TechnoServe/TNS is looking for a skilled and experienced consultant to build a marketing strategy


  • Category : Financial Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 05/29/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 06/10/2022


Call for Proposals

Marketing Strategy Development for private Kaizen consultant association: – Short-Term Consultancy

General information: – TechnoServe/TNS supports enterprising individuals in establishing competitive farms, businesses, and industries. TNS, a nonprofit organization founded in 1968, creates business solutions to poverty by connecting individuals to information, capital, and markets.

LIWAY is a seven-year consortium program implemented by Mercy Corps, Save the Children, SNV, and TNS and funded by the Swedish International Development Agency. LIWAY aspires to raise the incomes of 200,000 poor individuals in Addis Ababa, including at least 100,000 women (young and adult) and 150,000 youth (75 percent) (female and male).

TNS is working with medium and large manufacturing enterprise (MLEs) in the consortium to improve the growth sector market system. TNS strives to overcome fundamental structural constraints that limit the production and expansion of these high-potential businesses, causing the market system to fail to meet the needs of disadvantaged women and youth.

TNS works with MLEs in Addis Ababa that manufacture food and beverage, textiles and garments, waste paper recycling, leather, chemicals, and detergents. One of the intended interventions is to improve MLE production capacity by promoting Kaizen concepts. TNS has been boosting production management operations in selected manufacturing enterprises in collaboration with Ethiopia Kazien Institute. TNS has facilitated the development of Ethiopian private kaizen providers to help the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute, which is the sole provider of the service, build its capabilities.

Ethiopian Kaizen Consultants Association/EKCA was founded by a group of multidisciplinary and Kaizen certified consultants in the year 2020. The members offer first- and advanced-level Kaizen, Continuous Improvement & Quality, Training, and Implementation Control consulting services. By 2026, EKCA aims to be the most recognized continuous improvement/kaizen consulting professional HUB in East Africa.

TNS has intended to equip the association with a systematically defined marketing strategy in order to inter the market in a structured way as a professional facilitator to introduce a private Kaizen consultancy service into the existing market system. TNS is looking for a skilled and experienced consultant to build a marketing strategy in this regard.

Objective of this assignment: – The main objective of this consultancy plan is to design a marketing strategy that will assist in the promotion of EKCA’s consulting service packages. The marketing strategy should also consider how the association may advertise and promote its Kaizen services to manufacturing industries, as well as how to increase the association’s competence.

Scope of the Work:  The scope of the assignment is, developing Kaizen consultant’s association’s service package, develop Kaizen tools for sales enhancement, MLE culture in paying for business development services, existing market opportunities, and developing a marketing strategy that can help EKCA members to promote and sell their services to MLEs

Methodology: The consultant is intended to generate a well-crafted and strategic marketing plan that adheres to all marketing strategy development requirements. TNS requires the consultant to present its marketing strategy development methodology under its technical proposal for this call.

Role and responsibilities of the Consultant

  • Assessing the organizational capacity of the kaizen consultant’s association and service packages.
  • Based on the service package, analyzing existing marketing opportunities.
  • Designing marketing strategies.
  • Planning marketing programs (marketing mix)
  • Developing implementation and control plan.
  • Advise strategy implementation


  • Inception report that includes methodology/tools and a clearly defined work schedule for the assignment;
  • Draft Marketing strategy document for comments by Technoserve and kaizen consultant’s association team;
  •  Final marketing strategy document incorporating comments and inputs from the team in soft and hard copies.

Qualifications and Experience Requirements

  • The applicant must have a firm background on marketing and promotion strategy development and implementation
  • Practical knowledge on Kaizen principles in terms of production capacity enhancement
  •  Knowledge and detailed understanding of the Ethiopian manufacturing industry sector and private sector
  •  Proven track record of consulting performance.
  • Exposed to the manufacturing sector
  • At least three years of demonstrable experience in designing and implementing of marketing and promotion strategy in manufacturing sector
  • Strong understanding of the manufacturing sector and its future directions

Period of the assignment: The marketing strategy development is planned to be done from June, 25, to July 25,2022 (30 Calendar Days) starting from the signing of a contract document.

Place of the assignment: Ethiopian Kaizen consultant’s association and targeted MLEs are located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Job Requirement

  • The applicant must be a legally registered consulting firm
  • The bid must be submitted in 2 separate envelopes for technical and financial proposals
  • The consultancy team must be composed of professionals in the fields of Business management, Marketing, industrial engineering, communication and economics with a proven experience in developing marketing strategy for manufacturing industry sector.
  •   Registered and renewed license for the fiscal year.
  •  VAT registration and Tin number registration.
  •  CV with relevant experiences for consultancy team member
  • Required to signed the partnership agreement if the consultant is selected by TNS procurement team.

Payment Modality: –  Payment for the consultancy work will be done in three paths as indicated below

  • 20% of the total contract value will be paid up on signing of the consultancy service agreement and submission of an inception report.
  • 40% of the total contract value will be paid up on submission of the first draft marketing strategy document and confirmation of acceptance by TechnoServe and Kaizen consultants association.
  • 40% of the total contract value will be paid up on submission of the final marketing strategy in hard and soft copes and approval by TechnoServe and Kaizen consultant’s association

TechnoServe’s procurement committee will open the proposals at its own discretion. TechnoServe reserves the right to accept or reject the entire or partial part of this bid. Women and women-owned firms are encouraged to apply.

Financial Evaluation: – The costs proposed will be evaluated for fairness. Keep in mind that TechnoServe is not obligated to any of the applicants’ proposals. Furthermore, because quality is the most important factor, TechnoServe will choose based on the premise of “best value,” and it will not be forced in any manner to choose the lowest-priced firm.

Evaluation and Award of Bids: – The Consultant’s experience, the suitability of the proposed work plan (i.e., the technical evaluation), and its offer will all be considered in the evaluation and award (i.e., the financial evaluation). The submissions will be evaluated in two stages, with the technical proposal being opened and compared first. Selection will be made on the basis of “best value.”

Only consultants who receive a score of 70% or above on their technical proposals will be considered for the financial evaluations. Consultants who score less than 70% on their technical proposals will be rejected from the bid.

Overall Assessment: – The total score will be calculated by combining the technical evaluation and price scores. The technical and financial evaluations will be given 70 percent and 30 percent weight, respectively.Negotiations will be held with the Consultant who has the highest overall score. If the negotiation fails, TechnoServe will end it and ask the next highest-ranked firm to negotiate.

Application guidelines: – Interested and qualified applicants should submit their proposals in person. Proposals should be submitted in two separate, sealed envelopes, one for the technical proposal (including previous experience and relevant qualifications) and another for the financial proposal (including price quotation). Both envelopes must be labeled with the applicant’s name and the name of this consultancy opportunity “Marketing strategy”. Proposals with financial document should be delivered to TechnoServe’s Addis Ababa Office (8th Floor, Rebecca Building, Haile G/Selassie St., Haya Hulet, Addis Ababa by June 10 2022, before 5:00 PM.