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  • Posted Date : 07/02/2022
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Call for Expression of Interest

Baseline Survey for the Project entitled “ Integrated Humanitarian Response to Tigray and surrounding areas affected by the conflict in Tigray Ethiopia”

 Funded by BHA/DART

Action Against Hunger is a non-profit humanitarian organization implementing relief, emergency and development programs in different parts of Ethiopia since 1985. Action Against Hunger has been registered as a Foreign Charity with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charities and Societies Agency under registration no. 0032.

Action  Against  Hunger  is  intended  to  conduct  baseline  assessment  for  the  project  entitled “Integrated Humanitarian Response to Tigray and surrounding areas affected by the conflict in Tigray Ethiopia” Action Against Hunger would like to invite all interested, eligible and qualified companies to participate in this open call for expression of interest.

1)   Objectives of the Assignment

The overall objective of the baseline evaluation will be to measure and assess the initial condition of the community against the project overall objective, and to identify recommendation for possible intervention of the project. At the same time, the assessment will inform the community’s pressing need, priorities and gaps and highlight the opportunity and asset possessed by the community. Specifically this evaluation will:

  • Analyse the initial condition of target location and community with the predefined project parameters
  • Provides a reference point for tracking the project’s progress; that is, to measure the degree and quality of change during an activity’s implementation.
  • Provide quantitative data on how a problem affects specific groups in the project population
  • Set a benchmark  for  all  future  activities, where  project managers  can refer  to for  the purposes of making project management decisions
  • To define the project’s priority areas and to understand the impact of your project
  1. 2. Scope of work

The Baseline Survey is expected to cover the geographical scope of the intervention along with the thematic scope associated with the five expected results of the project. Meaning, the baseline will take representative samples from communities and sector organizations in the 8 targeted woredas of Tigray and Amhara regions. Namely;

  • Amhara Region; Wag Himra Zone (Sekota and Ziquala woredas), South Gonder Zone Farta and Semada,
  • Tigray Region: Edaga Arbi, Emba Seneyti and Endafelasi woredas of Central zone of Tigray and Hagereselam woreda of south eastern Tigray zone of Tigray Regional stat

In terms of technical scale, the baseline assessments addresses selected outcome and output indicators of the five sectors including Health, Nutrition, WASH, FSL, and Protection.

Outcome 1& 2 Health             & Nutrition Percent of infants 0-5 months of age who are fed exclusively with breast milk Percent of children 6–23 months of age who receive foods from 5 or more food groups (MDD).
Outcome 3 FSL- Multipurpose Cash Assistance Percent of (beneficiary) households by Food Consumption Score (FCS) phase (Poor, Borderline, and Acceptable) Mean and median Reduced Coping Strategy Index (rCSI) score Percent of (beneficiary) households who report being able to meet the basic needs of their households (all/most/some/none), according to their priorities

Percent of beneficiaries reporting that humanitarian assistance is delivered in a safe, accessible, accountable, and participatory manner Percent of (beneficiary) households reporting adequate access to household non-food items Percent  of  (beneficiary)  households  who  have  reduced  essential WASH related basic needs expenditures

Outcome 4 WASH Percent of people targeted by the hygiene promotion program who know at least three (3) of the five (5) critical times to wash hands Percent of people targeted by the hygiene promotion program who report using a latrine the last time they defecated Average number of users per functioning toilet Number of people directly utilizing improved water services provided with BHA funding Number of people gaining access to basic drinking water services as a result of BHA assistance
Outcome 5 Protection Percent of beneficiaries reporting that humanitarian assistance is delivered in a safe, accessible, accountable and participatory manner (70% of direct beneficiaries)

However, given the current security and movement restriction to Tigray region, the data collection in the area will be managed by Action Against Hunger (AAH) itself but all associated costs will be covered by the consultant. Once the data collection is done, AHH will be mandated to provide raw data to the firm and then the consultant is responsible to underway the data analysis and report write up.

