HelpAge International (HAI) have a plan to Conduct Eye Care outreach campaigns to provide surgical and medical treatment including refractive error correction and supply of spectacles.



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  • Posted Date : 05/23/2022
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Request for Quotation: Ref #: HAI-E/010/2022

Sight Restoration for older & PWD refugees in Nguenyyiel and Kule refugee camps, Gambella, Ethiopia

HelpAge International (HAI) is a global network of organization working with and for older people. HelpAge has been operating in Ethiopia since 1992 supporting older people in general and destitute and disadvantaged ones. As the only agency primarily working for older people, HelpAge’s priority programs include income security, social care and support, inclusive health and wellbeing, emergency response and resilience building.

HelpAge have a plan to Conduct Eye Care outreach campaigns to provide surgical and medical treatment including refractive error correction and supply of spectacles.

Place of campaign

The campaign will be conducted on two refugee camps in Gambella region (Nguenyyiel and Kule).

Those refuges age 60+ and others present with eye related complain, disregard of their race and sex who will be screened and will get the intervention based on the table below


No Service site / refugee camp Estimated beneficiaries & type of intervention to be provided
Cataract surgery




TT surgery


Eye glass




1 Nguenyyiel 120 500 110 100 830
2 Kule 63 200 55 60 378
3 Total 183 700 165 160 1208


  • Renewed Business License and other documentations on respective area,
  • Proof of track record in similar services –
  • Technical and Financial capability
  • Efficiency
  • Experience with HelpAge
  • Cost
  • Human resource and full information will be provided on the bid document.

All Quotations must be clearly presented in English.

Clarity of specifications and presentation of the bid offer and value for money principles will be considered in the evaluation of the bid.

All intersted vendors are invited to collect full bid document and submit a quotation for the above mentioned services in respect of the above referenced Request for Quotation (RFQ).

Submitted Quotation could be used as the basis for a contract between your firm/institution and HelpAge International.

Manner of collection:

A complete set of tender documents can be collected for free from HelpAge International office Located in Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub-city, Axum Building 4th Floor (on the way from Urael to Atlas) or send an email to with your request.

Tel: +251 011 12 61 535/37,

Manner of submission:

  1. The completed set of tender documents shall be submitted in sealed and stamped envelope indicating ‘Tender No. and name’ in ‘Original’ & “Copy” properly bounded with identifying the sender to HelpAge International head office in A.A physically or
  2. Electronic submission through email only to

Closing deadline: Date: May 30,2022 Time: 10:30 AM (4:30 O’clock in the morning, local time) and will be opened on the same day at 11:00 AM (05:00 a.m. Local Time).

The envelope must also clearly state “Not to be Opened Before: Date: May 30,2022 at 11:00 AM (5:00 O’clock in the morning, local time)

Note: Quotations Transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.

Our vision is a world in which all older people fulfil their potential to lead dignified, active, healthy, and secure lives.