Pact would like to purchase of Fishing Equipment and materials



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  • Posted Date : 06/15/2022
  • Phone Number : 0116616572
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 06/24/2022



Request for Quotation

For the purchase of Fishing Equipment and materials as per the following information.

 Pact is a US-based organization that has been engaged in a number of poverty alleviation and development program in Ethiopia since 1996. Pact’s unique contribution as a development partner lies in the vitality, breadth and sectorial composition of its development programs.

Pact would like to purchase the following Items for project use.

S. No Description of the Item Specification of Item Unit of Measurement Qty
 1 Deep freeze Refrigerator 500 liter Single-phase 220-volt, two-way shuttered door, 226W, Class I Number 08
2 Diesel Power Generator 5 Kilovolt power generators, withstands a higher room temperature and is environmentally friendly Number 04
3 Weighing scale round (Kilo Grid) Used for weighing Fish in hanging position. A weighing scale capacity of up to 500 and above kilogram Number 08
4 Fishing net for Tilapia Fish Regularly found ready-made in 4 and above mesh size Number 100
5 Fishing net for Nile Perch Fish Role of Nile perch/fishing number 36 and 24 Role 1000
6 Local Boat Made locally hand tools using shola tree with a size of 5-meter length and 0.5 – 0.8-meter width Number 12
7 Iodized Salt  Used fore freeze the fish in a refrigerator Kg 800

The bidders should submit the quotation in person with WAX SEALED ENVELOP with copy of the quote to Pact Ethiopia Office until June 24, 2022 before 12:00 pm  and late quotes shall not be considered.

Interested supplier can collect detail specification from Pact office.

 Pact’s office is located at Yeka Sub City Woreda 09, Gurd Sholla area, infront of Century Mall Mercy plaza at  6th 

Telephone: •+251-11- 661 65 72/26 44/63 04/67 22      

Note: Based on the Dassenech Woreda Animal and Fishery Development office, any fishing nets products from Alexandria are not acceptable.