Send A cow Ethiopia is currently seeking firms who can supply vegetable seeds & cuttings, blankets, and veterinary equipment



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  • Posted Date : 06/04/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116477233
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 06/17/2022


Invitation to Bid for vegetable and forage seeds, blankets, and veterinary equipment

Send a Cow Ethiopia (SACE), is an international NGO operating in Ethiopia since 2006 G.C.  SACE is currently implementing projects focusing on Sustainable Agriculture, Improved Animal Management, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change Resilience, Business Development & Marketing, Human Nutrition, Gender & Social Inclusion and related projects.

Send A cow Ethiopia is currently seeking firms who can supply vegetable seeds & cuttings, blankets, and veterinary equipment listed below with at least equivalent specifications described below.

Lot 1. Vegetables

No. Types of vegetable seeds/ with varieties specification/ Unit Qty Description (by type) 
1 Cabbage Gram 10 Copenhagen market -Beaker brothers Holland and monarch Holland, ቤከር ብራዘርስ ሆላንድ እና ሞናርክ ሆላንድ
2 Beetroot/ቀይ ስር Gram 8000 Detroit dark red
3 Carrot/ካሮት Gram 10000 Nantes
4 Swiss chard/ቆስጣ Gram 10000 Ford hook giant
5 Cauliflower/ አበባ ጎመን Gram 1000 Snowball
6 Broccoli/ ብሮኮሊ Gram 1000 Brassica Oleracea var italica
7 Zucchini/ ዝኩኒ Gram 1000 Squash/Black beauty/


Lot 2. Forage seed and cuttings

SN Type of the seed and split Unit Qty Specification
1 Green leaf desmodium seed Kg 150 High quality not spoiled by any type of pest or disease It should have at least 80% germination rate
2 Brachiaria /Mullato II/ Grass splits Splits 400 High-quality split, not affected by any type of disease or pest
3 Vetch Kg 350 No live insects,  purity 95%, 80% germination rate
4 Alfalfa Kg 12 Original variety, purity 95%,  85% germination rate
5 Oat Kg 300 purity 95%, 85% germination rate, Hull-less and broken kernels 5.0%m/m max


Lot 3. Veterinary types of equipment

SN List of equipment and materials Unit Quantity Specification
1. Iodine solution Liter 20 Durvet, 10% provident iodine solution
2. Savlon Liter 15 100ml
3. Nolvason solution Liter 15 1000ml
4. Alcohol Litter 20 70%
5. Thermometers No 8 Case round, water resistance, highly polished for easily clean.
6. Treatment syringe No 30 20ml
7. Treatment syringe No 20 10ml
8. Manual vaccination syringe No 20 10 ml
9. Automatic vaccination syringe No 20 10ml
10. Vaccination needle pack 10  
11. Treatment needle pack 10 18GG
12. Traumatic needle Pcs. 30  
13. Atraumatic needle Pcs. 30  
14. Emasculator No 4  
15. Hoof pick No 4  
16. Hoof trimer No 4  
17. Hoof knives No 4 stainless steel and corrosion resistance
18. Surgical Straight scissor Pcs 20  
19. Straight forceps pcs 20  
20. Surgical Curved Scissor Pcs. 20  
21. Surgical operation instrument kit pack 2 Include surgical scissors, forceps, blade handlers, and needle holders.
22. Silk pack 6 non-absorbable Suturing material
23. Catgut 100m pack 4 Absorbable Suturing material

100 meter

24. Surgical glove pack 10 Long
25. Surgical glove pack 10 Short
26. Stomach tube Pcs. 4 Large
27. potassium permanganate k.g 4 500g
28. Knapsack Sprayer Pcs 4 CP 15
29. Troca canula for cattle Pcs. 4 For cattle
30. Manual centrifuge Pcs. 2  


Lot 5. Blanket

No. Items for provision Unit Quantity Specification
1 Blanket Pcs 150 Debrebirhan 1.8X2.2 and 2.8-3 K.g


Any interested and competent firm/supplier is required to submit the following documents alongside their price offers:

  1. Renewed business license
  2. Tax identification Number and value-added tax Certificate
  3. Can give a legal receipt
  4. Bidders should have all the items in their stock or farm during the time of bid submission.
  5. Bidders should be willing to show samples of the items from their stock or farm to SACE staff who will be conducting a visit as part of the procurement process
  6. Seed bidders should have a quality assurance certificate from the concerned federal or regional government authorities.
  7. For suppliers of forage seeds, bidders should be willing that the payment will be made after the quality of the seed is verified with a germination test by SACE.

Interested and qualified suppliers can submit bid documents to send a cow Ethiopia Addis Ababa office or to South wollo project office at Dessie in person; to the following addresses within 10 working days of this announcement. Necessary additional information can also be collected from the address below.

  • Dessie, Menafesha Sub city, Kebele 08, House No. 495
  • Addis Ababa, Golgotha Tower 7th floor, CMC Road in front of Gibson Academy, Addis Ababa.

Telephone: Addis Ababa 011-647-7233/34, 0911-70-4165 or Dessie Field Office: 0970-65-54-12, 0913-14-34-47.

  • Send a Cow reserves the right to cancel all or part of the bids.