The Federalism and Diversity Management Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ four potential consultants who can work jointly with the center to conduct a nationwide research


  • Category : Academic Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 05/30/2022
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 06/03/2022





The Federalism and Diversity Management Policy Study Center under PSI would like to employ four potential consultants who can work jointly with the center to conduct a nationwide research entitled “Understanding Community-Based Conflicts in Ethiopia: A Study of Events from 2015-2021.”



Recently, in Ethiopia there is a growing trend to give ethnic dimension for any forms of conflict occurred within the societies. Ethnic minorities in different regions were attacked by some interest group because of their identity and were displaced in thousands from their localities. As a result, humanitarian crises have been occurred in different parts of the country. Ethnicization of conflicts and the subsequent displacement and socioeconomic crises are becoming major threats to the Ethiopian federal system. Thus, the scope of this study is to critically examine the nature and extent of community based conflicts, conflict induced displacement, and the socioeconomic crises of the displaced people across all regions except Tigray and two city administrations.

Objectives of the Research

This research has intended to meet the following objectives:

  • To explore major events of ethnic-based conflicts in Ethiopia from 2015 to 2021,
  • To investigate the triggering and underlying causes of the conflicts in the selected case study areas, with an emphasis on ethnic identity and identity-based politics,
  • To figure out the human and material consequences of the conflicts in the selected study areas,
  • To study responses made to these conflicts by the government of Ethiopia,
  • To identify policy matters that might be useful to prevent similar future conflicts and displacement.


This study will be conducted through qualitative and quantitative techniques. Hence, the common qualitative and quantitative data collection tools: interview, key informant interview, focus group discussion, document analysis and survey will be used to collect field data.

Job Description (Activities)

  • Develop a full-fledged proposal including budget breakdown (the budget should be planned according to government rate)
  • Develop data collection tools (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Present the proposal and data collection tools in the presence of the client (Policy Study Institute))
  • Incorporate feedbacks from the consultative meeting on proposal and data collection tools
  • Prepare training manual for data collectors
  • Give training for the data collectors
  • Supervise field data collection
  • Develop draft analysis of findings
  • Present the draft analysis of field data on validation workshop
  • Incorporate feedback from the workshop on the draft analysis
  • Present the final research finding in a closing workshop
  • Submit the final analysis
  • Develop brief summary of findings and recommendation in Amharic language
  • Develop policy brief (policy document) in Amharic language


  • Inception report
  • Full-fledged Proposal
  • Data collection tools
  • Data collectors training manual
  • First draft of the field data analysis
  • Second draft of the field data analysis
  • Final version of the field data analysis
  • Brief summary of the research findings and recommendations for policy makers’ consumption in Amharic language
  • Policy brief in Amharic language

Qualification for consultants

Specialization of Researchers Qualification Position Required Number
Conflict/legal pluralism expert PhD Lead researcher 1
Constitutional Law and Local Governance Expert PhD Lead researcher 1
Ethnicity and legal experts PhD Lead researcher 1
Statistical analysis and socioeconomic expert MA/PhD Researcher 1

Applicants for the lead researcher position should have terminal degree in the field of social anthropology, political science, constitutional law or related social science fields and who published or done his/her Ph.D. dissertation on ethnicity, conflict resolution, legal pluralism, local governance or related issues. Applicants should have teaching and research experiences in government universities or he/she can also be a higher level researcher in research institutions. For the researcher position, applicants should have BSC degree in statistics and MA degree in development or social science field of studies. He/she should have high level expertise in statistical analysis using different software.

NB: Prior consultancy experiences in Policy Study Institute (PSI) is valuable

Service fee: will be negotiable

Duration: Consultants should accomplish every deliverable within three months as of the date of agreement.

Application Submission

Applicants should submit their CV and credentials in person to the Office of Human Resource Development Directorate Director at the Policy Study Institute, in front of national stadium, next to Betezata Hospital in five consecutive working days following its announcement in newspaper.