Call for Expression of Interest for the construction of clinic at Kebebetsehay Orphanage



  • Category : Other Consultancy
  • Posted Date : 08/01/2021
  • Closing Date : 08/06/2021
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Source : Reporter


Bleu Blanc Rouge Foundation (BBRF), is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes where it is formed for the benefit and betterment of the lives the most vulnerable children, teens and young adults.

BBRF was registered in Ethiopia as a foreign charity organization in August 2018 and launched its “Wubanchi Project” in January 2019. The project is supporting teenagers who are about to leave orphanages and also those who already have left the orphanages to slowly facilitate their adjustment and insertion into society. In addition to this, the project supports governmental and non-governmental child welfare institutions.

As part of its support to governmental institutions, BBRF is planning to construct a clinic at Kebebetsehay Orphanage, one of the government orphanages in Addis Ababa. The orphanage takes care of orphan and abandoned children who are admitted by the police or needy children who are unable to get proper care and support from their parents. There are also children who are admitted to the center by a court order for a definite period of time as one of their parents are sentenced to a wrong doing. On top of not having the  culture of taking children to a medical assessment prior admission, the circumstances of their admission and the lack of proper documentation has made the children’s background and medical history not to be  known. In addition to that Kebebetsehay orphanage doesn’t have a well-organized health care facility that resulted in the health status of the children, who are admitted in such manner, be identified very late. As a result, infant and children with health problems are sent to governmental hospitals where they lack proper and timely treatment due to the large number of patients in government hospitals.

BBRF has a call for an expression of interest to a potential bidder of construction company/contractors BC/GC six grade and above   in order to list as pre-qualify for the construction of Clinic facility at Kebebetsehay Orphanage located in Gulele Sub City, Woreda 04, Addis Ababa for current fiscal year of 2021G.C.  The bidder Contractors need to be registered, licensed, renewed, and valid for the year 2013 E.C. with tax clearance (2020G.C.)

The contractors’ company should be well-experienced in construction of building structures in healthcare institutions and related Buildings.

The expression of interest should be submitted to the following email address no later than August 6, 2021 5:00 pm. Late submissions will not be accepted. [email protected]