Family Health International (FHI 360) invites quotations and proposals from eligible local consultants and consultant companies



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  • Posted Date : 05/30/2022
  • Phone Number : 0913010137
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  • Closing Date : 06/10/2022




Family Health International (FHI 360) is a nonprofit human development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions in more than 70 countries worldwide, including Ethiopia. Our staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environmental, economic development, civil society, gender equality, youth, research and technology, creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s interrelated development challenges.

FHI 360, with funding from USAID/BHA, is providing support through the “Integrated Services for Humanitarian Implementation – Northern Ethiopia (ISHI-NE)” project. ISHI-NE is a multi-sectoral health, nutrition, protection, and WASH program that is running for an additional 10 months from May 23, 2022 – March 23, 2023. FHI 360 is looking to hire a consultant or consultant company who will lead the baseline survey in the targeted regions of the Amhara and Afar region.

FHI 360 Ethiopia Country Office, therefore, invites quotations and proposals from eligible local consultants and consultant companies with valid and renewed licenses for the current fiscal year for Conducting a Baseline Assessment for FHI 360’s Integrated Services for Humanitarian Implementation Northern Ethiopia (ISHI-NE) project in the Amhara and Afar regions.


The overall objective of the consultancy is to establish the baseline data against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the ISHI-NE project upon which progresses towards objectives will be measured. The specific objectives of the survey are

·         To collect data that helps to compare with endline survey and will be able to determine the level of changes on outcome indicators between the baseline and endline survey

·         To help establish targets for indicators, as applicable based on the result of the baseline survey.

·         To gather data that will inform donor and managers regarding the actual situation during the commencement of the project.



The consultant/firm will lead the baseline survey data collection, analysis, and reporting for the Project. The consultant will undertake field travel to conflict affected woredas of Waghimra and South Wollo zones of Amhara Regional State and selected woredas of Afar Regional State. The consultant is responsible for the planning, implementing, and overall coordination of the assessment, including survey logistics and timeliness, training data collectors and supervisors, monitoring progress and supervising fieldwork.  The consultant is expected to deliver the following major assignments in the consultancy period:

·         Technical proposal that includes the study approach, methodology, sampling, and implementation arrangements including human resources and logistical requirements. The technical proposal shall include a) a list of previous assessments conducted b) a list and credentials of staff/specialists that will be implementing the assessment

·         An inception report adding any further detail or clarification regarding the study approach, method, or implementation arrangements that includes timeline and all data collection tools.

·         Revised and endorsed field work implementation plan

·         Strong understanding of the details and requirements of required performance indicators in the BHA indicator handbook.

·         The assessment instruments (e.g., questionnaires, FGDs guide, processing tools), which will be vetted by FHI 360 (either in Word or in Open-source document forms – depending on what the data collection techniques the consultant proposes).

·         Getting of ethical and research clearance or approval from relevant authority and submit the approved document to FHI 360 before starting the data collection

·         Recruitment and training plan of data enumerators and conduct pilot testing to all tools

·         Undertake quality data collection for the survey across study participants in selected woredas based on the given samples and targets using appropriate mobile data collection tools.

·         Ensure the quality of data as expected and describe the quality control approach

·         Cleaned data files in CSV or Excel format with data correctly organized, variables named and labelled.

·         Baseline values for the ISHI-NE indicators (mostly outcome indicators) whose values cannot be zero.

·         A slide deck that highlights the key findings of the baseline assessment

·         A comprehensive baseline report in the form proposed in Annex II. (Subject to review by FHI 360 and adjustment by consultant). The baseline report should be submitted in English. 

TENDER REQUIRED INFORMATION – Documents / information that MUST be provided by candidates:

The profile consultant or consultant company needs to fulfill the minimum competency and essential mixes of qualification and robust experience on Health, Nutrition, Protection, and WASH areas as clearly indicated in the Request for Proposal (Terms of Reference). The consultant has to submit both a Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal. The technical proposal should include the following required information.

  1. Expression of Interest (EOI) – specifying whether applicants are applying as individual or consulting company
  2. A detailed technical proposal that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the Request for Proposal.
  3. Detail description of the proposed assessment methodologies, sampling techniques, data collection and analysis methods, quality control and others
  4. Detail work schedule that meets the requirement in the Timeframe section
  5. Consultant/Company Profile that outlines previous company/consultant experience in assignments of similar nature and scope – ideally in a similar geographic area with copies of testimonials
  6. Proposed team composition and qualification and mobilization schedule
  7. A consulting firm or individual consultant having professional license and renewed trade license


The consultant’s expected start-date is 15 June 2022. This survey is expected to be completed in within 31 days from 22 June – 22 July 2022. The first draft report will be expected within one week after data collection is completed on 29 July 2022. Final version should be submitted within one week of receiving feedback on the first draft from FHI 360 on 5 August 2022. The consultant should submit the detailed breakdown of the survey timetable based on the following suggested major activities:

·         Review and confirmation of the survey design, assessment methodology, sampling techniques, sampling size, geographic location with FHI 360 staff

·         Development of assessment instruments (questionnaires, focus group discussion guides, key informant interview guides, observation checklists, etc.)

