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  • Posted Date : 03/24/2021
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Consultancy Opportunities – Abt Associates Inc.

Scope of Work (SOW)


a Consultant to coordinate Efficiency Study on Ethiopian Hospitals Outsourcing of

Non-Clinical Services

USAID Health Financing Improvement Program is a five-year (October 25, 2018 – October 24, 2023) technical assistance program that focuses on the consolidation, expansion, and sustainability of health financing reforms that Ethiopia has been implementing for almost two decades with technical support from subsequent USAID bilateral and global projects. 

Subsequent USAID bilateral and global projects/programs including the on-going Health Financing Improvement Program has been supporting initiation and implementation of wide range of health financing reform components. One of the reform components that has been under implementation is outsourcing of non-clinical services by public hospitals aiming at improving efficiency in provision of those services and release managers and staff time to focus on their core business of providing clinical services to their clients. This reform is being implemented by 109 hospitals in different parts of the country. Though health sector periodic reports and anecdotal sources indicate that outsourcing has contributed to improving efficiency in provision of hospital services, there has not been any systematic research findings to substantiate such claims.  

The purpose of this study is to better understand to what extent outsourcing is contributing for improving efficiency and cost effectiveness in those hospitals that outsourced selected non-clinical services. The other issue related to outsourcing is that there are fewer hospitals that practice outsourcing of those services identified by regional legislation and implementation manuals. The study is expected to explore barriers that limit outsourcing of non-clinical services. Based on its findings the study is expected to make recommendations to increase outsourcing by hospitals and to maximize efficiency gains in those hospitals that implement outsourcing. The study will make recommendations on maximizing efficiency gains as well as on addressing barriers and challenges to implement outsourcing of non-clinical services in increasing number of hospitals.

The Program under the technical leadership of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, which is an academic collaborator and resource partner is under preparation to Conduct efficiency analysis on outsourcing of non-clinical services and barriers for outsourcing of non-clinical services by public hospitals. Thus, the study will assess efficiency, including cost-effectiveness, and other potential gains achieved as a result of outsourcing of non-clinical services as well as better understand reasons for slow implementation of outsourcing by most hospitals including major barriers that hospitals have experienced. We would like to engage a qualified independent consultant to coordinate the study and serve on the ground as contact and counterpart to the Harvard Research Team and liaise with the Program team in-country in undertaking this study.


The roles and responsibilities of the consultant include the following tasks:

  1. Serve as point of contact for the Harvard study team in coordination and liaising the team with the Program team on the ground.
  2. Coordinate with the Program team in securing adequate logistics and technical support during preparation for data collection, data entry and analysis
  3. Lead/facilitate local ethical clearance and administrative permissions at federal and regional levels as appropriate.
  4. In collaboration with HFIP program and operations teams coordinate selection of data collectors of hospital cost data, sample household survey, patient exit interview and key informant interviews
  5. Under the guidance of the Principal Investigator (Harvard) and Health Finance and Health Insurance Advisor (Abt) coordinate selection, hiring and deployment of data collectors
  6. Provide/facilitate training or orientation on data collection instruments to data collectors
  7. Supervise data collection (hospital cost data, sample household survey, patient exit interviews and key informant interviews) in selected sample hospitals and health bureaus/office.
  8. Provide periodic written and verbal updates to Harvard study team, to HFIP technical lead and Senior Management
  9. Arrange review sessions by HARVARD and HFIP team on selected milestones of the study, capture comments and facilitate incorporation as appropriate
  10. Transcribe and translate interviews, and compile data in agreed data capture template
  11. Conduct data cleaning and submit complete data to the study team
  12. Participate in data analysis and preliminary report writing

Qualifications and competencies

Data collection from administrative records at selected hospitals (electronically, where possible) for requisite cost indicators (to be determined)

The consultant should be familiar with financial accounting principles, i.e., the rules and guidelines to follow when reporting financial data.

The consultant should have overall experience working in the field of health and economics with examples of at least 2 projects on costing/economic evaluation of public health initiatives

The consultant should have research coordination experience in leading teams and study logistics management

Qualifications and competencies (survey implementation)

Have experience in conducting/leading surveys of government health facilities (preferably hospitals) using questionnaires

Have experience in conducting/leading qualitative study through focus group discussions and in-depth interviews (preferably among government health providers)

Have experience in reporting quantitative and qualitative studies as project reports, policy briefs, or peer-review publications


Fluency in English and Amharic,

At least a master’s degree in public health, public policy, health economics or similar.

Contact and deadlines: –

To be considered for this consultancy work, please email your CV, written proposal, sample work/written material and proposed daily rate to:


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,no later than Thursday April 1,2021 at 5:00 PM

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