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  • Posted Date : 07/16/2021
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  • Closing Date : 07/27/2021





Invitation for Submission of Technical and Financial

Proposal for Software Development of Farm Advisory Tool

1 .   I n t r o d u c t i o n

Action Against Hunger is an International, Non-Governmental humanitarian Organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger through implementing relief and development programs in different regions of Ethiopia since 1985. Action Against Hunger has registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Charity and Society Agency under registration No. 0032.

2 .   B a c k g r o u n d

Action Against Hunger is currently implementing RESET Plus Innovation “Terracing, Agroforestry and  Farm  Optimization”-(TAF)  Project  funded  by  the  European  Union/EU  in Sekota  and Dehana Woredas of Waghimra zone. The Objectives of the project is to contribute sustainable improvement of livelihoods and strengthening of resilience for smallholder farmers in Ethiopia through system-focused innovations. Action Against Hunger is now planning to develop a farm optimization model using user friendly software that will be used by targeted beneficiaries and extension workers as an advisory tool. The proposed multi-objective farm optimization model will be implemented in selected kebeles of Sekota and Dehana woredas. The farm design model is a static and exploratory model that quantifies the productive, environmental, economic, labour and nutritional performance of a farm system on an annual basis and helps for the analysis and redesign of mixed crop-livestock farm systems. The model is configured to facilitate a Describe, Explain, Explore, Design (DEED) research approach to farming systems analysis and scenario evaluation, which  follows four consecutive  phases  that  are  meant to be  executed  in  iterative  cycles.  The Software Development partner will develop a software for farm advisory using a farm optimization model as an input

  1. Objectives

T o  d e v e l o p  a  m o b i l e  s o f t w a r e  p l a t f o r m  e n h a n c i n g  t h e  f a r m  a d v i s o r y s e r v i c e    d e l i v e r y    t o    f a r m e r s .    T h e    s o f t w a r e    w i l l    b e    u p l o a d e d    t o i n d i v i d u a l   p h o n e s   t o   t r a n s f e r   k n o w l e d g e   a n d   i n f o r m a t i o n ,   p r o v e n a g r i c u l t u r a l     t e c h n o l o g i e s     a n d     p r a c t i c e s ,     a d v i s o r y     s e r v i c e s     t o e x t e n s i o n   w o r k e r s   a n d   f a r m   i n n o v a t i v e   a g e n t s   w h o   w o u l d   i n   t u r n p r o v i d e   a d v i s o r y   s e r v i c e s   t o   f a r m e r s   u s i n g   t h e   s o f t w a r e   b y   o f f l i n e d i g i t a l  t e c h n i q u e s .

  1. Scope of the task

The task shall focus on the development of a mobile based platform that is suitable for providing advisory  services  to extension  workers,  farm innovative agents and  farmers in  Action  Against Hunger target areas. The software development partner will work closely with the Action Against Hunger and Bahir Dar University team to define and refine requirements of the proposed software platform and manage the software development life cycle including capacity building and knowledge transfer.

Under an agreed work plan, the consultant will undertake tasks that include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Gather details of the requirements in discussion with Action Against Hunger and BahirDar University team;
  • Prepare the software requirement specifications
  • Develop the software platform (mobile applications) in the local language based on the requirements gathered/a set of optimized farm models;
  • Develop a framework for the platform that includes user manage ment, access control, security and workflow for publishing information. The framework should be able to add modules in future and be able to share data with other applications,
  • Test the newly designed tools with the real users/ small number of users before launching the tool officially and gather feedback on the system.
  • Finalize the software platform (mobile applications) based on the feedback collected from the test by the real users, and prepare technical documentations and user manuals
  • Train and support Action Against Hunger and Bahir Dar University staff, provide orientation to the system administrators and ensure end users can administer and use the system. The training needs to build capacity of users in the form of training of trainers (ToT) so that trainees can in turn train other stakeholders on the system.
  • Handover the software platform and the documented source code, user manuals and training materials to Action Against Hunger
  • Provide troubleshooting support for at least 6 months after delivering the software. The support should be in person, over telephone and via e -mail, as and when necessary.

