Safaricom Ethiopia seeks to engage a suitable research agency to carry out the scope of data collection


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  • Posted Date : 05/11/2022
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  • Closing Date : 05/20/2022




Safaricom Ethiopia seeks to engage a suitable research agency to carry out the scope of data collection for tracking of brand health and customer satisfaction across a range of touch points for both consumer, enterprise and financial services customers. We are looking for specialist research agencies with the capacity to handle the scope and who will enable us to efficiently and effectively capture customer feedback and relay it to the business in the fastest time possible.

The following are the studies that we cover under the BHT and satisfaction studies:

  1. Brand Health Tracker (BHT).
  2. Consumer NPS
  3. Enterprise NPS
  4. Financial Services NPS
  5. Retail Studies (Retail Audit and Retail Execution)

The contracted firm will work in conjunction with our market research and customer insights team in delivery of data required on the key spheres highlighted above.


The appointed research agency will be expected to; gather, and when required, analyze collected data for the spheres of BHT, Consumer NPS, Enterprise NPS, Financial Services NPS and Retail Studies. The agency will work in full consultation and liaison with the Research & Insights Department of Safaricom as well as the Agency tasked with analysis of the data collected. The agency will be requested to carry out market research activities such as:

  1. a) Input in the research design (if and when required)
  2. b) Recruitment of local teams’ interviewers
  3. c) Translating and scripting tools in local languages
  4. d) Interviewer training in local languages with a representative from analysis agency in attendance in market or virtually
  5. e) Piloting of research
  6. f) Data collection
  7. g) Provision of regular project updates
  8. h) Quality Control- First level quality check while observing the set research standards for data collection
  9. i) Field technical reports and insights
  10. j) Market intelligence
  11. k) CV 19 protocols observance in market and provision of PPEs for the teams (if and when required)


Interested and capable research service providers may submit their Expression of

Interest providing the information and documents as listed below:

  • Firm’s detailed company profile containing (but not limited to): number of years in operation, service portfolio, list of its directors and key resource employees, international links (research and other), the type of work your firm undertakes and capacity to offer the services at large scale etc.
  • List of previous clients (preferable multinationals) where your organization has carried out similar research services (data collection for similar research studies) in the past 5 years (list at least 3 and give a brief description of the project)
  • At least three suitable client references (preferable  multinationals)  for the provision of similar services in the Ethiopian Market in the past 5 years.
  • Provide copies of the relevant  accreditations  that your company  has (e.g. ESOMAR, UK Market research quality standard etc.)
  • List any special research facilities and/or techniques offered by your firm.
  • Provide general details of the data collection, sampling and data processing methods that your firm has experience in handling.
  • Give details on nature of your firm’s field organization and the quality controls that you apply to data collection.
  • Provide examples of the typical style of reports produced by your firm in relation to this scope of work.
  • Provide details of your firm’s professional codes of practice, as well as the applicable procedures that you undertake to guarantee of confidentiality and security.
  • Provide details of local presence in the Ethiopian market. Provide confirmation that agency will provide the services directly.
  • Proof that you have the necessary regulatory approvals to provide such services in Ethiopia
  • Duly Completed statement of compliance (fully compliant, partially compliant and non-compliance) to each of the below listed requirements.


# Item Description
A Legal company Registration in Ethiopia
B Registration with relevant authorities to deliver the service


A minimum of 5 years’ experience in delivering the services required


Demonstrate the experience of the Project team delivering the services required
E Demonstrate the relevant experience in the services required and the value of current contracts and with whom


Details of the location of your premises within Ethiopia and contact details
G Past consecutive 3 years audited financial statements
H Company Profile outlining the Directors names and Identity

numbers to facilitate Due Diligence


  • Interested suppliers should submit their response to the following email addresses:    and     bids@ no later than Friday, May 20, 2022, at 5:00pm (GMT+3)

o All submissions to email should be less than 20MB,

and if larger should be shared on a Google Drive link.


Once the responses are received the further process will follow the steps below;

  • Review of submitted Expressions of Interest
  • Prequalification of shortlisted suppliers
  • Issuing of ‘Request for Proposal’ to prequalified suppliers


  • Only the suppliers who meet our minimum requirements will be considered for

further discussions.

  • No prices should be provided with this EOI.
  • The receipt of a response shall not bind Safaricom to any contractual agreements with the prospective bidder. Such arrangements shall only come in place once a tender process has been completed and an award issued to a successful bidder after technical and commercial evaluation.
  • Any costs associated with the preparation and submission of the response to the

EOI shall be borne by the EOI respondent.


Safaricom Ethiopia reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to select or reject, either in totality or partially, any or all proposals made in the context of this EOI. Any such decisions made will be final and no correspondence will be engaged into, other than for informing the bidders of the outcome of the process. Safaricom Ethiopia and its authorized representatives are hereby authorized to conduct any inquiries or investigations to verify the documents and information submitted in connection with this application.