National Insurance Co. of Ethiopia S.C (NICE) would like to follow its employee office hours, especially the headquarters employees based on the digital time attendance system.



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  • Posted Date : 05/15/2022
  • Closing Date : 05/30/2022


National Insurance Company of Ethiopia S.C.

Invitation to Bids

Name of Project: Time Attendance System

Ref No:                       NICE/TA/002/2022

  1. Background

National Insurance Co. of Ethiopia S.C (NICE) was established in 1994 and is a pioneer of the privately owned Insurance Companies in Ethiopia. It provides conventional and innovative Non-Life (General) insurance products and services through its well-located 40 branches and Contact offices situated in Addis Ababa and different parts of the Country.

  1. Description

NICE has been implementing manuals based time attendance systems for day-to-day office hours controlling mechanisms. However, due to difficulties of accuracy and increasing the company’s manpower, it requires replacing and enhancing the system into a digital time attendance system. Hence, NICE would like to follow its employee office hours, especially the headquarters employees based on the digital time attendance system.

  1. Scope of Work

The scope of the project is to supply, install, configure, test, knowledge transfer, and document on the Time Attendance System as a turnkey solution.

The project scope includes:

➢  Design,  supply,  install and  configure  the  Time  Attendance  System  based  on  the requirements.

➢  Provision of necessary documentation (User manuals, original training documents…)

➢  Training for key technical personnel and end-users handling the system.

➢  Warranty and maintenance services.

  1. Functional Requirements

Checklist details the top time attendance system features and requirements are:-

4.1 Time Management

One of the main functions of the software, time management features track employee presence. Time trackers monitor how much time is spent at work a, working overtime and the time spent on specific works.

➢  Time Tracker

➢  Specific works Time Tracking

➢  Overtime Tracking (OT)

4.2 Attendance Management

Attendance management features handle standard tools used for attendance tracking, such as clocking in and out. This automates the process of employee time tracking. Meanwhile, attendance is automatically tracked and recorded.

✓  Clock In/Out

✓  Biometrics -Optional

✓  Attendance Tracking

4.3 Absence and Leave Management

Absence and leave management features give the tools to manage

➢  Leave Application

➢  Leave Management

➢  Vacation Tracking

➢  Leave Tracking

➢  Holidays Calendar

4.4 Scheduling

▪      Schedule Creation

▪      Staff Schedules

▪      Employee Groups

▪      Schedule Alerts

4.5 Reporting

➢  Timesheet reports

➢  Attendance Reports

➢  Custom Report

➢  Data export

  1. Technical requirement
  • Payroll software integration
  • Calendar integration
  • HR management software integration
  • Accounting software integration
  1. Bidders Instruction

➢  The Bidders must attach previous professional practice certificates of work conducted.

➢  Copy of Company’s renewed business license, VAT registration & Trade license shall be attached.

➢  Bid shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of bid opening.

➢  Bid will be open in the presence of the bidders or their duly authorized representatives, if required, on May 30,2022 at 10:30 AM at the company headquarters.

➢  The company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

➢  The proposals shall be submitted to the following address:

National Insurance Company of Ethiopia S.C Human Resource and General Service Department Telephone: 0114655605

Addis Ababa, Sub City Kirkos,Woreda 04 House No: 894

Debre Zeyit Road, Infront of Lancha Train Station, Zefco Building 5th   floor.