5 .   D e l i v e r a b l e s

The consulting firm/software developer is expected to deliver the following:

  • An inception report that includes work plan and deliverable highlights
  • Software developed and delivered as per the technical requirements stated in the proposed system, the scope of work
  • Software platform testing and refining as per the technical requirements stated in the scope of work
  • Face to face meetings will be held to validate the developed software model, to set and validate.
  • Delivering refined final version of the software platform along with documented source code, users manuals and training materials
  • Conducting training for Action Against Hunger and Bahir Dar University staff

6 .   S p e c i f i c  I n p u t s  t o  b e  p r e s e n t e d  b y  A c t i o n  A g a i n s t  H u n g e r

With consent from the Client, Action Against Hunger will be responsible for the following:

  • Guide and work closely with the software development team and follow up the process
  • Shall make available background information about the project and provide prototype data to understand the optimized farm model.
  • Assisting in organizing workshops and meetings with the consultant
  • Providing technical feedback on the process, documentation and deliverables
  • Provide feedback based on troubleshooting findings to the software developer about the functionality and challenges of the apps on a regular and timely manner.
  • Reviewing the software platform and providing feedback
  • Releasing the payments upon satisfactory delivery by the consultant

7 .   T i m e  f r a m e  a n d  P a y m e n t  s c h e d u l e

The assignment is expected to be completed in a maximum of 30 days. Payments will be made according to the successful completion of the indicated milestones.



Working days

Payment %to be released


Inception report submitted





Draft software developed and delivered as per the

technical requirements stated in the scope of work



Pre-testing the software platform with some users including

AAH staff:

  Creating automation scripts.

  Executing the non-functional testing

  Defining acceptance criteria

  Performing user acceptance testing and be sure that the entire test for the current sprint is complete.



Provide training to AAH and BDU staff



Delivered the refined final version of the software platform

along with documented source code, users manuals and training materials



8 .   F i n a n c i a l  p r o p o s a l

The financial proposal by the consulting firm (software developer) should contain itemized cost, at least for the following broader level deliverables:

  • Gather requirements and develop user cases
  • Develop and test the software platform (cloud and mobile applications)
  • Finalize the software platform (mobile applications)
  • Train and support Action Against Hunger and Bahir Dar University staff
  • Handover the software platform
  • Provide troubleshooting support

9 .   M i n i m u m  Q u a l i f i c a t i o n  &  E x p e r i e n c e  R e q u i r e d

  • The consultant with ten (10) years of experience in a full-fledged software development environment may bid for this task;
  • The software development firm’s team should consist of certified software engineers, system analysts and   project   managers   experienced   in   the   area   of   agricultural   software development and provision;
  • In addition to the above, the firm should fulfill the following criteria;
    •  Legal establishment of proven document. e.g trade license, VAT registration
    • Experience  in  similar  assignments  with  proven  track  record  and  provide  live demonstration of identical software platform developed earlier;
    • Should have the capacity to provide post-deployment support for at least six (6)months

1 0 .   S u b m i s s i o n  o f  p r o p o s a l s

  • Action  Against Hunger invites eligible software companies to submit sealed technical and financial proposals in person. The proposal should include detailed methodology, detailed work plan, a cover letter explaining why they are suitable for this task, and a detailed budget;
  • The  opportunity  will  be  awarded  based  on  the  quality  of  technical  and  financial proposals  following  Action  Against  Hunger  procurement  and  financial l  rules  and regulations;
  • Payment will be made in Ethiopian Birr (ETB) as per Action Against financial rules and payment conditions;
  • Interested  companies  are  requested  to  submit  their  proposals  in  hardcopy  to  the following address;

Action Against Hunger – USA

P.O. Box 2357, Addis Ababa, Bole Sub-City, Woreda 04, H/No. 533

1 1 .   E v a l u a t i o n  C r i t e r i a

Consultant will be evaluated based on the following criteria: The weight for technical part of the Proposal  will be 70%  and  financial  30%.  The  key factors  stated  below  w ill be taken  in to consideration during the evaluation process:

  • Previous work experience
  • Methodological/technical aspects of carrying out the software development
  • Financial aspects (fairness of the consultancy fees, breakdown of activity costs…etc.)

1 2 .   D e a d l i n e  f o r  s u b m i s s i o n  o f  t h e  p r o p o s a l

Deadline for the submission of technical and financial proposals in hard copy has to reach the address given above within ten days following the announcement of this consultancy.

1 3 .   T a x e s

The financial proposal shall include all taxes. All the taxes will be deducted as per the financial laws of Ethiopia.

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