Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC (STEP) intends to engage the services of reputable suppliers for the supply of Fiber Materials for its network.


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  • Posted Date : 05/11/2022
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  • Closing Date : 05/20/2022



an OEM or an OEM’s representative; provide a minimum of 10 clients


Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC (STEP) expects to build its network all over the country. To achieve this, STEP intends to engage the services of reputable suppliers for the supply of Fiber Materials for its network. The intention is to engage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their representatives in the supply of Fiber materials who demonstrate the ability to meet STEP’s requirements.


STEP intends to progressively deepen its fiber network infrastructure to towns and homes to serve customers’ growing needs. To achieve this, STEP relies on contracted vendors who are engaged in a fixed-term contract. The scope of the product offering for this Fiber Materials Expression of Interest is the Supply of:

  • Fiber ducts
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) manholes & handholes
  • Polymer concrete manholes & handholes
  • Normal Fiber cable (single mode)
  • Microfiber cable (single mode)
  • Armored Fiber cable (single mode)
  • All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) Fiber cable (single mode)
  • Indoor and outdoor Drop Fiber cable (single mode)
  • Blown Fiber cable (single mode)
  • Joint Closures
  • Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)
  • Fiber Access Terminal (FAT)
  • Access Termination Box (ATB)
  • Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT)
  • Fiber Splitters
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords (single mode)
  • Fiber technician tools

Overhead Deployment Fixation Materials

  • Tension Guy grip
  • Suspension Clump for ADSS
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • Stainless steel band -30m per pcs
  • Stay wire and other accessories pole dia 7’’8’’(177-203mm)
  • Slack storage bracket on pole for cable
  • Thimble for ADSS Cable
  • Pole support for ADSS tension guy grip (D- Steel pole support)
  • Downlead clump for ADSS
  • Optical distribution cabinet
  •  Optical fiber open peeling unit
  • Integrated splicing & terminations 48core- sc/apc
  • Ground cable cabinet


STEP is therefore soliciting Expressions of Interest from interested Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or their representatives clearly showing responses to the list of items under section 1.2. Prospective suppliers should attach a separate excel document with specific responses to each of the requirements of the listed items:

  1. Share the company details i.e., Overall, Company profile; Copies of the Registration Certificate, Business License and Tax Identification Number (TIN), VAT and Memorandum and Association; 2 years Audited accounts;3 level Company Organogram
  2. Share the Company’s experience i.e., 5 years minimum experience as they have supplied to the listed materials; Reference letters from the active contract of similar scope in Supply of Fiber Materials
  3. List down directly owned manufacturing plants (as at the date of this EOI) intended for use to manufacture the scope requirements and those manufacturing plants owned by 3rd parties to meet production capacity on your behalf. Percentage ownership and evidence required
  4. Provide Team readiness and capability i.e., Account Manager & Technical lead resume and contacts
  5. Provide OEMS’s local administration and warehousing capability
  6. f. Provide documents  or  links  to  an  accessible  Knowledge  base  for understanding your products, their deployment scenarios, customer use cases, testimonials, and roadmap
  7. Share details of internationally recognized standards that govern the manufacture of the materials you intend to supply
  8. Share details of established audit certification attained by your firm with relationship to processes and quality standards.
  9. State if you intend to submit this bid as a joint venture/consortium or any other legal entity.


  1. a) Interested suppliers should submit their responses to this EOI in soft copy addressed to and  deploymenttenders@ et no later than Friday, May 20, 2022, at time 5:00 PM (GMT+3).
  1. b) The EOI response must not include any pricing/commercial proposal.
  2. c) All responses should be provided in zipped, standard file formats e., XLSs, DOC(X), and PDF.
  3. d) Any costs  associated  with  the  preparation  and  submission  of  the response to the EOI shall be borne by the vendor.
  4. e) Ensure you attach the response in a separate excel document in the format. Any other format will not be accepted.
  5. f) Have all the attachments supporting your submission in a separate zipped file or All submissions to email should be less than 20MB, and if larger should be shared on a google drive link.
  6. g) The attachments should be submitted in folders properly labeled as per the index listed above. For clarity, the submission should have folders listed as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I and, in each folder, have additional sub-folders for each subquery.


  • Review of submitted Request EOI.
  • Shortlisting and Prequalification.
  • Issuing of tender to prequalified suppliers.
  • Award to successful bidders.


  • Please clearly mention on the email subject “EOI – Supply of Fiber Materials”
  • Only suppliers who meet our minimum requirements will be considered for further discussions. The receipt of the response shall not bind STEP into any contractual agreements with the bidder.


Safaricom reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to select or reject, either in totality or partially, any or all proposals made in the context of this EOI. Any such decisions made will be final and no correspondence will be engaged in, other than for the purpose of informing the bidders of the outcome of the process. Safaricom Ethiopia and its authorized representatives are hereby authorized to conduct any inquiries or investigations to verify the documents and information submitted in connection with this application.