BRIDGES is seeking to hire a project coordinator to coordinate the implementation of the above-stated support.


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Terms of Reference for a Project Coordinator


BRIDGES is a five-year programme (2019-2024) that aims to create employment opportunities for young women and men by unlocking the job creation potential of industrial parks, large enterprises as well as micro, small and medium enterprises.

With Ethiopia’s labour force expanding by two million each year, BRIDGES seeks to contribute toward the country’s efforts of creating highly productive and decent jobs for its young population by direct job creation within factories, as well as creating employment opportunities in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The result of these efforts will be the creation of jobs for more than 600,000 young people.

BRIDGES is a Mastercard Foundation – Young Africa Works initiative implemented by First Consult. First Consult is the leading development consulting organization in Ethiopia implementing economic development projects. Founded in 2006, First Consult has grown to design and implement projects across the agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. Our multidisciplinary teams combine a capacity to execute with a clarity of the local context. We have delivered at-scale real impact in terms of jobs & wealth creation, business formation & growth, and investment attraction & mobilization.


Ethiopia’s garment sector currently spends close to USD 658 million in imports while only close to $200 million is earned in exports per annum. Although the number of medium and large size manufacturers has reached more than 300, the import deficit is increasing from year to year. Recognizing the potential of the domestic textile and garment industry, the government has recently passed a decision for most of the government garment purchases to be made locally. This includes school and government institutions’ uniforms, military clothing and accessories. This opportunity has the potential to develop the supply chain in the sector including the supply of fiber, thread, fabric, garment and garment accessories manufacturing.

While this move by the government – called ‘Ethiopia Tamrit’ – presents a very good opportunity for the sector and its actors, it also means that there is a wide range of support and development activities that must be carried out to support local manufacturers to be able to take on these large orders.

The BRIDGES Programme intends to support this initiative by availing the required technical support to manufacturers as well as supporting the overall coordination process in partnership with the Ministry of Industry together with its allied organs, namely the Manufacturing Industry Development Institute (MIDI) as well as Ethiopian Enterprise Development (EED).


BRIDGES is seeking to hire a project coordinator to coordinate the implementation of the above-stated support. The project coordinator is expected to coordinate all stakeholders, technical and steering committees and partners working on the Ethiopia Tamrit Initiative and serve as  a focal person. She/he is also expected to provide leadership in making sure activities are moving forward as per their schedule and challenges are tabled to relevant stakeholders for solutions. Specifically, the project coordinator is expected to:

  1. Coordinate the overall technical and coordination support to be offered by the BRIDGES Programme,
  2. Coordinate the Technical Committee formed by the Ministry and other stakeholders to oversee and provide leadership for the Ethiopia Tamrit initiative,
  3. Coordinate technical gap assessments and present back to the Technical Committee and senior management,
  4. Oversee the overall manufacturing progress and flag issues for solutions,
  5. Coordinate with the established Technical Working Group and Steering Committee to oversee the overall progress and problem solve,
  6. Hold regular update meetings with all concerned stakeholders,
  7. Onboard additional manufacturers in close consultation with the Technical Committee,
  8. Identify gaps and organize discussions in close consultation with technical experts,
  9. Compile progress reports and share with the concerned stakeholders.

The ideal candidate is expected to have:

  1. A strong understanding and knowledge of the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia
  2. Knowledge of the key actors (both private sector and government) in the manufacturing sector
  3. Strong program coordination and communication skills
  4. A bachelor’s degree or above in management, economics, international relations or related fields and at least five years of relevant work experience.


The position will be located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Applicants should email their CV with a cover letter to   with the relevant information no later than 5:30 PM before or on September 30, 2022. The subject of the email should read “Project Coordinator” For any queries relating to this assignment, please contact Wakjira Lucho at no later than 5:30 PM on September 25, 2022.