MSH Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) Capacity building through Video-conferencing for Blended Learning Training & Case Consultation


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Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Capacity building through Video-conferencing for Blended Learning Training & Case Consultation


Issue Date: 04 April 2021

Closing Date: 09 April 2021

Closing Tim: 5:00pm Ethiopia time


  1. General Information

Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a global nonprofit organization, partners with governments, civil society, the private sector, and health care workers to build resilient and sustainable health systems. Our mission is saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.

MSH, under the USAID-funded Eliminate Tuberculosis from Ethiopia Activity (Eliminate TB), is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a virtual technology based capacity building approaches through Video-conferencing for blended learning training and case consultation in Ethiopia. Interested organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria through this announcement are invited to apply.

Eliminate TB is a five-year project led by Management Sciences for Health and implemented in partnership with KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and three local partners, Amhara Development Association (ADA), Oromia Development Association (ODA), and REACH Ethiopia. The overall goal for Eliminate TB is to reduce tuberculosis (TB) incidence and mortality by improving the quality, access, utilization and sustainability of TB services in Ethiopia.  Under the leadership of MSH, the video-conferencing training center for blended learning will contribute to the implementation of drug susceptible TB and PMDT related training & case consultations including diagnostics for both public and private health facilities.

Program Description

The Project will build the capacity of health care workers through video conferencing for blended learning training including DS and DR TB patient diagnosis & enrollment on care, treatment follow up and adherence support. In addition, a case based clinical management will regularly be conducted through establishing regional networks of clinical review committees and drug resistant TB treatment initiating hospitals. The project aims to strengthen a virtual technology-based capacity building and case consultation approaches through video conferencing and e-Learning platform having the below advantages:

  • Minimizes the cost for travel to training center and the displacement for routine work for both the trainees & trainers.
  • Minimizing the acquisition of COVID-19 by the trainers & trainees during travel and crowding during training at one place.

Activities that will be supported by the Sub-award

Main activities that will be supported through the sub award will include:

  • Revise training manuals and provide blended learning on DS & DR TB for public and private health facilities including diagnostics,
  • Develop or customize e-modules and work with FMoH to ensure that it is part of accredited CME,
  • Facilitate National CRC meeting at national level meaning including the regions – using the platform,
  • Ensure and expand technology sustainability including regional video conferencing infrastructure:
  • Assess and provide technical support to revitalize regional video conferencing set up from previous USAID investment,
  • Install videoconferencing infrastructure at other new project sites if resource is available,
  • Assess and technically support the Government video-conferencing infrastructures (woreda-net) for blended learning,
  • Create networking of video-conferencing infrastructures, woreda-net and TICs,
  • Provide the hardware and software technical support,
  • Promote the use of locally available technologies,
  • Increase services in ICT uptake by health professionals.

Select activities that will not be supported include:

  • Facility renovations or construction.


III. Expected Period of Performance

Sub-award under the resultant Request for Application (RFA) is expected to be awarded in May 2021.  The duration of the period of performance will be through September 2021 with possibility of extension depending on availability of fund and satisfactory performance.


To qualify for RFA competition, intending organizations must:

  • Be locally registered in Ethiopia;
  • Have existing or previous experience in blended learning training and case consultation in DS and DR TB;
  • Have experience in public and private health care service delivery in Ethiopia.
  • Have existing infrastructure and dedicated personnel to cascade blended learning and case consultation.

Format and Instructions

Eliminate TB is seeking by the issuance of this notice to pre-qualify potential applicants that will be eligible to receive the Request for Application (RFA). Submitted Expressions of Interest will be evaluated based on eligibility criteria, responsiveness to the guidelines for submission, and other relevant experiences related to blended learning and case consultation.

Organizations interested in pre-qualifying for receipt of this RFA must complete and submit the pre-qualification questionnaire form that will be shared from MSH by e-mail upon your request. Please answer every question. If a question does not apply, indicate “Not Applicable (NA)”, and please explain why it is not applicable.

The subsequent RFA will be sent out to pre-qualified organizations and only full applications from pre-qualified organizations will be considered for possible funding. It is anticipated that the RFA will be issued on or about April 19, 2021 and applications will be due on April 30, 2021.

Please submit the fully completed pre-qualification questionnaire (either hard copy or soft copy) on or before Friday, 9th of April, 2021, 5:00 pm Ethiopia time. Interested applicants can request the pre-qualification questioner by sending an email request to

Hard copies can be delivered to the following address:

Yared Ketema

Sr Finance & Grants Manager

22 Mazoria, Rebecca building, 5th floor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Or the fully completed pre-qualification questionnaire can be sent via email to


Questions regarding the Eliminate TB project or the Expression of Interest can be emailed to:


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