The Carter Center Ethiopia invites sealed bids for the purchase of below stated Medical Supplies.



  • Category : Medical/Laboratory Equipment
  • Posted Date : 01/10/2021
  • Phone Number : 0116631863
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 01/21/2021


Invitation for Advertisement of Bid NCB No. 001/2021 TCC-E


The Carter Center Ethiopia is a non-profit international NGO committed to fighting disease. The Carter Center-Ethiopia in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus, and other partners is striving in the prevention, control and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases for over the last twenty-four years in Ethiopia.                                                                   

The Carter Center Ethiopia (TCCE) invites sealed bids from registered suppliers under National Competitive Bidding (NCB) for the purchase of below stated Medical Supplies.


Description of Item/Specification



Unit Price/ETB/


Adhesive plaster 7.5cm*5metter Roll        833


Adrenaline 1mg/ml Vial     1,875


Alcohol Denatured 70% of 1000ml Liter        682


Cut gut 4/0, reverse cutting, curvature 3/8, needles size 16-19 with 75 cm of 12pcs Dozen     2,143


Cotton 100 gm Roll        313


Examination Glove of 100 pcs, medium size &Powdered Box        313


Lidocaine 2% without adrenaline of 20ml Vial     3,750


Normal Saline of 1 liter Bag        682


Paracetamol 500 mg of 100 strips Box        158


Povidone iodine 10% of 500ml Bottle        833


Silk 3/0 reverse cutting, curvature 3/8, needles size 17-22 with 75 cm of 12pcs Dozen     2,143


Surgical gauze 90cm*100m Roll           88


Surgical glove 50pairs of 7.5 sizes, Powdered Box        333


Surgical blade No 15 of 100 Pcs PK        158


Syringe with Needle 5ml, 22 gauge of 100 pcs Box        158


Tetracycline Eye Ointment 1% of 4gm Tube   30,000

1. Where a supplier wishes to participate for this bid must have renewed Trade License for 2012E.C, Tax clearance certificate valid at submission of bidsTaxpayer registration certificate and Renewed Trade License from FMHACA (Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Authority).

2. This invitation for bid is open to all interested bidders and the bid evaluation, award shall be determined in accordance with the provisions indicated in the bidding document. The bidding document is prepared in English Language.

3. Bids must be accompanied with a bid security of not less than Birr 5,000.00 for Medical Supplies.

4.  The Bid Security should be either in a form of certified cheque or Letter of Credit or Bank Guarantee or cash deposited against receipt.  Bid securities in the form of Insurance bond or in any form other theses shall not be acceptable.

5.  Bids must be delivered to the Logistics office or deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Country office Logistic department before the closing date on January 21, 2021 at 10:00 AMThe envelop must be WAX sealed.

6. Bids will be opened on January 21, 2021 at 10:00 AM at 10:30 AM (4.30 Local Time)in The Carter Center Ethiopia (TCCE) Logistic department, in the presence of bidders and/or their legal representatives who choose to attend.

7. A complete set of Bidding documents may be collected from The Carter Center Ethiopia Logistic Office Number 001 on working days, Bole Sub City, Kebele 03, House No. 2357 (in the proximity of Airport Motel) Telephone +251-118-27 58 69 and 251-116 63-18 63, Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

8. The Carter Center Ethiopia reserves its rights to reject any or all bids.

9. Bidders may get further information at the following address:

The Carter Center Ethiopia Bole Sub-City Kebele 03 Logistic department P.O. Box 13373, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Telephone Nos. 251-118-27 58 69 and 251-116 63-1863

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