PSI Ethiopia invites eligible and competent companies engaged in the provision of Vehicle Maintenance Services



  • Category : Vehicle & Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Posted Date : 04/25/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116674820
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 05/18/2022


Invitation to Open Tender

Provision of Vehicle Maintenance Services

Tender Reference No: # PSI/008/2022                   

PSI Ethiopia, a growing International Humanitarian Organization, intends to establish long-term agreements (1 year minimum) with eligible and competent companies engaged in the provision of Vehicle Maintenance Services with the objective of maximizing availability of its vehicles through minimizing idle/queue and down times of its vehicles on account of and during maintenance periods. PSI Ethiopia hereby invites eligible and competent service providers to submit sealed bid proposals in accordance with the Service requirements, General Conditions of Contract, and Minimum Prequalification requirements as stipulated hereunder.

  • Service Requirement: Vehicle Maintenance Services
  • Scope of Service /Requirement List/:
    • Regular Services – Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D
    • Electrical system works
    • Fuel system works
    • Engine system works
    • Cooling system works
    • Transmission system works
    • Brake system works
    • Steering system works
    • Suspension system works
    • Air condition system works
    • Mobile services/works
    • Genuine spare parts
    • Other services
  • Scope of Service /Geographical Location/ – Addis Ababa, Jijiga, Bahrdar, Dessie, Adama, Ambo, Hawassa, and Mekele
  • Vehicle Types & Models – Mark II HZJ76, LWB HZJ78, Hilux KUN25L, Tata S/D Cab, Fortuner KUN51L
  • General Conditions of Contract
  • Rates to be submitted in local currency (ETB), inclusive of VAT
  • Validity of financial offer – 1 year minimum
  • Payment terms – 100% after provision of services, a 21-working day credit period, after certification from PSIE of satisfactory performance of service provision as per work order, upon submission of receipts/invoices and letter of payment request
  • Performance bond – ETB 100,000 upon award
  • Reasonable lead time/delivery period for vehicle maintenance/regular services – [Service Level A – 2 working days], [Service Level B – 3 working days], [Service Level C – 4 working days], [Service Level D – 5 working days]

Prequalification Requirements / Eligibility to Bid

  • Valid/renewed business license, VAT registration certificate, TIN certificate
  • Certification and/or accreditation of minimum – Grade 3 from the Ethiopian Road Transport Authority
  • Bid security bond (CPO or equivalent) in the amount of ETB 10,000 with validity of 3 months
  • Minimum of five (5) years of work experience in the provision of vehicle maintenance services
  • A Company Profile
  • A Technical proposal
  • A Financial proposal for provision of services in at least one region /PSI Price Schedule – Annex B/
  • Bidders’ acceptance to PSI’s General and Specific Conditions of Contract [Annex C]
  • Bidders’ acceptance to PSI policies [Annex D]

Interested applicants may obtain the tender documents from PSI/Ethiopia in Addis Ababa or PSI Regional offices in Dessie, Bahridar, Hawassa, Jijiga, Ambo, or Adama on weekdays (Monday to Thursday), during office hours (09:00 A.M to 17:00 hours) starting from April 27, 2022, until May 18, 2022.

Bid responses must be officially submitted-to and received-by PSI Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa or PSI Regional offices in Dessie, Bahirdar, Hawassa, Jijiga, Ambo, or Adama on or before May 19, 2022, till 10:00 AM (morning).  All bids shall be submitted in hard copies, in wax sealed envelopes clearly marked with the “Tender Title” (Vehicle Maintenance services), the Tender Reference number(PSI/008/2022), the applicant’s full legal name, and address (location, woreda, kebele, telephone number, and email address.

Late bids shall be rejected. PSI Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any bid(s) in partial or in its entirety.

 PSI Ethiopia, Addis Ababa: Bole Sub City, Kebele 03/07 Namibia Street from Edna Mall to Bole Atlas hotel on the right side of the road. Adjacent to SOS International Villages 11th floor on METI Building Tel:- +251-11-6674820/78 or+251-11-6674607, AA

PSI Ethiopia, Bahirdar: Sub-city Shimbit, Kebele 13, Near Haile G/Selassie Private School

PSI Ethiopia, Dessie:  Kebele 04, Dessie BLDG, 3RD Floor

PSI Ethiopia, Hawassa: Kebele Gudumale 05, Haik dar, next road after IOM Regional office, Michot guest house, Heron Hotel

PSI Ethiopia, Jijiga: Sub-city Karamara, Zone 5, Kebele 08, Near Hamda Hotel, 1 km from main asphalt road to Addis

PSI Ethiopia, Adama: Sub-city Dembela, Kebele 05, In front of Executive Hotel, next road after Oil Libya

PSI Ethiopia, Ambo: Kebele 02, In the vicinity of Ambo University, Total Fuel station, Ambo Hotel