Selam Hawassa Business Group (SHBG)is currently seeking External Auditor to conduct an audit service for its fiscal year 2022-2024 t


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  • Posted Date : 07/06/2022
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  • Phone Number : 0935408433
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  • Closing Date : 07/19/2022



Job Description.

Selam Hawassa Business Group (SHBG) is a PLC privileged to work with various governmental and nongovernmental organizations to help people in manufacturing and technical and vocational training activities and producing variouse small and mid level machinery and tools that can substitutes import and play vitel role in improving the livelhood of urban and rural low income citizen.

Selam Hawassa Business Group (SHBG)is currently seeking External Auditor to conduct an audit service for its fiscal year 2022-2024 to financial statements in accordance with the requirement GAAP as well as IFRS for SMEs standar and company donor’s policies and procedures. Eligible and interested Audit firms that fulfil the following requirements are invited to participate in this vacancy and submit their proposal.


  1. The firm will audit the client’s financial statement of the fiscal year 2022-2024and make and report analyses of actual results on annual basis.
  2. The firm should conduct the audit according to Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), if necessary IFRS for SMEs and Organizations requirements.
  3. The audit will be based in Hawassa Office.
  4. Consolidated Financial report and Management letter will be the major output of the services.

Job Requirement

  1. The Audit firm to provide a complete company profile and renewed Business Licenses for the year 2014 Ethiopian Calendar.
  2. ACCA orCPA and Renewed Registration Certificate for the year 2014 Ethiopian Calendar from the Accounting and  AuditingBoard of Ethiopia (AABE).
  3. Tax payer registration certificate (TIN) and Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate.
  4. Evidence of previous experience in providing similar service withmanufacturing PLC, NGOs sector and training center
  5. Can List of some semilar prievios work and experience in manufacturing PLC, NGOs sector and training center
  6. Maximum days to finalize the audit work (the audit service is expected to start early February 2022) every calander year.

Additional Requirements

  1. MA/BA degree in Accounting or Accounting & Finance or Management or Economics or related field of study
  2. Minimum of 6 years experience of which at least 4 years in same post.
  3. Experience in manufacturing PLC and NGOs sector is preferable.

Payments: As per agreement

SHBG reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to cancel the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without there by incurring any liability to bidders.

How to Apply

Interested applicants shall submit their proposal, Curriculum Vitae, application letter, non-returnable copies of relevant documentwith 10/Ten/ consecutive days from the date of the announcement.

Address: – Hawassa in the premise of SelamHawassa Business group (Near Industry Park), for online applicants through email: Tel. 0935408433/0935091823