Dugda Children’s & Family Charitable Organization wants to invite potential venders that can supply the above Scholastic materials.



  • Category : Stationery Supplies
  • Posted Date : 07/13/2022
  • Phone Number : 0913397226
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 07/22/2022


DugdaChildren’s and Family Charitable Organization

Invitation of Bid

Dugda Children’s & Family Charitable Organization is a humanitarian non-government organization that works with partnership with ChildFund Ethiopia. The organization needs to Purchase Scholastic materials for more than 3500   enrolled children. The quantity of a Scholastic Materials are about 35000 &3300 Pieces  of  50 sheet  SINARLINE Exercise Books which is plastic covered  both Single Line  & Square Line respectively of made in Indonesia , about 9000 pieces of  Original Kenya Bick and  about 9000 pieces of  Dot pencil .

Therefore, the office wants to invite potential venders that can supply the above Scholastic materials. Bidders who fulfill all the requirements stated beneath here will be eligible to complete for the financial offer.

  1. Valid trade license and renewed for the fiscal year
  2. Certificates of VAT and Tax payers Identification number.
  3. Price quotation that includes the one week time to supply it from it stock.
  4. Past performance support letter at least two
  5. Letter of permission from authorized gov’t office to supplies such goods

Considering the above scholastic materials, companies are kindly invited to submit sealed unit price quotation to Dugda children’s and family charitable organization office. The bid will stay on air for 7(seven) working days as of this announcement. If the announcement is on working days, the 1st date is counted/Included.

The bid document should include CPO birr 10,000.00 and Sample of each Scholastic Materials.

Wax sealed bids must be returned to Dugda CFCO Bid Box the latest on the 7thworking day immediately or the 8th working date after the advertisement before or on 8:30 Local Time (after noon). Bids will be opened on the same/closing day at 9:00 Local time (After noon) in the presence of all or at least 50% of bidders or  their representative who delegated to attend on the bid.

The employer (Dugda CFDO) will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by bidders in the connection with preparation and delivery of bids.

The bid winner will be responsible for transportation, loadingand  unloading cost up to  deliver to Dugda CFCO main office  of Meki town.

Bids will be evaluated in the accordance and Types of Scholastics requirements set out in this bid instructions included in the bid credential documents, all bidders are requested to adhere to the instructions carefully. Failure to do so may result in rejection of offers.

Please use the following Bid form and additional instruction.

S/No List of Scholastic Materials Unit Qty Unit price in birr included VAT Remark
1 Plastic covered   SINARLINE  Exercise Books 50 sheet  Single line original Made in Indonesia Number 1    
2 Plastic covered   SINARLINE Exercise Books 50 sheet  Square line original Made in Indonesia Number 1    
3 Original Kenya Bick Number 1    
4 Dot pencil.(original) Number 1    

Please give Preforma Price by your pre numbered Preforma format with Stamp, Name of Bidder and Signature.


1, Sample of each required Materials should be submitted with Bid doc.

  1. Scholastic Materials not full fill the requested specification/quality will be rejected.
  2. Full payment for the bid winner/s will be effected after all scholastic materials are submitted to our Meki office with official receipt at the premises of the organization (Dugda)

4, Price should be including VAT , Delivery related cost( Loading from Company and Unloading cost at our office )

The Organization has full right to fully or partially reject this bid.

For further information contact 0913397226/0912773876

Dugda CFCO Address: Oromia, East Shoa zone Dugda woreda Meki Town  Bole kebele /behind Telecommunication,