Bunna Bank Share Company (Buna Bank) intends to invite foreign and local eligible Bidders for the Project for “New 3B+G+23 Commercial Building Project



  • Category : Construction Service & Maintenance
  • Posted Date : 11/19/2022
  • Phone Number : 0111580869
  • Source : Reporter
  • Closing Date : 12/22/2022


Bunna Bank S.c

Invitation for International Bids

Invitation no. BB/023/2022

Bunna Bank Share Company (Buna Bank) intends to invite foreign and local eligible Bidders for the Project for “New 3B+G+23 Commercial Building Project, Addis Ababa.”

Summary of Bidding

Bid Title New 3B+G+23 Commercial Building Project, Addis Ababa
Purpose Design and Build Turnkey Construction of the Bunna Bank New Commercial Building.
Project Site Addis Ababa, Lideta Sub City, Woreda 09, Sengatera Area, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Scope of Works Design and Build Turnkey Construction of the Bunna Bank New Commercial Building which consists of 3 basement parking, Ground floor with bank branch, Typical office on 1st and 2nd floor, Rentable office on 3rd – 11th floors, Common Floor with Gym and Gathering Space on 12th Floor, and Apartments on 13th – 23rd Floors.
Project Duration Total 36 months from Effective date
  1. Employer: Bunna Bank Share Company
  2. Bid Type: Open Competitive Bidding without Pre-Qualification.
  3. Joint venture bids are allowed.
  4. Selection of a Successful Bidder: A bidder who obtains the highest total points [Technical Approach, Methodology for Design and Design Proposal Total Score 30% + Technical qualification, competency, and experience Total Score 70%] and the lowest price shall have priority for final negotiation as a duly eligible Bidder
  5. Letter of Interest: Bidding Documents shall be collected from the Property & Facility Management Directorate 5th Floor of Bunna Bank Head Office.
  6. Currency and language of proposal: Ethiopian Birr and English. Bidders should submit all bidding proposal documents either in English or notarized in English from the local language.
  7. Key personnel of selected Bidder (Project Director, On-site Project Manager, and Contract Manager) shall have good command of English in Speaking and Writing.
  8. Bidding Schedule
No. Item Date Description Remark
1 Registration of participation in Bidding November 21,2022 to December 1,2022 Bidders’ Letter of Interest (LOI) shall be submitted in person  
2 Tender Briefing and Pre-bid meeting (not mandatory)   Meeting at the head office Venue at the head office of Bunna Bank, 5th floor
3 Site Visit (Mandatory) 15 calandar days starting from November 21,2022    
4 Queries regarding Bidding   Submission with official letter only  
5 Official Answers to Questions from Bidders   Will be shared to all the participants through official letter.


6 Deadline for Bid submission February 22,2022 before 10:00 am   Late submission shall not be accepted under any circumstances
7 Bid Opening (Evaluation of Bidding Price)   Venue will be at the head office of Bunna Bank. Bid Opening will be carried out the presence of Contracting Entity and Bidders, later comers may not be able to attend bid opening, resulting into automatic disqualification


–    Bid opening will be conducted with all the representatives of bidders being present.

–   If there is no valid bidder, the participating will re-submit the price proposal and the final estimated price will be re-selected on the day of the price opening ceremony.

–   The bidder that does not participate in the price opening ceremony will be evaluated by the original price.


8 Qualification of the 1st candidate Bidder To be announced    
9 Negotiation for the terms and condition for the Contract To be announced    
10 Visit the 1st candidate Bidder’s office and/or site for verification To be announced    
11 Notification of successful bidder To be announced    
12 Submission of “Notice of Commence” To be announced    
13 Signing for the Contract To be announced Effective Date  
Minimum Qualification requirements:
  • Category One Construction Company with qualification to establish its constitution in accordance with the Laws of its own country.
  • Construction Company (including a foreign company) with qualification to carry out the Design and Build Construction Works in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  • Construction Company that has not been convicted of bribery-related crimes in accordance with domestic and foreign laws.
  • Construction Company with at least one (1) project who has successfully completed Design-Build Construction Projects with at least 25 stories (including basement), which has been successfully completed during last 5 years (2016~ 2021)
    • All bid Submission must be accompanied by a Bid Security of ETB 20,000,000 (Twenty Million Ethiopian Birr) which shall be valid for 60 (Sixty) days.
    1. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject the bid either partially or fully at its own discretion.

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