.

2.   Auction Process Requirements:

2.1  The exporter must be able to work with and process small lots.

2.2  The exporter must assign a contact person or account executive, who is responsible for communication and coordinating with the person in charge of the auction process with COE in-country partner. As well as, responsible for communication with farmers and buyers.

  • The exporter must accept the entry of the general auditors of the auction process with or without prior notice during business hours. The auditors are responsible for verifying that all procedures of the exporter are the same for all participants and assure the transparency of the process for farmers and buyers.
  • The exporter must make the respective sampling of the lots for the samples, milling of the auctioned lots, pre-shipment samples and export customs label closures in a timely manner.
  • The exporter must have control of the lots that have been sampled. Control cards must be issue, and a copy must be delivered to COE in-country partner.
  • The exporter must send to the COE in-country partner the samples requested according to the phase of the process.
  • The exporter must do the lot preparation in line with the following requirements and specifications from The Alliance for Coffee Excellence – ACE:
    • Size: Appropriate for the coffee variety.
    • Defect count: Zero primary defects and three secondary defects at most, within a 350g prepared green coffee sample.
    • Coloring: The Green coffee should have a homogeneous color, without presenting bonded silver skin.
    • Fragrance: The coffee must have a clean smell (normal for cupping effects), and free of contamination in any part of the process.
    • Moisture: acceptable between 9.5% and 12%, considering 11% as the optimum point.
    • Water activity: acceptable 0.65 and below 1. Measurements of moisture and water activity should be made at the time of lot reception in the warehouse, before entering the National Competition phase, before entering the International Competition phase and before being vacuum packed for export.
    • In country coordinator/Technical manager will primarily submit representative reference lot samples to the exporter so as to use them as a reference during lot processing activities. These samples are coffee samples that were sent to buyers before auction (after the international stage of the competition)
  • Lot preparation must begin immediately after the award ceremony date.
  • A sample of the processed and prepared coffee must be sent to COE in-country partner prior final packing of the lot.
  • The lots going to the Cup of Excellence auction must be vacuum packed, properly sealed and weighed in accordance with current requirements of the current requirements of Alliance for Coffee Excellence. (2 bags each containing 15 kg, within a box containing a total of 30kg)
  • The lots going to the National Winner’s auction must be packed within grain pro bags inside a jute bag.
  • The Cup of Excellence lots must be vacuum packed within cardboard boxes (the exporter should prepare appropriate number of vacuum bags and cardboard boxes as per the specification provided by ACE)
  • All lots must be packed by the exporter immediately after being processed, weighed and recorded. These records should be immediately sent to COE in-country partner and ACE.

3       Payment Collection:

  • The exporter will also be responsible for the payment collection to the buyer and subsequent liquidation to the farmers of the auctioned lot. Once the payment is made by the buyer (who has a term of up to 30 days after the auction and in the situation the buyer pays late an interest payment can be applied). And once deducted export costs and administrative expenses and fees, the corresponding remainder payment and documents must be delivered to the farmer. Administrative expenses must be carried out in accordance with what is published by Cup of Excellence, within the normal period for this type of transaction.
  • To meet the requirements of the external audit, the exporter must give COE in-country partner a copy of the reports of lots received in the warehouse, quantities received from each lot, internal controls for batch identification, sample ballots, stock reports after each sampling and final milling, shipping dates, liquidation of payment to farmers, milling process, sub product and unused coffee returns to farmers; as well as show all these documents to the auditors, designated COE in-country partner staff and ACE when they require it.
  • All coffee storage, loading and unloading costs, insurance, milling and export costs are covered by the participating farmer.
  • The exporter is fully responsible for the export processes and quick and fluid communication with the buyers.

4       Optional additional benefits that the Cup of Excellence programs offers to the exporter:

  • The exporter will receive as an additional benefit of publishing its logo on printed materials and digital media (from COE in-country partner) referring to Auction information.
  • The exporter will have access to the top specialty coffee buyers in the world
  • The exporter will be recognized as a top specialty coffee exporter of coffee in the country

5     Payment of commission

Payment of commission for the in-country organizing  board will be made once all farmers have been paid

6     Instructions on Proposal Preparation

The proposal shall be written in English and formatted in Microsoft Word, with each page numbered consecutively. The main body of the proposal should not exceed 3 pages, single-spaced; in size 12 Gill Sans MT font. Pages in excess may not be read or evaluated.

The main body of the proposal should be organized into the following sections and is subject to the 15-page limitation. Efforts should also take into consideration the primary evaluation factors in Section 7 of this RFP.

  1. Heading- Organizational Information (not part of page limit):
  • Organization’s legal name
  • Contact name and position or title
  • Organization’s e-mail address, physical address and telephone number
  • Copy of legal registration
  1. Capability Statement – narrative not to exceed two (2) pages.

The bidder shall demonstrate its specialized competence with regard to the requirements of the tasks/activities. The bidder shall demonstrate it has the necessary organizational systems, vendors, and personnel to successfully comply with the contract requirements and accomplish the deliverables.

The bidder shall provide examples of past performance of implementing similar work in national or regions in this RFP. The past performance examples must be within the last five (5) years and shall be similar to what is being requested in this RFP. The bidder must provide references for each example, including the name, title, phone number and email address of the reference so that we may contact them.


The bidder shall propose the proposed budget clearly indicating deductable costs and exporter’s commission.

In Addition, offers must, among others, provide the following information to accompany technical quotations:

  • Payment terms
  • Renewed Trade License
  • Vat register certificate & Tin register certificate
  • Firms experience in export

7     Process Dates

  • Sample reception and coding: February 28 -March 11,2022
  • Preselection: March 28- April 8, 2022
  • Reception of lots at mill: April 18- May 13, 2022
  • National Week: May 23- May 27, 2022
  • International Week: June 11 – June 30, 2022
  • Auction: August 11,2022

Please submit your proposal  with in a sealed envelope with the heading “Exporter Cup of Excellence Ethiopia 2022 ” no later than March 15,2022  5:00pm local time to Mexico Square,  Ethiopian coffee and tea Authority building 1st floor office no 118.   FOR queries regarding the RFP via phone number 251-9113278067  or 251-911- 621507.

  • The RFP does not commit ECTA to make any award.
  • ECTA reserves the right to reject the bid fully or partially.