Adama Steel Factory invite qualified management consultants to undertake a study on re-organizing the company’s structure


  • Category : Baseline Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 09/24/2021
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  • Phone Number : 0911217836
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  • Closing Date : 10/04/2021



Adama Steel Factory is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Steel products, fabricated metal products and wire products in Ethiopia.

The company is presently interested to invite qualified management consultants to undertake a study on re-organizing the company’s structure as per the following terms and condition.

  1. Objective of the study

The overall objective of the management consultancy service is to design the company’s organizational structure and produce relevant documentation which will help the company to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in its overall operation and enable it to cope with the prevailing and forthcoming dynamic business situation.

  1. Scope of the study
    • Develop organizational structure – that reflects the present situation and allow adequate provision to accommodate the foreseeable future growth of the company
    • Prepare job specification and job description – for each identified job position based on the new organizational structure
    • Prepare manpower plan – that fits to the new organizational structure
    • Produce a comprehensive report thereof
  2. Consultancy Requirements

The consultant must be senior Expert having adequate experience in undertaking similar studies and developing organizational structures and systems

  1. Duration of the study

30 Consecutive days from signing of the contract

  1. Application process and requirement

Applicants need to submit the full TOR including:

  • The Firm/Expert profile
  • Previous relevant experience including two reference letters
  • Two Examples of study and evaluation report that have been produced by the applicant
  • The consultant must submit both technical details and financial proposal in a separate sealed envelope including the title and type of proposal on the cover to:




POBOX 1670

Phone No +251 911217836, +251 911491493


  • The bidder should attach all the necessary legal documents (License, TIN and other relevant documents along with the technical proposal
  • The last date for submission of the document is October 04, 2021
  • Late presentation will not be acceptable
  • Adama Steel Factory has the right to cancel and/or to reject or accept any or all proposals without giving the reason thereof.

For further clarification Call +251911217836, +251911491493

Adama Steel Factory