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  • Posted Date : 07/01/2021
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  • Closing Date : 07/14/2021



Call for Expression of Interest- Consultancy to Document Lessons Learned, Good Practices and Success Stories for OFDA Funded Integrated life-saving emergency response project in Waghimra zones of Amhara region and, Borena and Wollega zone of Oromia regions

Action Against Hunger  is a non-profit humanitarian organization which  is implementing relief, rehabilitation and development programs in different parts  of Ethiopia since 1985. Action  Against  Hunger   has  been   registered  as  a  Foreign   Charity   with  the   Federal Democratic Republic  of Ethiopia,  Charities  and  Societies  Agency  under  registration no. 0032.

Action  Against  Hunger  is planning  to  assessment and  document the  lessons  learned, good  practices and  success stories of  OFDA funded integrated life-saving  emergency response project experience in Waghimra,  Borena  and  Wollega  zones  of  Amhara  and Oromia regions.   Hence,  Action Against Hunger  would like to invite all interested, eligible and qualified companies to participate in this open  call for expression of interest.

1)  Objectives of the Assignment

The assignment will have the following specific objectives:

  1. To document success stories, good  practices and lessons  learned (what works  well and what not) over the project implementation period  with representative selection of project components with  a focus  on  changes in improved practices, access  to improved basic  health   and  nutrition services,   safe  drinking  water   and  improved sanitation livelihood  and  disaster risk management at  household and  community levels.
  2. To document the  contribution of  the projects in  building  the capacity   of  local government partners, health  and community institutions at different levels.
  3. To draw key  emerging  lessons  and  document good  practices and  success stories how the  result framework and approaches of the  project have  been  translated into practice in a changing external context.
  4. Produce knowledge products by assessing the  Project implementation approach: What is special  about it?  How  can  it  inform  programming of  resilience  building projects in the future? What are the success factors?
  5. Produce evidences for policy  and  strategy influencing  and  funding  the  resilience building

2)  Minimum Requirements

The  consulting  firm  expected  to   have   a  mix  of  qualifications, competences   and experienced team  that will ensure a good  balance  between social research and humanitarian analysis with a sound  understanding of food  security,  WASH, health and nutrition. Ensure  coverage for  all major  project components in the  area  of  Health, Nutrition, Agricultural and livestock, Food security,  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene  with a sound  understanding of cross  cuttings issues  such  as gender equity  as well as the complementarity,  synergy   among   different  interventions  and   with   other  ongoing projects.  The   consultancy  team   must   have   the   following   key   qualifications  and experiences:

  • The   lead   consultant   should   have   a   minimum   Master’s   degree  in  rural development  with  very  good   knowledge  of  food   security   and  livelihood, Health  and  nutrition, and  WASH sector with  good  acquaintance of national and international standards and procedures.
  • The proposed team  must include professionals from the field of public health, rural development/ Agricultural economics/food security  and livelihoods and Water and sanitation with relevant degrees.
  • Proven experience in undertaking qualitative studies and  producing  lessons learned good  practices and  success stories,   in similar  projects and  context. Applicants    should    provide    evidences   and    sample    products   (published materials,  audio-visual materials,  credentials, etc.) with reference certificates.
  • Good  Knowledge   of   food   security   and   livelihoods,   WASH,  health   and nutrition interventions.
  • Knowledge and  experience  in documenting lessons  learned  and  case  studies for humanitarian projects.
  • Ability of team members to speak the local languages will be an asset  and the team  leader  should be fully multilingual (English, Amharic and Oromiffa)
  • Ability to write, review, and edit reports, prepare and conduct presentations.
  • Experienced in/ familiarity  with  the  local context of  project implementation areas  (Waghimra, Borena  and Wollega zones)
  • Legally registered firm with renewed license and Tin Number.
  • Experience in working with NGOs and development projects is an asset.
  1. 3. Application Procedure

Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to apply through the below mentioned  address within 10 calendar days (5th to 14th  July 2021  during working hours from 8.00AM to 5.00PM).

The application should contain the following:-

  • A technical proposal with brief description of why they are the most suitable for the work.
  • Detailed methodology, and conceptual framework with expected deliverables and time lines, team composition and work days required.
  • The technical  proposal  should   also  contain   personal  recent CV for  the   team members indicating  professional qualifications, all past  experience, as well as the contact details  (email and  telephone number)  of the  candidate and at least three (3) professional references.
  • Financial  Proposal   that   indicates  the   all-inclusive   fixed   total   contract  price, supported by a breakdown of costs  including  a separate sub-total for the  video documentation.

Note:The firm should be able to submit the Sample of previous work up on the request. Ideally, the sample learning documentation including video production would be one that used the same methodology, which is being proposed for this task.

Action Against Hunger Ethiopia Mission Addis Ababa Office Bole Sub-City, Woreda 04, H/No.  New, behind Chaka Coffee on Mikilliland street.

If you need any clarification /support, please call on the office phones: +251-114-702394.