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  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 04/17/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 04/29/2022




1.0. Background

BGI Ethiopia is one of the country’s leading breweries, producing five iconic and distinctive brands. BGI Ethiopia has breweries in six Ethiopian cities, including Addis Abeba, Zeway, Hawassa, Kombolcha, Zebidar, and Raya, and has been in business since 1998 as part of the Groupé Castel. Since its inception, BGI has been true to and committed to our values of integrity, customer satisfaction, and innovation, delivering the ultimate taste to its customers. BGI Ethiopia is known for its high-quality products ranging from light beer to non-alcoholic beverages and wines, and it currently produces five different beers and eleven different wines.

We believe in being socially conscious and accountable to ourselves, our customers, and our communities, with the core principle that generating profit while cultivating communities is important to sustain businesses and create a positive impact on societies. That is why we developed a successful Corporate Social Responsibility program that allows us to give back to the community, participate in charitable causes, and provide positive social value. With this in mind, we work on various sectors such as education support, health and health care, humanitarian assistance, art and culture, and sports through active participation and investment to address our community’s day-to-day challenges.

2.0. Purpose of the Job Evaluation and Salary Survey

BGI is conducting a job evaluation exercise in order to attract, retain, and retain talent within the organization while operating in a competitive labor market. As a result, BGI intends to carry out a job evaluation exercise in order to determine the following:

  • Examine the current role descriptions in BGI and identify new competencies and skills for each specific job description.
  • Conduct a thorough review of our grading structure to ensure alignment with our transition to a more competency-based recruitment process.
  • Evaluate the current job’s relevance in light of the changes that affect the position
  • Conduct a salary survey to compare BGI salaries to the industry

3.0.       Objective

The goal of the job evaluation is to conduct a thorough review and evaluation of all BGI positions in order to ensure alignment of structures, functions, and salary scales, as well as to address inequities and disparities in similar job functions, while keeping in mind the basic concept of equal pay for equal value of work.

Specific objectives include the following:

  • Understanding the organization’s current structure in order to establish accurate job matches by examining each job in the context of other jobs with which it interacts
  • Examine the current role descriptions in BGI and suggest a new role description.
  • Determine the qualifications and skills required for each position.
  • Determine the current job’s relevance in light of the changes that affect the position.
  • Examine the current grading process and make changes as needed, or develop a new job grading process based on revised competency-based job descriptions.
  • Create a logical and consistent Job Evaluation framework on which BGI can base future job grading decisions.
  • The framework will be comprehensive, including competencies and other relevant criteria, and will respond to the organization’s new realities; it will also be suitable for future BGI workforce and role expansions.
  • Ensure fairness and equality in job grading, both among current employees and in comparison to newly hired employees
  • Carry out an alignment exercise, adjusting current staff job levels to address inequities and disparities between roles within the same job family and across the organization, and fully recognizing roles and responsibilities assumed.
  • Conduct a salary survey to compare BGI salaries to appropriate local and regional comparators.
  • Make suggestions for salary scale adjustments and create a plan for implementation.

4.0.      Scope

The job evaluation will be limited to 497 positions within the BGI organizational structure. Some of these positions were not evaluated properly using the job evaluation approach.

5.0       Expected Outputs

The consultant will be expected to deliver a report on the job evaluation exercise’s findings and recommendations, which will include:

  • The scope and process of the job evaluation (methodology, information and data sources, supporting and reference documentation, and so on);
  • an overview of the current organizational structure and suggestions for changes to the existing structure
  • the examination and overall evaluation of the current grading structure
  • Creating a job grading and evaluation guideline that BGI can use in the future for both existing and new positions.
  • Create new job descriptions based on the competencies identified for each role.
  • A comprehensive new job evaluation framework appropriate for the BGI that allows for the fair and equitable evaluation of current and future jobs while upholding the principle of equal pay for equal work.
  • Job descriptions that accurately reflect the individual roles and responsibilities have been revised.
  • An assessment of all currently updated jobs in relation to the new job evaluation framework, with recommendations for job grade alignments.
  • Pay scales have been revised to be more in line with the new job grades.
  • A change management strategy to enable the BGI to implement the job grade change recommendations.

6.0       Activities

The review will be carried out by the consultant in collaboration with the BGI Human Resources Department and the HR Director. Activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Examine the current organizational structure, grading structure, and functions of each department/region/unit.
  • Review and evaluate the 94 positions with the BGI job evaluation committee using competency-based criteria, determine the grade level of the posts, and compare functions performed by those in similar positions and corresponding responsibilities in the various departments/regions/units interview position holders, supervisors, and managers
  • prepare a comprehensive review report, including findings and recommendations
  • Identify and define the scope of additional actions, such as recommending changes to the existing grading system and structure as needed, including justifications for the changes.

7.0       Inputs

The relevant background information, existing job descriptions, and salary structure will be provided to the consultant by the BGI job evaluation committee. The Organization (BGI) will provide office space and will be responsible for arranging meetings with position holders and the consultant through the HR office.


The consultant is expected to provide all of the expertise required to complete the job evaluation process. The consultant must demonstrate prior hands-on experience in a similar exercise. The consultant should conduct a review that is objective, non-discriminatory, fair, and transparent. The Consultant should make certain that a cost-effective approach is taken. The consultant will keep the information gathered during the course of the project and the conclusions drawn from it strictly confidential. In addition, the consultant will keep all work and work output strictly confidential and will turn over all documents to BGI once the assignment is completed.

8.0        Location of the Review

BGI Head Office, Addis Ababa

9.0         Timeline of the Review

The review must be completed within three (3) months of BGI and the consultant signing the agreement. As a result, firms that cannot guarantee completion of the exercise within this timeframe will be excluded.

10.0     Reporting

The consultant will produce a final report on the review, its findings and recommendations of the completion or achievement of the expected outputs above mentioned. The report will be presented to the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Secretary, Human Resource Director and Finance Director and others as included by the company.

11.0 Submission of Proposals & Evaluation Criteria

Separate technical and financial proposals will be submitted. The technical quality of the proposal will be given a weightage of 60% in determining the qualified bidder’s final selection, and the financial proposal will be given a weightage of 40%.

BGI invites all qualified consultants to submit their proposals in person at the BGI Ethiopia Head Office, Mexico Square, 2nd floor, Human Resource Department, within 10 (ten) working days of the announcement.

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