Land O’Lakes seeks RFQs from qualified legal with renewed licensed vendors for  the below equipment.



  • Category : Medical/Laboratory Equipment
  • Posted Date : 05/30/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116172363
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 06/07/2022


 Land O’Lakes Venture37


Needed:  Ear Tag Applicator, LN2 Containers-35 Litter, & Set of AI Kits, Sheath and Long Arm Gloves

PAID Project


Land O’Lakes Venture37

Gurdsholla Road, ILRI Addis Ababa Campus,

Subcity: Bole

Contact Person: Seare Mihireatab

Celphone No:+251910737917

Office: +251 116172363




RFQ Number:

PAID-22-PROC-001- Ear Tag Applicator, LN2 Containers-35 Litter, AI Kits, Insemination Sheath and Long Arm Gloves


RFQ Title: PAID Equipment procurement

Date Issued: May 29, 2022

Closing Date: June 7, 2022



Quotations received after the closing date is unacceptable and will be rejected


Bids will be received in only two ways.  Either hand delivered to the address above or submitted electronically to

Description: Land O’Lakes seeks RFQs from qualified legal with renewed licensed vendors for  the below equipment.  The details of the requirements and the terms and conditions for the procurement are given below:

1) Item and Quantity:    

Items to be procured Total no. of pieces
Ear Tag Applicator, 46
Liquid Nitrogen Container – 35 litres


Artificial Insemination (AI) Kits- Set


Artficial Insemination Sheath-Pkt 3150
Long Arm Glove-Pkt 3150

And all are delivered to Ethiopia, Addis Ababa office.

2) Technical specifications:

  • Any brand suitable for off-road for the motorcycles
  • List the kits included in the AI kit 

3) Conformity with Technical Specifications/Terms

Bids to deliver a spec other than the minimum specifications under section 2 will not be acceptable.

4) Cost breakdown:

  • Unit price of goods/equipment.
  • Unit designation (each)
  • Total price including all taxes & Shipping costs

5) Price:

Price should be quoted in ETB 

6) Validity.

Prices offered in the quotation must be valid for 30 days 

7) Delivery Date:             

The equipment are required to be delivered within 30 days of award of the purchase order. In your quote, state a firm number of days needed for delivery.  If the equipment is not immediately available, then give the date of expected availability. If you do have limited equipment in stock state the amount of equipment available to be delivered immediately.

8) Payment

Payment will be made within 14 business days from date of receipt of items, subject to inspection and receipt of all supporting documents delivered in good order by the seller.

9) Guarantee/ Warranty      

The supplier shall provide standard minimum manufacturer’s warranty.  Additional warranty will  be considered a bonus.

10) Award:

                  Award will be made to the organization having the highest bid evaluation score meeting all the terms and conditions of this solicitation.

  • Reasonability of price
  • Quality of the product
  • Delivery date
  • Waranty

11)  Right to Cancel Solicitation and Reject Offers.

Land O’Lakes IDF reserves the right to accept or reject any offer or cancel or reissue this RFQ without assigning any reason.

12) Submission of Quotation:   

   Quotation should consist of:

1) Your offer

2) Specifications, and any other important details/content about the product

13) Expenses relating to submission of quotation

Issuance of this RFQ in no way obligates Land O’Lakes to award a contract or purchase order and bidders will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of this bid.  All preparation and submission costs are at the bidder’s expense.