  1. 3. Minimum Requirements

a. Profile of consulting firm

  • The consulting firm must have undertaken similar works in Ethiopia and specifically in the Amhara and Tigray Region
  • Demonstrable experience (at least 7 years) in research/evaluation of projects related to the sectors (Health and nutrition, protection, Food security and livelihoods and WASH)
  • Ability to  conduct  high  quality  research,  meet  deadlines  and  respond  to  requests  and feedback provided timely and appropriately.
  • Excellent track record in designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and evaluation.
  • Familiarity with international quality and accountability standards applied in development cooperation.
  • Excellent communication  skills  for  report  writing  and  presentation  of  research  and evaluation of projects backed by extensive technical reports and publications.

b. Lead consultant and evaluators

  • The lead consultant should have a minimum Master’s degree in rural development with very good knowledge of food security, resilience building, and knowledge of integrated interventions: public health, nutrition, agricultural and livestock systems, Livelihood diversification, environmental/natural resource management, etc.
  • The proposed  team  must  include  professionals  from  the  field  of  public  health,  rural development/ Agricultural economics/food security and livelihoods and Water and sanitation with relevant degrees.
  • A well-grounded development specialist/ and or any related fields with excellent skills in research, monitoring and evaluation of resilience building projects.
  • A  good understanding  of  resilience  building  and Disaster  risk  management initiatives  in Ethiopia
  • Experience in multi-methodological and interdisciplinary approaches and data collection and analysis techniques in evaluation of development programmes.
  • Relevant degree and 15 years’ experience related to the assignment to be undertaken;
  • Significant experience in coordination, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes;
  • Good communications skills and experience of workshop facilitation;
  • Understanding  of  donor  requirements  and  having  prior  experience  in  the  evaluation  of USAID/BHA-DART
  • Legally registered  firm  with renewed license  in  related  field of  business  and Tin  & VAT Number.
  • Experience in working with INGOs and development projects is an asset.
  1. Deliverables

The details of each deliverables will be communicated with the bidders through the task terms of reference and scope of work. However, the major deliverables will be;

  1. 1. Submit inception report with clear methodology and data collection tool
  2. 2. Submit first and second draft report
  3. 3. Submit final baseline report
Deliverables Roles and responsibilities
·    Planning



·    Develop baseline survey methodology/questionnaire

·    Submit Inception report and presentation to get approval

·    Test and amend survey tools- responsible for developing data collection tools and data entry soft wares.

·    Train  enumerators-  responsible  to  prepare  the  training  module  for  data collectors and fully responsible to lead the training in Amhara region whereas Action Against Hunger (AAH) will manage the Tigray counterpart

·    Get ethical clearance from respective authorities

·    Mobilize technical team with required qualification and composition

·    Prepare and submit inception report with detail implementation plan

·    Data


Collection     & Analysis

·    Fully  facilitate  the  data  collection  process  in  Amhara  region  where  the consultant will be responsible for providing the necessary logistics and technical support for field level data collection in a way that maintaining the quality of the survey result.

·    The data collection work in Tigray will be managed by Action Against Hunger. Nevertheless, associated costs will be covered by the consultant

·    Data editing and coding, data entry and cleaning, and analysis of key findings

  for both locations

·    Ensure the participation of most vulnerable community, local government structures, and partners in the assessment process.

·    Ensure data quality assurance in placed in all data collection areas particularly in Amhara Region

·    Present and validate data to the project team and concerned bodies

·    Synthesis  and


·    Prepare first and second draft report- prepare power point and presentation to project staff, and other stakeholders( if invited)

·    Participate  in the  validation workshop to build consensus  on key  finding, recommendations and conclusion

·    Final report submission Based on the feedbacks provided, submit the final report to Action Against Hunger, along with cleaned, edited and re-codded quantitative data set and transcribed and coded qualitative notes.

Therefore, companies who fulfil the above specified criteria are kindly requested to submit your technical and financial proposals on/before 15th July, 2022 before 5:00 PM at the below address

Action Against Hunger Ethiopia Mission Addis Ababa Office

Bole Sub City, Woreda 04, House No 533, 22 at the back of Capital hotel or  50meter from Chaka

Coffee (Chechenia) round about.

If you need any assistance, please call on the office phones: +251-114-702394 or 09-13-68-57-04