·         Recruitment and training of data enumerators and pretesting all tools

·         Data collection using digital mobile devices, data analysis and quality checking Preparation and submission of the first draft report in English

·         Validation meetings with project staff and stakeholders on the initial findings and recommendations

·         Incorporation of comments and finalization of the report

·         Submission of final baseline survey report in hard and soft copies.


The cost of this consultancy assignment will be arranged in two alternatives depending on whether the assignment is given to a firm or an individual. Applicants should submit detail breakdown of cost details making use of the form indicated in Annex IV.

For Consultancy Firms:

1.       The cost of the entire assignment shall be borne by the consultancy firm. This includes the cost of Consultancy / Professional Fees, VAT and taxes, consultant fee, equipment, transport, accommodation, lodging, meals and incidentals, training and payment of enumerators, printing etc. The consultant will itself manage all travels or flights between Addis, Dessie, and Afar and to selected woredas and kebeles. Should the consultant wish FHI 360 to take over transport arrangement, they should specify that in their application. A detail cost breakdown (item description, units, proposed quantities, unit rates and total prices) is required for the application to be considered.

For Individual Consultants:

2.       The consultant shall submit their daily consultant fee, daily subsistence allowance, transportation, accommodation rate, taxes, training and payment of enumerators, printing, etc.  along with their application. FHI 360 will not pay any additional per-diem during the course of the assignment.

Proposed costs will be final once agreement is signed. There will be no price adjustments to this assignment for delays caused as a result of the consultant’s default.


Evaluation of applications will be done in two stages following best value for money approach. Technical proposals will be evaluated out of 70% and shall be conducted first. Those who are qualified in the technical evaluation shall be evaluated for financial responsiveness which will be conducted out of 30%. The highest scoring applicant in the aggregate of the technical and financial evaluations will be assigned the consultancy assignment.

Technical Evaluation and Criteria (100%)

The technical evaluation will constitute the below criteria which will first be scored out of 100 points and converted to 70%. Consultants will have to score at least 70/100 points.

1.        Cover letter/motivation letter expressing interest and suitability for the position (5 pts).

2.        Understanding of the Request for Proposal (Terms of Reference) as demonstrated by the clarity, completeness, and the compliance of the application documents to that required under this Request for Proposal (10 pts).

3.        Applicant’s proposed workplan for the baseline assessment (10 pts).

4.        Soundness of the technical proposal including proposed assessment methodology, sampling techniques, sample size and data collection and analysis methods (40 pts).

5.        Academic qualifications and specialization and proven experience in health, nutrition, protection, and WASH (15 pts).

6.        Local knowledge or experience working in the targeted woredas of the Amhara and Afar regions (5 pts).

7.        Experience in conducting at least three assignments of similar nature (15 pts).

Financial Evaluation (30%)

Financial evaluation will be based on least price getting the maximum points and the other offers getting financial scores which will be calculated with respect to the least price applicant.  The financial proposal should be submitted with separate sealed envelope.

Because of the difference in nature of the cost structure between individual and company applicants, cost proposals will be evaluated in separate categories for individual and company applicants. FHI 360 will at its own discretion determine which will be the most economical to go with.


Prospective individual/firm candidates must obtain a full Request for Proposal (Terms of Reference) from either FHI 360’s Addis Ababa or Dessie Office during the set office hours between 9 – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Applicants may send enquiries for clarifying information via no later than 3 June 2022.

Applications (technical proposals and financial proposals) must be submitted on or before 6 June 2022 with a sealed envelope for each proposal to the Addis Ababa or Dessie Office or submitted to the email. 

FHI 360 will announce the selected candidate by 10 June 2022. The consultant’s expected start date will be in 15 June 2022.

 FHI 360Addis Ababa Office Address: Family Health International (FHI360)-Ethiopia, Gabon Road, Meskel Flower Belihu Building (Next to Arsho) Kirkos Sub City, Woreda 02, Addis Ababa, Tel +251(0) 0913-010137. House No: 502.

FHI 360 Dessie Office : Family Health International- Ethiopia, Dessie Office, Buanbua Sefer, Back to Total Gas Station 

N. B: FHI 360 may cancel this invitation at any time during the process and without bearing the obligations to disclose the reasons thereof.