Borjo Ime Hammer Education &Development Association Bid to dig medium-deep well


  • Category : Water Well Drilling & Water System Installation
  • Posted Date : 03/30/2021
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 03/30/2021




Borjo Ime Hammer Education &Development Association is an NGO engaged in assisting the developmental & Educations, its major involvement areas include Education, and water well. In line with this, Borjo Ime Hammer Education &Development Association announces to competitive bidders to Participate to dig medium-deep well


  1. Bidders who participate in the tender must be water work contractor
  2. Bidders must be in a similar project experience at least two years and above prior to bidding process.

 All bids should be submitted in wax sealed & stamped envelope to the address belew on or before 7 (Seven) working days of the announcement of this invitation for bid in the up to the 7th working days at 10:00am and shall be opened on the same date 10:30am in the presence of interested bidder or representative. Borjo Ime Hammer Education &Development Association  ,

Bole Werda 10 House No B02/18

 (Hayat )PoBox 100795 Tel 0912958436 or 0930106322

  1. Late bidder shall not be accepted and documents returned back unopened
  2. If the organization has got another better option, we are not in obligation to the tendering Process and the bidding might be partially or fully being cancelled.

 Borjo Ime Hammer Education &Development Association


Bole Werda 10 House No B02/18






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