Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA) has planned to sub-grant a 2 years HIV/AIDS project Grant to 10 National CSOs meeting the eligibility criteria



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  • Posted Date : 06/08/2022
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  • Closing Date : 06/27/2022


Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Associations (CCRDA)

Call for capacity Building Support Program (HIV/AIDS Project)

CCRDA has secured a grant from Global Fund through Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office /FHAPCO/ to implement a project entitled “Enhance CSOs Capacity and Advocacy Skills to Contribute to the National reduction of New HIV infection and AIDS Mortality”. The project has the objective of contributing to the national reduction of new HIV infection and AIDS mortality by the end of 2024 by improving the knowledge of KPPs on HIV prevention and their advocacy skills to promote their right on HIV services. It is a two and half years project and targets Female Sex Workers/FSWs/ and their clients, workers in hotspot areas, high risk adolescent girls and young women.

Hence, CCRDA has planned to sub-grant a 2 years HIV/AIDS project Grant to 10 National CSOs meeting the eligibility criteria for implementing a maximum of 2.6 million grant project either in Amhara ( Debre Birhan, Kombolcha, Dessie, Haik, Mersa, Woldia ) or Afar Regions ( Semera, Logiya, Awash/Gawani (Awash 7 and 40) and Mile).  Each member organization will compete for one project in one selected Woreda from the above stated project locations.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

CCRDA National Member CSOs which fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Applicants need to have renewed certificate of registration from the authority for Civil Society Organization (ACSO) and have re-registered to continue its membership status with CCRDA.
  • Be member of CCRDA for more than a year
  • Have active engagement in any of the CCRDA thematic platforms, particularly in the CCRDA-HIV/AIDS Forum and/or Ethiopian Civil Society Health Forum (ECSHF)
  • Should have paid its membership contribution as per the MOU of CCRDA.
  • Have presence and engagement in one of the areas of the above mentioned project areas/locations and can bring letter of confirmation/justification for this.
  • Must submit the latest audit report.
  • Applicants should have good track record on reporting and financial settlement of previous project grants from CCRDA.
  • Should have a practice of implementing projects and/or programs related to key and priority population/KPPs/ of HIV and AIDS
  1. NB. Well written proposals with clearly articulated problem statements supported by facts and figures and an objective aligned to the overall objective of the project will be expected including detailed implementation plan/DIP/. In general, projects will be evaluated on its merits following the standard procedure.
  2. Deadline for Submission of Proposals

Interested national member organizations can submit full-fledged proposal with all relevant supporting documents and/or letter of supports to CCRDA, office at the reception desk within Fourteen (14) working days from the date of this announcement. Proposals must not exceed 25 pages including financial and detailed Implementation Plan and do please refer the project review document shared while on the project launching.

Address: Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA)

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