Caritas Switzerland invites your good company for a price quotation to the following list of items


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  • Posted Date : 09/03/2021
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  • Closing Date : 09/10/2021



Purchase Request # 0969

Budget Line 20008000005

Caritas Switzerland invites your good company for a price quotation to the following list of items for Negele / MedaWolaboAward Criteria

S. N Description of the items (detailed specification) Unit Quantity Price Offer Remark
1 2.5 KW) 50 HZ,230VAC pcs 02    
2 Battery (Gel- Battery ,2V ,250AH). DOD,SOC, and  manufacturers warranty  ,life time and operating temperature shall be attached with the offer Pcs 24    
3 PV Modules  poly type 270wp or better with nessaccery OM manual Pcs 12    
4 PV Cable (+/-) blue& red (M) 6mm2, Solar cable with DC insulation  standard meter 120    
5 Earthing  cable  1X10mm2 meter 30    
6 Galvanized Substructure for modules support with complete accessories. set 02    
7 Battery cable 1x35mm2 black meter 08    
8 Insulation tube M25 black FBY-EL-F 25(M) meter 60    
9 earthing rod with connector 2.5meter legth and standard thickness Pcs 02    
10 Lighting protector  , loop type for the solar panel Pcs 02    
11 Set of hand tools for the installation purpose  shall be presented with the offer & every nessacary  spar parts  spare part , list shall be attached  by the bidder .,detailed offer are valuable Pcs      
12 Training kit with complete set of Solar relevant application components , for the module, for the inverter ,for the battery ,for the controller and the complete system shall be presented based on professional standard pcs 16    
13 Transport box, portable multi use high quality aluminum transport with connector for solar Pcs 04    
14 Charge controller (with 12 V,1200 mA) Pcs 08    
15 DC/DC convertor for 24/12v.300watt, with manual Pcs 08    
16 Power divider with 5 socket min 16A and 230V Pcs 04    
17 Solar panel 40 WP,24 Volt with Aluminum frame & pre-prepared plugging set Pcs 08    
18 Rechargeable battery 12 V for cyclic use Pcs 02    
19 LED red lamp with spotlight 12/24 V Pcs 04    
20 Inverter DC-AC Inverter  one with 12v to 220v and the other 24v to 220v with manual and at least PWM technology Pcs 02    
21 Lamp socket with LED lamp of 12v and 24v Pcs 04    
22 2.5,4,6,10 mm2 wire each one roll. On a separate price offer. Pcs 04    
23 Lux-meter for light  intensity measurement with specified range. Pcs 08    
24 Fuse-set (0.1,0.5,1,2,5,7,10 A) Pcs 04    
25 Fuse holder with flat fuses   04    
26 MC4 circuit breaker of 6A,10A,16A,25A  with 12 pieces each Pcs      
  Demonstration component  demonstration kit that contain the following? So take this as title and No 27 to 31 as part of it , add relevant explanation or spec to each. Pcs 02    
27      Charge controller -demo Pcs 02    
28      Inverter -demo Pcs 02    
29     Solar panel- demo Pcs 02    
30     Battery -demo Pcs 02    
31     Solar home system Pcs 02    
     Complete tool set-demo Pcs 02    
32      Set of screwdrivers (Electric) with 8-pcs Pcs 04    
33      Multi meter digital 1000volt Pcs 04    
34      Ampèremètre (clamp) digital 100A Pcs 04    
35      Set of spanners Pcs 04    
36      Hexagonal socket key -6 pcs Pcs 02    
37      Torx screwdriver set-3 pcs Pcs 02    
38      Side cutter big 120mm Pcs 08    
39      Set of wire stripper-6 pcs Pcs 02    
40      Set of pliers -12 pcs Pcs 02    
41      Crimping pliers for 1.5mm2-6mm2 Pcs 02    
42      Sprit level 60cm Pcs 04    
43     Soldering iron 40W Pcs 02    
44     Measuring gauges Pcs 40    
45     Multi meter standard  type  brand and country of origin must be specified ,attach  manual , durable standard shall be selected Pcs 04    

Required Documents:

Renewed Business license, TIN Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate, and other relevant documents as necessary

Detailed information (ToR) on the quotes can be obtained from Caritas Switzerland Office

Tel #: +251-116-672-273


Interesting applicant should collect the ToR from Caritas Switzerland office starting from 5th September 2021.

Caritas Switzerland, Ethiopia Office, Bole Sub City

Woreda 5, Ho. No. 999/1, 2nd floor

Telephone +2511 16672273/ +251116672098

P.O. Box 8715, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Time Frame

The assignments for project 1 shall be accomplished not later than 31.11.2021

Issue RFP 04/09/2021
Last Day for Questions/Clarifications 08/09/2021
RFP Response Due 09/09/2021
End Evaluation Period 10/09/2021
Vendor Interviews, if necessary 13/09/2021
Selection and Award 14/09/2021

The offer shall consist of a detailed schedule; however, a mutually agreed schedule of work will be developed and agreed among the client and the consultant upon at the first day inception/briefing meeting.

Award will be given based on Caritas Switzerland’s procurement guidelines, whereby the selection is primarily based on the principle of maintaining VFM (Value for Money)

We thank you in advance for your offer,

Best of Regards,